Summer Bucket List 2019

Hey guys!

Since it has officially been summer since the 21st June here in the UK, I thought it was about time I posted my summer bucket list. I really love bucket lists and I have a life-long bucket list that helps keep me motivated and helps me layout my goals in life clearly by getting them out onto paper. My life-long bucket list is my main bucket list and I always try and tick off as many things as possible every year especially in the summer when I have lots of free time, but a summer bucket list is more general things that I hope to achieve and it’s also a much smaller and more manageable list than my main bucket list which is currently 400+ items long!

So here’s the things I hope to do over the summer:

1. Workout often including yoga and running – I am always trying to find the time to keep on top of my physical fitness but when I was at school it was a massive struggle because I was so mentally and physically exhausted all of the time. When I do have the time to focus on my physical fitness I notice the difference almost immediately, my body is less tense, my skin is better, I feel more energetic and motivated, my body feels lighter and more free meaning I fidget less and it is easier for me to get comfortable and I sleep better at night, so I definitely want to be focusing on my physical fitness as much as possible over the summer although it’s difficult when it’s so hot!

2. Save money/find money-making opportunities –  With university starting in only a couple of months, I know the time will go much faster than I think and I’ll have a bigger need for money than I ever have before. I currently have a part-time job which I am picking up lots of extra shifts for but I also hope to find other money making opportunities over the summer and save as much money as I can. Something I’m definitely going to incorporate to help me with this is a budget. I have a notebook with a pre-existing budget planner in it which I have used a couple of times but unfortunately became too busy to focus on anymore, but the times I did use it were so helpful and it really shed some light at the end of every month how much money I had wasted on things I didn’t need and how I could change my spending habits in the months to come to save more money.

3. Explore vegan cafes – Over the last few months I have learnt about so many vegan cafes, mainly through instagram that I really want to go to and the summer seems like the perfect time to do so. I have never been that excited about food and am often indifferent to food, however, I cannot deny the excitement I feel at finding a new vegan cafe and exploring what new foods they offer that I would struggle to find anywhere else. I will keep you updated on my vegan cafe journey mostly through instagram @aninspiredteen (I haven’t posted in ages but that is something I hope to change over the summer!).

4. Cook more – Having said I am indifferent to food, I want to expand my cooking repertoire especially as I am going off to university and generally starting adult life. It would be nice to get more confident with cooking while I still have my mum in the house to help me if I get stuck and it would be nice to go to university with a few recipes already under my belt that I know how to cook. Additionally, if I ever host guests for the evening whilst at university I want to be able to cook them a decent meal even if it is only my family or my boyfriend, rather than cooking them pasta with a basic shop bought sauce. I got a couple of vegan recipe books for Christmas that I’ve hardly had the chance to look at yet which I am going to go to for some inspiration during the summer.

5. Spend more time in the sun – Something I’ve noticed about myself over the past couple of years is that when the sun comes out and it’s the summer holidays and I’ve finally gotten a break from school I spend most of my time in bed binge-watching TV shows or scrolling through instagram or watching YouTube videos that really aren’t adding anything to my life and then, before I know it, summer’s over and it’s time to wear jumpers and raincoats again and I never spend enough time just appreciating the good weather. So this year, I’m trying to make extra effort to truly enjoy the outdoors while it’s sunny and making me happy. I often feel so much happier in the summer if I actually go out and enjoy the outdoors rather than staying in bed all day. I have already started incorporating spending more time in the sun into my daily life by going out exploring my new area as I have just moved house, sitting in the sunshine during my lunch breaks at work and also sitting outside in my new garden while eating dinner and I’m going to start sitting outside and reading as well. Which brings me onto the next bucket list item…

6. Read more – I have loved reading basically my entire life but over the last couple of years, again because of school, I’ve hardly had the time to do so. Recently, I started reading on the kindle app on my phone during journeys home from school as I missed reading so much and it was the only way I could read as I physically couldn’t fit a book into my school rucksack! Reading on my phone certainly wasn’t the same as having a real book in your hand so I look forward to being able to read more in the summer time – there are quite a few books I want to re-read over the summer as well because I just love them so much.

7. Focus on learning Spanish – I am currently in the process of learning Spanish and I have been learning it in dribs and drabs over the last couple of years now since meeting my boyfriend who has some Spanish-speaking family members. I’ve always wanted to learn another language and originally started learning Italian but with no purpose for learning Italian other than for fun and with no way to practice it with others I lost all motivation and gave up. However, my motivation for learning Spanish is to be able to talk to members of my boyfriend’s family and I can practice by talking in Spanish with him so I really want to focus on that over the summer.

8. See my friends a lot – Another thing I’ve noticed is typical of my summer holidays is that I fantasise about all these plans I’m going to make and all the things I’m going to do and all the friends I’m going to see and then again, I end up doing none of it. So this summer I really want to make an effort to see my friends more and to actually plan to go out and do stuff rather than just to “hang out” and then the hanging out never even happens. Obviously, being able to do this also depends on my friends actually having the time to plan to go out but I already have some plans being made so it’s looking promising!

I think I’ll leave it at that for now, short and sweet, as often I get over-ambitious with summer bucket lists which makes it even harder to complete them!

I hope you liked this post, let me know in the comments below what your plans for the summer time are and whether you have any of the same goals as me!


An inspired teen 🙂

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Why it’s been so long…

Hey guys,

It has truly been a very long time since I’ve posted anything and I thought an explanation was definitely required. Long story short, I started studying for A-levels and suddenly just didn’t have time for anything, which was a very hard thing to come to terms with as, being home-educated prior to starting my A-levels it had been far easier to manage my time and make space for doing things I enjoyed alongside studying. When I joined a school, suddenly there were so many expectations of me i.e homework that organising my time suddenly wasn’t so easy – not to mention it took me an hour and a half to get home from school on a good day and sometimes 2-3 hours on a bad one meaning I was constantly struggling to find the time to even get the essentials done and after that was absolutely exhausted. Close to the end of my time at school I was going to bed between 8-9pm because I was physically too tired to stay awake anymore.

I have thought about this blog a lot while I have been away and how much I have missed posting on it and I am so happy to be able to start up again. So much has changed in my life since I started school. I have definitely changed as a person other the last two years for so many reasons, I have changed due to myself, but I have also changed most significantly because of my boyfriend who has taught me a lot over the last two years. Going to school taught me my limits and boundaries, what I was truly capable of and that it was okay to not always be perfect, to not always do really well, it was okay to struggle but that no matter what, as long as you were always doing your best, that was all that matters.

