First Post

Hey, so my first post is going to be a little bit about me and why I decided to start this blog and what you can expect from it, I’ve read lots of books about blogging and almost all of them say that you should never have a blog without a purpose, you should always be able to say “I have a blog about fashion” or “I have a blog about films” but that isn’t what I want to do and if as a result I don’t have as many people reading my stuff I don’t really care because I am a very interested and curious person and I have a lot of stuff to say and I am thinking about so much stuff all the time but unfortunately I also happen to be quite a shy and awkward person so I don’t really talk to a lot of people and there’s nowhere to really get my thoughts down and out. So that’s why I created this blog, unfortunately it’s not about anything in particular, I’ll be posting blog entries if I’ve done anything interesting in my day-to-day life and I will be posting just thoughts or opinions I have and maybe some advice or just like some information in case anyone reading this is scared of something or worried about something that I can share experience in! But I am in no way trying to be bossy or say that I know everything and am right about everything because that’s not true, I’m just an average teenager going through life experience average teenager