It took me a while to realise that “doing my best” was a constantly changing thing. One week, my best could be getting all homework in on time to a really good standard and even getting a bit of additional revision in on the side. Another week, my best might have been only getting half of the homework done and sometimes not to a very good standard at all, but that’s okay, because only you can know your limits and only you know how you’re feeling and what you’re going through and all that matters is feeling like you’re doing your best yourself. It took me a long time to realise that my teachers and my school in general didn’t define me, that no matter what their expectations of me were during mocks or just in completing homework, that at the end of the day, the only expectations I had to meet were my own. There were some grades I got during mocks that I was upset about, because I knew I could do better and my teacher knew I could do better, but I also knew everything else that I had going on in my life and I knew that I had tried my best and that when it came to the real exam that I would have worked really hard for it no matter what else I had going on in my life, but mocks didn’t take priority over my mental health because I was meeting my own expectations and I knew I would do better when it truly mattered.

School also taught me the things that really mattered in life, I get good grades, I work hard and revise but I don’t get the top grades, I don’t work as hard as others, I don’t revise religiously like some of the people I know and it used to upset me that I didn’t get top grades, because everyone dreams of getting that A*, right? But at the end of the day, the difference between me and the people getting the top grades was that they would spend their entire lives revising, doing practice essays and exams, going to extra revision sessions with teachers and I admired them, they worked so hard and their work paid off but what I realised was that I would never be willing to put in that much work, because top grades didn’t matter that much to me, they were something I aspired to have but not something I was willing to work for. I would much rather go home, Skype my boyfriend and watch a film and it took me a long time to realise that was okay because I was in an environment where everyone was supposed to aspire for high grades and I did and I worked hard and as a result I got As-Cs in all my mocks and fingers crossed I get the same on results day but the things I’m going to remember looking back on my life, looking back on my time at school, they’re not going to be the extra revision sessions I did with my teachers, or the night in I had revising my textbooks. They’re going to be sitting with my friends in the library and talking, they’re going to be visiting my boyfriend at the weekend and going out for dinner, it’s going to be going to work so I could earn some money to spend on myself and on others, it’s going to be the presents I could afford to buy my friends and family for their birthdays and at the end of the day, good grades never defined anyone’s life opportunities. Instead of revising, I have spent time and effort committing to my relationship, one which has already lasted for almost two years despite being long-distance and despite a lot of other drama, a relationship I hope to last for a very, very long time… that is more important than any A* will ever be.

I guess, just before I end this post, I wanted to say that it is really great to be back and that it’s important to remember that the only person living your life is you, so do what makes you happy and what you know is your best and don’t think about what anyone else thinks, because at the end of the day, the only person that has to live with your decisions is you, so make sure they’re the right ones!


An inspired teen 🙂


I Almost Quit My GCSEs

Hey guys, guess who?!! So, I am finally back in the blogging universe! I know what you’re thinking; you’re thinking that it’s a total lie, that I’m teasing you and I’m going to publish this post and then not publish anything again for a couple of months… which… considering my track record over the last few months would be a reasonable conclusion! But… this time I truly am back – for a while at least. I have so many blog posts planned out, I have been storing them in the memo on my phone for the last couple of months my fingers just itching to finally type them out and publish them on my blog, but I’ve had so much going on and there simply hasn’t been time. One of two things would have happened if I had continued blogging over the last two months:

1) I would have spent too much time blogging and not enough time studying and revising for my GCSEs and ultimately would have ended up with bad results (but it hasn’t been results day yet so let’s not get too confident!)

2) I would have found a way to do both revision and blogging but my revision would be less effective and I wouldn’t do as much which could result in worse grades and the quality of my blog posts would pay the price because I would be blogging quickly and not spending time to actually get my thoughts and points across and, I would speed edit and speed tag and everything would just be worse.

So, for those two reasons I had to take a break and I have been really sad because I’ve had so much that I’ve wanted to blog about; but it’s okay because today I sat my last GCSE! I am officially free from compulsory education! I’m no longer home-educated… which is really weird and quite sad… but it does mean that I can finally blog again! Be prepared for lots of exciting blog posts over the next few weeks!

Anyway… I guess that was kind of the intro? Quite a long one but we’ll go with it.

Firstly, I would just like to say this isn’t clickbait to those of you who might be thinking that. The title is actually true and I will expand and explain soon. Secondly, this post is going to be a general overview of my experience studying and sitting my GCSEs which might interest some of you or it might just be a chilling feeling of deja vu – in which case feel free to stop reading now.

Okay… where to even start. I guess the first thing would be to quickly tell you my subject choices. So, this year I did maths, economics, chemistry, human biology and English literature. Last year I did three GCSEs and the year before that I did one. So that’s what I was working with and boy do I have some dramatic stories to tell!

My first exams were human biology (10th and 12th of May), I thought they would be really easy and that I would enjoy studying the textbook because I found the subject quite interesting and it was very relevant to me because it was about how bodies  – including mine – worked, there were elements of it that I found really interesting and wish I had been able to learn more about (such as inheritance and genes) and there were elements that I really, really hated and wished I didn’t have to learn at all (such as digestion and diets). So I thought it was going to be easy, despite the fact that the textbook was relatively big and had more material to learn than I had ever had to learn before in my life, including all the complicated scientific terms and names for things and what they did (such as mitosis, osmosis, homeostasis blah blah blah) but I found it quite enjoyable and at first I actually did have fun learning it! Then, it got to about a week before my exam and I did my first past paper – I know what you’re thinking, I should have done one way sooner right?! Well, no. I’m the kind of person that leaves it until the last minute and then gets really stressed about it. Anyway, I did my first past paper and I think I got a D grade. This really upset me because I had put so much work in and had studied really hard and I thought I’d understood it really well and I think my mark was 90/120 or something along those lines and I just couldn’t understand how 90 marks could be a D, so I studied really, really hard and then did a second past paper – this time my grade was an F. Which just made the whole situation worse. I studied some more, did a third paper, a D. This was the Saturday before my first paper… I was an absolute mess. I was honestly, at that moment, at the lowest point mentally I had ever been. And physically maybe. I was so tired and upset and stressed and I felt sick to my stomach every waking second, I felt like I could cry at any given moment, I was cold constantly (I blame that on the anxiety and the tiredness), I could not fathom why I was doing so badly even though I had studied so hard and had pretty much memorised most of the textbook… the Sunday then rolled around, by this point I hadn’t showered in maybe three-four days, I hadn’t changed my clothes in just as long… I was a wreck. But then I discovered something that changed my life around! I discovered that unlike with previous exams I had sat myself and previous past papers I had marked myself, instead of marking the exam papers separately and then adding them together for an overall grade, this paper was marked by adding both of the exam papers together first to find out your final grade – so you didn’t get graded on the papers individually. I found this out through looking at the grade scheme and discovering that full marks for the subject were 180 even though paper one only had 120 marks available. It was then that I realised, honestly I could have sobbed there and then because it turned out I was actually getting Bs, not Ds and Fs. It was quite possibly one of the happiest days of my life. So, that’s my story with human biology. Oh, and I sat the papers and they went okay, well enough but not as well as I had performed in past papers I don’t feel.

Moving on… so, the next exam I had was chemistry (18th May). This was definitely not my strong point. I hate chemistry, more than I ever thought I would. The main issue was that I didn’t have time to learn or revise it – the issue with my human biology resulted in a major set-back in the revision of all other subjects. I was less inclined to study chemistry in the first place because it was the subject that mattered the least in terms of my future education – maths and English literature I had to do well in and I enjoyed economics so I was naturally more inclined to study that. Because of all of these things, chemistry was ignored a little bit. Which resulted in me being really stressed when it came to the actual exams. To be honest, I definitely could have put more effort into it but, particularly in the last few days once all my other exams were over and I simply had chemistry left to sit, my motivation was in minus figures. It was awful in the sense that I knew I should be working and I wanted to work, in fact I did work just when I sat down at my desk and read the textbook it was literally going in through my eyes and straight out of the top of my head. I was failing to retain any information at all. I’ve successfully sat both my chemistry papers but I’m not holding out much hope.

Now onto the part where I almost quit. First, I would like to quickly add a disclaimer to say that I am in no way trying to portray my GCSE experience as a worse experience than anyone else, and I’m surely not going to be playing the whole “I’m home-educated so it’s harder for me!” act in an effort to make you feel sorry for me. Because I don’t think it was necessarily harder for me and I definitely don’t think my GCSE experience was as bad as other people’s, in fact I know it wasn’t. I am simply telling you the experience I, as an individual, had in my own circumstances. Anyway, so, it was Saturday the 20th May – by this point I was almost halfway through my GCSEs and I hadn’t socialised with anyone outside of my household in weeks because I was too busy revising (or procrastinating but with every intention to start revising) and I had a maths exam coming up… Now… if you had told me at the time that I was actually going to end up hating chemistry more than maths I think I would have cried with laughter for about three hours, anyway, I had two English literature papers coming up that week and slap bang in the middle of both of them I had my maths exam, this made me insanely stressed because I had to make the decision of either: entirely ignoring revision for both English papers and just pray that my English abilities were good enough and that my knowledge of the books when I’d studied them was good enough to wing it; or, I had to decide to avoid revising maths in the hopes that I would get a really good English literature grade and I would just have to live with the fact that I had failed my maths and re-sit it (something which made me feel so stressed and sick); or I would have to find a way of juggling them both over one weekend in the hopes that I would get good grades in both of them… as a result of this really stressful decision and the ever-shortening time I had left to revise the material, I had a cry – a long, long cry which I think lasted about 2 hours… it was awful and embarrassing and despite the fact that I was really upset the only thing I found myself thinking was how much time I was wasting through being upset. That every second counted and I needed to get my act together and do some work rather than sitting there crying. Eventually my Mum heard me crying and came in and told me to come downstairs and we sat on the sofa and she gave me a hug and I was sobbing and I told her I didn’t have enough time, that I felt I was going to fail all of my GCSEs, that I was so stressed and so tired and I just didn’t want to do it anymore and my Mum, being the amazing person she is simply said that I could stop. That I could decide not to do the rest and whilst it wouldn’t be ideal it wasn’t the end of the world. And in that moment, I genuinely, truly considered giving up. I was so close to saying I quit, that I couldn’t do it. That I hadn’t prepared enough, that I wasn’t ready, that I was an idiot but that I didn’t want to sit them if I was going to fail them all. I felt truly awful and despite what I said earlier about that weekend before my human biology exam this was honestly the lowest I have ever been. Never in my life have I felt so done, so completely exhausted that I felt I just couldn’t go on with the situation. That I just simply could not see a way of getting through these GCSEs and maintaining my physical and mental health. The genuine desire to give up at that moment terrified me. I have never felt so helpess like that, so tired and stressed that I would do anything to make it end. I don’t know how I got over the feeling and decided to continue with my GCSEs, but I did and I have come out of the other end and I’m feeling positive about all of my subjects except for chemistry (I’m even feeling optimistic about my maths! And if you knew me really well you would know that, that is an absolute miracle!).

Okay, I’m going to end this post here because I feel like it has been very long! I really hope you got something out of this post or that you enjoyed it in some respect, if you did please make sure to give it a like! If you’re new around here and you like what you see then please feel free to follow me! Let me know in the comments what your experience with sitting your GCSEs was – whether you sat them this year or in the past. If you sat them in the past I would be interested to know how you did in terms of grades compared to how you thought you had done!

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A Long Absence = Life Update

Hey guys, so, I have some explaining to do… you may have noticed that my blog posts have been wildly irregular at the moment, that’s for many reasons. I feel like I owe it to you to explain myself.

I feel like I keep this blog pretty open and impersonal in a way, that’s not necessarily a conscious decision but rather due to the fact that the posts I write don’t often reveal very much about me. I guess it’s kind of nice to be putting something out there on the big wide web and still feel slightly anonymous.

Anyway, because my blog is kind of open and impersonal I like it when I get to give you life updates, I’m not sure if it’s anything anyone’s particularly interested in but I guess I feel like through telling you what’s happening in my life I can in some ways justify my absence, I know it doesn’t need to be justified but as humans we feel guilty for things that we don’t do and because of that we try and find ways of making ourselves feel better about it by thinking of all the reasons why it hasn’t happened.

So, let’s begin!

Firstly – and I am sure this is something everyone can relate to – I have been drowning in the amount of studying I have to do, I know there’s a saying that’s ‘up to my neck’ but I felt like that wasn’t even close to being the truth, I am so out of my depth it’s scaring me a little bit, but I’m sure everyone feels like that. It’s the most bizarre feeling because a month ago or maybe even as recent as a couple of weeks ago every morning I would wake up and literally feel sick with stress, no lie, and every day would be hard to get through because I would sit at my desk and I would just work for ten hours every single day in the hopes that I could begin to get through the insane amount of work I had to do – luckily, those intense ten hour study sessions actually paid off and I am now drowning slightly less in work and all of the stress has just disappeared, it’s like suddenly I can breathe again but I don’t understand the transition from suffocating in stress to now feeling completely calm, but it’s a great feeling other than the fact that now I’m not stressed I’m slightly less motivated. But anyway, I know most teenage bloggers are going through exam stress and are putting off their blogs in favour of studying so you all completely understand and I am in no way saying I am in a worse situation and I think those of you managing to maintain a blog through all of this stress are absolutely amazing and incredible people – honestly I think you should be given a reward for all your hard work! But I just haven’t quite worked out how to manage my time in a way that caters for both studying, blogging, other commitments etc.

What else has been going on… I’m so busy I can’t even remember. I had a wonderful trip up into London a couple of weeks back and that was really nice, I went to visit my best friend whom I hadn’t seen since November and it was really nice to catch up with her! It had been long overdue and I did double studying the week before specifically so I wouldn’t ‘miss’ any studying while I was there and it was so nice to be able to just relax for a few days and be there with my friend and just feel like a member of society again rather than the introverted nerdy student that I’ve become over the last few months, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that, I would rather be indoors studying for a couple of months than failing my exams. We went on a lovely picnic in Regent’s Park and took lots of photos both of the park and of us together, the sun was shining, we did a bit of writing, we got to catch up, it was one of the best days I’ve ever had with her! Oh, and then we got lost on Baker Street (apparently that street goes on FOREVER!) but it was a truly amazing trip and one I wouldn’t change for the world. Although, I did get a migraine after coming back from Regent’s Park through being in the sun for too long… and maybe having a photoshoot which featured me lying in the grass and looking up at the sky, I would not recommend and that did prevent us from watching all the films we had planned to watch but it doesn’t really matter, there’s a time and place for everything. I was going to blog on this trip to London because not only were my friend and I using it as an opportunity to see each other but we were also going to use it as an excuse to just do the things we don’t normally get the time to do because we’re too busy with life, for example, reading, blogging, writing etc. etc.

Also, my cat died, which you probably really didn’t want or need to know and has probably just made this post quite depressing but yeah, I loved him to the moon and back and he was a wonderful cat. He was beautiful and you’d always wake up in the morning and go downstairs to see him sleeping on the sofa or an armchair curled up into this cute little ball of fluff and it was the most adorable thing! But he was old and we knew it was going to happen eventually – it was unexpected that he was going to die at that moment but he had been getting visibly older and less capable, but it just kind of added to everything else and it’s not really a reason why I haven’t been blogging because despite being upset, when he died it didn’t feel like an overwhelming loss or like a huge hole had been created in my life that could never be filled, it was devastating but it wasn’t like if a family member (or even my other cat who behaves like a dog, calls for me, cuddles with me all the time and whom I adore more than anything else in the entire universe) died so I wasn’t like in floods of tears for days unable to concentrate but this is a life update as well as being a post for me to explain all the reasons why I haven’t blogged.

Okay, another reason why I haven’t been blogging as much is because since last November I have been working on a fanfiction series – I am currently planning on it being 4 books long; which was completely unexpected but given the current state of the series 4 seems like a good number to get all the storylines completed in. Obviously I love to blog, it’s something I have a passion for but I also have a passion for fiction writing. I just love to write and I get different things out of both experiences. I like the feeling of being part of something that you get when you’re blogging, I like how on WordPress it’s like a community of people all sharing stories and opinions and interests etc. and there are just certain things I’m passionate about that I want to write about and I can’t really discretely put into a fictional story. But I also like the ability to escape that I get from writing fiction, maybe ‘escape’ isn’t quite the right word because I don’t feel like I need to ‘escape’ from my life but I guess it’s kind of a way to experience things that you don’t normally get to experience or to just create a world that can be however you want it to be; you can control the level of good and bad; the level of nice and horrible; the level of love and hatred and so on, you can put words in other people’s mouths and develop relationships and I enjoy it a crazy amount and have been getting really excited about my fanfiction series, maybe I’ll upload it onto Wattpad, maybe I won’t. I’m not sure. I’m going to finish all four books first. Anyway, I don’t really want it to sound like I’m prioritising fanfiction writing over blog writing but unfortunately it’s not exactly a choice, you see, the thing is, when I write fiction I think about it almost constantly and I am always thinking about what’s going to happen next or certain things people can say to others or a particular ‘moment’ that I want to happen, a cliff-hanger, a certain new character etc. and sometimes I get these really vivid images of a ‘scene’ I want to include and I know how I want it to read word for word and so I have to get my laptop and I have to write that scene whether I would rather be writing a blog post, watching TV or reading a book because if I don’t write that scene out there and then unfortunately the scene will be gone, and whilst, of course, I can write down a small memo saying I want to have a ‘marriage proposal scene’ or a ‘dramatic break-up scene’ or an ’emotional death scene’ I still don’t have the word for word details and – without trying to sound really full of myself because I’m really not – my first draft is usually actually the best draft, I mean everything needs a bit of editing after it’s finished but for some reason the way I write just comes out exactly the way I want it to first time, I do reword things sometimes or add things in that I didn’t think to add in the first time around and of course correct spelling errors but usually the way I’ve written it first is always the best so if I don’t get the words in my head down on my laptop then they all disappear and I can never recreate the word document on paper as good as it was in my head, if that makes sense.

I would just like to put it out there that I have been doing ‘blog’ things despite not being noticeably active on WordPress, I haven’t completely been ignoring my blog although it might seem like that. I have a number of drafts waiting to be reviewed and edited and in fact finished but the problem is, I am so busy that when I do have some free time it’s usually late at night when I’m exhausted from whatever I’ve had going on in the day, I’m half asleep and what I really want to be doing is drinking a hot chocolate and watching TV and the few times that I’ve tried to write a blog post instead in those circumstances they just don’t sound right, it sounds like I’m forcing the blog post and I’m not fully connecting to the content – probably because I’m half asleep – also, often I know the point I’m trying to make and what I want the blog post to say but I struggle to actually come to the conclusion and write it in a way that sounds good, basically I need to not be blogging when really I should be sleeping but I do plan on reviewing those blog posts over the next few evenings hopefully and finishing them, editing them and then getting them published.

Lastly, before I go I would like to quickly mention that I have been attempting to be much more active on my social media sites so you can go and follow me on them (links down below). I have specifically been paying attention to my Instagram recently firstly because I took lots of beautiful photos in Regent’s Park in London when I went to visit my friend and also because at the moment Instagram is my favourite social media site, I just love how so much can be conveyed in a photo and how loads of people are using this app and sharing photos of either pretty things they’ve found in their day-to-day lives or more professional type photos or even pictures of themselves and what they’ve been doing with their day, I just think it’s such a nice idea and personally I’ve been becoming slightly disconnected with twitter recently but I want to try and get back into it soon. Make sure you’re following me on both of the social media sites just mentioned so you can keep up-to-date with what I’ve been doing even when I’m not actively publishing new posts on WordPress.

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My First Time Tag

Hey guys, does anybody else experience that moment when you feel like you wrote a blog post a few days ago and then you go on your blog and realise that actually it’s been way longer than you originally thought? Yeah? Well that’s me right now. I am so sorry for neglecting this blog, basically exams have been catching up with me and I had a moment last week when I was just like, ‘I need to take a break. I’m not a robot, I’m human. I can’t just keep going like this.’ and so I took a break, other than that I’ve just been busy with work and commitments and activities, so I’m sorry. I also realised that there hasn’t been a singe day this year when I haven’t been stressed and that made me really sad…

Anyway! I have decided to do a tag that was quite popular on YouTube for a while and then I think everyone kind of did it and since then it hasn’t really been a thing, I’m a bit late to the party but thought it would be fun to give it a go!

Quickly, before we get into the post I would just like to say that this isn’t a tag where I tell you all about my personal love life or anything, I mean come on! Who do you think I am?!  This is a tag where I tell you about my first time doing particular things, whether that’s my first exam, holiday etc. either way, it’s nothing to do with sex.

So, let’s get into it!

My First Time Going To A Concert – Now this is a great story, so… my first real concert – I say real like that because I’d been to concerts with my Mum but this was my concert – was a One Direction concert, I know, I’m a legend! It was when they were touring their album ‘Take Me Home’, it was such an amazing night! I couldn’t stop talking about it for hours! It had been a bit of a day though, there were a few complications which I won’t get into about whether my friend was actually allowed to attend the concert with me because her parents weren’t sure if they wanted us going in on our own, but it all worked out and it was amazing! Surprisingly, I didn’t actually cry! The audience were amazing, One Direction were amazing, the experience was just incredible and I am so glad that it was the first ever gig I’d been to, I think of it with fond memories!

My First Time Crushing On A Celebrity – Haha… So… I was about nine-years-old I think, maybe ten. My Mum had finally let me watch High School Musical and I mean, come on, Zac Efron in the High School Musical days, you can understand why right? I mean, I was ten. But I was absolutely obsessed with those films. I remember watching the second one first, the third one second and the first one last but I was addicted, I would watch them all the time and I knew all the words. I even had a High School Musical karoke game on my Nintendo Wii! I’m also pretty sure I had a DVD which taught me the dance routine to ‘We’re All In This Together’ from the end of the first film. I don’t exactly know when I realised I had a crush on him, I think it just kind of happened and I was really young and didn’t really understand anything back then haha! I’ve moved on now though…

My First Time Swimming In The Sea – I don’t know why I decided to include this but I know that a lot of people think swimming in the sea is sacred or something, I hated it. I was visiting my friend and we’d come from another activity but we went down to the beach and it was a lovely sunny day, we were all lying around on the beach, my friend and our families because I was quite young, in fact we might have come from the swimming pool… but then suddenly loads of my friends and family decided they were going to go swimming in the sea and I’d never done it before so I thought ‘why not?’, so I went and got changed into my swimming suit and went swimming in the sea, by swimming in the sea I actually mean, I didn’t go very far out because I was too scared of drowning so I stayed very close to the shore and my feet kept hitting the stones at the bottom and it was really hurting my toes and I kept getting salt water in my mouth and basically I absolutely hated it.

My First Time Performing On A Stage – So, there are two different stories for this. My first time performing on a stage ‘technically’ was when I was on holiday and I was camping and there was like a children’s ‘competition’, it wasn’t actually a competition but it was just an opportunity to showcase a young person’s talents and skills or something. But I sang a song on stage, with proper lights and a proper microphone and it was scary but I got through it and I really liked it! That was my singing career over. Then about a year later, I was on a theatre stage at my local theatre and it was my first ever drama performance and I had the lead part and it was terrifying because I’d never done anything like that before and I had a massive three page monologue to remember and it was just really scary but I absolutely loved it! It was so much fun! That kind of started my aspiration to be an actor really.

My First Time Buying Make-up – Some of you might think this is a bit of a stupid one for me to include but I thought I’d add it anyway, for a lot of people they’re not all that fussed about make-up, they’re parents don’t really have an opinion on it, sometimes they might wear it sometimes they might not. When I was growing up I was surrounded by all these TV shows that were advertising ‘pretty women’ and lots of make-up to me, this was the ‘ideal’, of course I was also surrounded by family games and trips to the park etc. I wasn’t an introverted child that sat indoors watching Hannah Montana but when I did watch TV that is what it would be, evidently as a young girl she was who I aspired to me. I wrote in a diary somewhere once that when I grew up I either wanted to work with dogs or be Hannah Montana. So my first make-up buying experience was one step closer to my dream career of being Hannah Montana! However I wasn’t actually allowed to wear the make-up I bought, I sneakily bought it on a day out with my grandparents when my Mum wasn’t with us in the hopes that she would then be guilt-tripped into letting me keep it and use it. It didn’t really work, I did get to keep it and I’m not sure how much of it I actually got to use but it was like ‘toy’ make-up, I bought it from Smith’s the toy store, I mean, it came from a toy store you can imagine how bad it was, but that was my first make-up buying experience. I have a much better collection now, don’t worry!

My First Time Properly Walking In A Pair Of Heels – This happened really recently I’m not going to lie, I actually think I might have spoken about this somewhere in a blog post before but this is ‘The First Time’ tag so I’m going to repeat myself. My first time walking in heels was last October. I had bought a brand new pair of high heels (in black) for a performance that I was going to be in later on in the month, I think I had about five days before the show and I’d never worn a pair of heels in my life! So, being the clever person that I am I bought them in my town after work and then I got the bus halfway home and decided to walk the other half, it was a nice sunny day despite being October and I was feeling in a good mood, I got about ten steps before realising that it had been a really terrible idea because I wasn’t only walking home in a pair of heels for the first time ever I was also walking home carrying a shoe box with the shoes I’d previously had on my feet and a bag of hay for my rabbit as well as my handbag and anything else I happened to be carrying, so I had my hands full and I was wobblying all over the place, I could actually see people laughing in their cars as they drove past. It was not a great experience, and then I had a show a few days later with these massive blisters on my feet but I still love the shoes to this day and wore them out for dinner a couple of months ago.

My First Time Owning A Laptop – This was a great moment for me! I can’t remember what made me decide that I wanted a laptop, maybe I thought it was cool or I had an actual reason, I’m not sure. I was ten when I got my first laptop, it was kind of checked pink with some flashes of yellow and purple, it was an absolutely beautiful laptop and I cherished it and loved it so much! It was pretty much my life and I have used a laptop non-stop ever since that day – almost seven years. There pretty much isn’t a single day that passes when I’m not using my laptop either for writing, reading, messaging my best friend, watching YouTube or Netflix; quite frankly I don’t know what I’d do without one now. I still own my first ever laptop actually, it’s sitting on my desk, it doesn’t work though (it did last five years though so we can let it off), it’s the smallest laptop you’ve ever seen in your life, it’s so adorable! If anyone saw it nowadays they’d think it was a child’s toy but it wasn’t, it was a legit laptop. It was a great first laptop and I will always think of it with fond memories but I’m now in love with my new laptop, it’s like my second life.

My First Time Breaking A Bone –Haha! I’m going to tell you an embarrassing story, something that I find embarrassing now and that I found embarrassing at the time. I must have been between the ages of 9-11 when this happened, basically, I broke my wrist. It wasn’t bad or anything, I was coming home from the shops with my brother and sister and my Dad. My sister decided to randomly chase me, as you do at a young age and it was all fun and games, I decided to be clever and run backwards to try and outrun her whilst running backwards, however, this didn’t go according to plan and I ended up tripping and I was going to fall right on my back and so instinctively my body tried to twist around so I could use my palms to stop me from falling, however I was falling faster than I could twist and so I ended up landing on my wrist – I didn’t know it at the time but it was broken. My Mum was at work and when she got home I told her what happened, she tried to test whether I had any strength in it before telling me to sleep on it and we’d see how it was in the morning and go from there. The next day when my mum woke up I was sitting at the table eating my breakfast with the spoon in my right hand – I’m left-handed – my mum asked me why I wasn’t eating with my left-hand and so like an idiot I told her that I just felt like it on that specific day, she asked me if it hurt too much to eat with my left-hand and I told her no it didn’t, so she asked me to eat with my left-hand. I put the spoon in my left-hand and although I could physically grip the spoon I couldn’t really do anything else with it, I remember trying to put the cereal in my mouth but my arm was too weak and shaky to actually get it there and cereal was spilling off the spoon all over the place, at the time I was really upset because I knew it was going to involve a trip to the hospital but looking back on it now it always makes me laugh. So yeah, I had to have a cast for three months I think and every single time I saw a doctor or nurse at the hospital that day I had to explain that I had broken it running backwards, which was really embarrassing.

My First Time Going To A Sleepover – I think I was relatively old when I had my first sleepover, I must have been about 11. I was so excited and happy that I was getting to stay round my friend’s house overnight – I thought this would instantly move me into the ‘cool person’ category, that once I had my first sleepover I may as well be Regina George minus the meanness. Except at this time I hadn’t even seen Mean Girls. But anyway, I’m pretty sure it was my friend’s birthday party and she was having loads of people but only two of us were staying the night. So she had her party – I wore this beautiful sparkly pink dress from either H&M or BHS, I loved it so much and in fact still own it! She was having some kind of ‘princess’ party or something (really funny if you could see her now) and her parents had hired these make-up artists/hairdressers/party people and they curled my hair and gave me gel eyeliner. It was a great first sleepover.

I’m going to end this post here as it is much longer than originally intend but I enjoyed it so much! I didn’t realise quite how much I was going to enjoy it until I started writing it! I would really love to do a part 2 as I’m liking this ‘get to know me’ aspect of the blog, if you have anything you’d like to know ‘my first time’ experiencing do let me know in the comments and I’ll make another post!

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Top 6 Books/Series To Read

Hey guys, so, today I discovered that it was World Book Day yesterday! I’m so sad that I didn’t realise sooner! I mean, it’s only a day late but I wish I could have acknowledged it properly yesterday but I think I got caught up a little with having 200 followers and studying and things like that. However, I have decided I’m going to catch-up today, I am going to write a blog post on my top 6 books/book series that you should totally read! It’s not going to be 6 individual books and 6 book series because I’m not sure I have 6 individual favourite books… that’s a lie, I probably do haha! Anyway, let’s see how it goes.

1. Queen Kat, Carmel and St Jude Get A Life By Maureen McCarthy:

I think I’ve mentioned this in other posts before but this book is my favourite book of all time. Unfortunately I’ve never had the opportunity to re-read it because it’s quite long and I’ve been reading other things but this book is incredible! It’s an Australian Classic and it’s about three university students in their first year. They’ve all moved into an apartment together and despite being from completely different backgrounds and basically completely different worlds they all have to get along and live together for three years. The reason I love this book so much is because it’s completely based on reality. This might not appeal to other people but there is nothing overly dramatic or unbelievable, yes, there are dramatic moments but they’re all things that could happen in real life, for example, someone cheating on you, a relative getting sick etc. and it’s just about three really relatable young women trying to find a way in the world. It’s great, I would highly recommend.

2. Since You’ve Been Gone By Morgan Matson:

This is my second favourite book ever, again, nothing overly dramatic happens. Well, it’s kind of dramatic. It’s a book about two girls; Sloane is very much an extrovert, she gets on with everyone, is really energetic and enthusiastic, loves to go to parties etc. and her best friend, Emily, is a bit shy and doesn’t really get on in a party environment and is a bit awkward, a wallflower. Then one summer Sloane disappears, leaving behind a to-do list (bucket list) of things for Emily. Things that Emily would never dream of doing, that make her nervous and scared. Things that she would only do with her best friend. If Emily completes the list will her best friend come back? Whilst it sounds like a big kind of Pretty Little Liars type mystery, it’s really not. Sorry to disappoint. It’s a really funny, really summery and happy novel about a shy girl finding her way in the world, finally finding her own feet and coming out of her shell and it’s just a fantastic read for a summers day. Or if you miss the summer and want to be back there again. I definitely think I’m going to try and re-read it this summer.

3. The Wolves Of Mercy Falls Series By Maggie Stiefvater:

This is one of my favourite trilogies, even now and I read it when I was… 11-12? I think the ideas in the story are so unique and I just love the characters. The main couple in it are absolute goals. The trilogy consists of; Shiver, Linger and Forever. It is a series about werewolves. And a girl that falls in love with one of them. I know you’re thinking ‘how are the ideas unique?’ basically, and this isn’t giving anything away, the werewolves are only wolves in the winter. They transform into actual wolves and then in the summer they remain human until it gets cold again. I just think it’s a truly great idea and really adds a twist onto the story, because it’s a whole season (and a half?) when they’re not human. They don’t transform into humans once unless they get hurt dramatically. There’s lots of drama throughout the trilogy. Some truly amazing characters that I can’t help but fall in love with. It’s just great. There’s also a spin-off book called Sinner about one of my favourite characters from the books, which I also own and which is also amazing. I would highly recommend these books if you’re someone who loves anything supernatural and you’re dying for a new werewolf series to sink your teeth into – I would say reading them in the winter or cold nights are the best because it’s great to be able to snuggle under a blanket and read this great series but it really doesn’t matter when you read it, it just gives you a nice cosy and warm feeling and a sense of winter when reading it, I don’t really know why. Isn’t it amazing how books can do that though?

4. The Maze Runner Series By James Dashner:

I mean, it’s not like I haven’t mentioned this series enough on my blog, is it? But, I’m going to mention it again. I read the first book a couple of years ago now and absolutely loved it! I still remember the chilling feeling’s I got from reading it. There’s this one scene that is truly awful, it’s absolutely horrible to read and really well written and I remember reading it at night before bed because I was so gripped and I read that ‘scene’ and I was like, ‘how am I going to be able to sleep now? Just how?’, I did manage to sleep but I think I read for a couple more hours. There are so many great scenes in the first book. The second book, The Scorch Trials, I have to admit wasn’t as good as the other books in the series. I felt like there wasn’t as much going on but boy did it have it’s moments. When there was drama there was drama, there were moments when I just couldn’t understand why I was doing this to myself or why James Dashner had written this because there were some real twists and horrific moments! The third book in the series, The Death Cure, I absolutely cannot fault it. I cannot recall a single moment when I wasn’t on the edge of my seat, the story was really fasted paced, really dramatic, full of action, and also one of the most heartbreaking things I have ever read in my entire life. No lie. I’ve never cried at a book, and this didn’t make me cry either but boy I wanted to. I don’t know why I don’t seem to cry at books but I just don’t. However, there were multiple scenes in this book when I could feel my heart aching, like, it was actually painful to read the book at times because it was so sad. If you’ve read the book you will completely know what I’m talking about. But, there’s something that happens and James Dashner doesn’t just make it sad, he takes it to a whole new level. A level that destroys your soul (if you believe in souls.). And then there are two prequels. The first one is The Kill Order, which I haven’t read. The second is The Fever Code which was so amazing! And oh my god the twists! It destroyed my life a little bit. If you’ve watched the films, whether you’ve liked them or not, read the books. They won’t let you down.

5. Fangirl By Rainbow Rowell:

I’m not sure if this is actually in my top 6 but it is a book I read quite recently and absolutely loved! But there are so many great books I’ve read. Just some of them were a long time ago and I remember reading them and liking them but not how much I liked them. I absolutely loved this book! I think one of the reasons is because I could see a few similarities with Queen Kat, Carmel and St Jude Get A Life but it was just really refreshing. I love how the author told two stories in one. Basically, it’s about two identical twins Cath and Wren. They are both starting university and moving into dorms etc. Wren is the party-girl, the popular one, the one that likes to be social. Cath would much rather stay in and read a good book, study or write her fanfiction. Cath’s fanfiction is where the two stories come into it, the author has cleverly laid out the chapters in such a way that we both get to read about Cath and her life and also get to read her fanfiction as she writes it. So, we’re being entertained by two stories which is just great! I love that about the book. As an avid reader, writer and hard-working studier. I can completely relate to Cath, also, as hard as it might be to believe I am actually quite a shy and awkward person. I just feel like she’s a really well written character, entering a big and scary new chapter of her life that everyone gets anxious about and this is just a really good, down-to-earth and relatable book. I would highly recommend reading it!

6. Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon:

I was originally only going to write about 5 books for this post but then I remembered this book that I read relatively recently and I know they’re turning it into a film this year and I just had to write about it. I know I wrote about it in a favourites post quite a while ago, but I’m going to mention it again. Everything, Everything is about a girl who is quite literally allergic to the world. She has to live in an air-tight, sterile house so she doesn’t get sick and die. Her only friends are her mother and her live-in nurse. When she gets new neighbours she can’t help but be intrigued by the new boy next door. She wants to get to know him. But how does someone get to know another when they can’t leave the house? This book had such an original storyline and everyone was raving about it so I couldn’t help but read it. It was so amazing! Beyond anything I ever thought it would be. It’s also got the biggest twist of any book ever, I think. I would highly recommend reading this book, be open-minded and prepared for absolutely anything.

And there we have it, a list of some of my favourite books. I really want to re-read them all now! Maybe I will. Maybe this summer or sooner I will re-read all of the books in this list because I just love them all so much! They’re just truly incredible books. Make sure to leave a comment below letting me know what you did for World Book Day and some of your favourite books – maybe you can even suggest some to me!

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200 Followers?! + Q&A Questions

Hey guys, so I know I’ve been really bad at keeping up with this blog over the last month and the only post I published last month was my January Favourites but it’s been hectic, I’ve been studying like crazy, busy with activities, there’s just been a lot going on basically.

But… I logged onto my blog today and to my surprise discovered that I now have 200 followers! Which was absolutely amazing! And now… this is where I go on to talk about how much I appreciate it, the usual really. But instead of just talking about my never-ending love of everyone who supports and engages with my blog I’m going to talk about my blog and how it came to exist and what it means to me.

So, I was always quite fond of the idea of having a blog. It wasn’t so much building up a following and interacting with others, whilst I love reading comments and posting them on other people’s blogs it was never a motivating factor in getting a blog, but ever since a young age I was always writing (I remember writing a Doctor Who story when I was younger, I guess you might call it a fanfiction now but it was just a story I wrote using the characters of Doctor Who and then my Mum typed it up onto a document for me.), I love/d writing fiction and from the age of 6 always wanted to write a novel. I have kept a journal since I was about 9-years-old, I was always writing these little documents which in my head were ‘blog posts’ I just didn’t have a blog to actually publish them, the reason I was writing these is because; I guess my brain just needs to write things down, it just wants to write and I feel like a blog is a completely unique form of writing, you write about things that you don’t normally get the opportunity to write about, for example, one of my favourite things to write on my blog is favourites posts, a blog is the only place where I properly get to share things that I’ve been loving in that way. I think it’s just such a great opportunity to have, or another example could be the home-education Q&A I did quite early on in my blog, that was a unique opportunity to answer lots of the questions home-educated people get asked. Also, political posts and humanity posts, both things that I have very strong opinions on and don’t get the opportunity to write about in the same way when writing fiction and it’s all well and good writing about it in my journal but it doesn’t give you the same satisfaction because it’s more like having a rant to yourself or, as my best friend would say, venting. It’s not sharing your opinions with the world in the hopes that somehow it will create change.

So, once I got older I started asking my Mum, or begging rather, to let me have a blog. It was so important to me and I had NO IDEA what I was going to do if she said yes, I must have been about 11 or something, I didn’t know anything about website design and probably didn’t even understand where to start. All I knew was that I wanted a platform to get my thoughts heard, to interact with people who understood where I was coming from and could relate to me in a way that I didn’t really get in the real world. A community that I could really feel a part of in a way I never had before. But, unfortunately for me my Mum didn’t want me to have a blog at such a young age (which, looking back was probably the right decision because I had no idea where to start or how to properly run a blog, I most likely would be terrified. And yes, whilst my blog needs a lot of editing and the design isn’t all that great – something I plan on dealing with in the summer – it’s a blog that I absolutely love having and that truly feels like mine. I understand how to work it and I feel like I can handle anything that the blogosphere might throw at me because I’m not young, under-educated and vulnerable anymore.) another motivating factor that my Mum had for not letting me have a blog was that I didn’t have a specific genre or topic I was going to be writing about. But that’s not the kind of blog I wanted to have, and I couldn’t explain that to her properly when I was younger but I just wanted a kind of lifestyle blog that was completely unique to me and that I could write whatever I felt like writing, whatever spoke to me in the moment or whatever I was passionate about, because let’s face it my interests and passions are going to change over the lifetime of this blog. But, I turned 15 and decided that I was going to start a blog with or without her permission. Yes, it was a ‘secret’ blog for awhile, but it wasn’t like a malicious secret blog, I wasn’t starting it because I was a rebel and wanted to defy my Mum’s wishes or views or anything. It was more that as I got older I suddenly felt that I didn’t need permission anymore and eventually I told my Mum about it and she was completely cool with it, so it’s all good.

So, now I have a blog. That’s my story I guess. The reason lifeofaninspiredteen exists. I’m not sure I can tell you the story of my blog name, although I wish there was something really meaningful behind it or something. I remember finally deciding, ‘what the hell, I’m going to get a blog’ and then there was the process of thinking of a name. I think the way I came up with the name was, I knew it was going to be about my life and so I really wanted to have it obvious that it was just a kind of general blog about me and my thoughts, interests, etc. so that’s where the ‘life of’ came into it and then I had to think of the end part of my name and keeping my anonymity. So, then I had to decide a catchy way of describing who I was and my personality. My best friend is always calling me inspired and inspiring, because I find a lot of things interesting and find a way to inspire myself using basically anything as a stimulus. I just love being inspired, whether it’s to study, to travel the world, to do an activity, whatever it is I love to be inspired. And… I’m a teen and so I juggled being inspired around with ‘life of’ for a little bit and then ended up with my blog name – lifeofaninspiredteen. And that’s it. After saying I couldn’t tell you the story of my blog name, I told you the story of my blog name.

Almost done, now we’re onto the cheesy part. I never ever thought I would get to 200 followers, especially not after less than a year. I don’t want to be all depressing and be like ‘I’m not that interesting. I don’t understand why anyone would want to read what I write.’ because I don’t bring myself down like that and I don’t want to criticise the readers of my blog because they obviously do find what I write interesting which is great and I love that. But, I think the reason I’m surprised I reached 200 followers is because I was never writing for anyone else, it wasn’t a concern whether I was going to be interesting to anyone else it was that I was doing something I was passionate about and I was doing it for myself. Obviously I knew that what I was publishing was public and people could read it and were going to read it but I never viewed it as something I was doing to gain followers or have loads of views or anything. So, when lots of people were reading what I was writing and following me it was a bit of a surprise but not because I didn’t think people were going to read it but simply because I never really thought of it happening. Every single follower I get really excites me but I decided that I shouldn’t write an appreciation post after every new follower so I only write a post when I hit ‘landmark’ followers. But, I remember getting excited about my 5th follower, my 2oth follower, the 45th follower etc. it never ceases to amaze me how many people find their way to my blog and leave lovely comments, it basically never ceases to amaze me how nice all the bloggers on wordpress are. Or all the ones I’ve had the pleasure of encountering.

Okay, lastly, I’ve decided that to celebrate 200 followers I’m going to do a Q&A, there isn’t a specific subject so just leave any questions you have for my below, whether it’s about my blog, my education, my routines, my life, my diet, literally anything that you’ve ever wondered about me leave them in the comments below and I will write up the answers and publish them in a post soon – but, disclaimer I won’t answer all questions, if I feel uncomfortable answering any or feel like they might put my anonymity at risk then I won’t answer them.

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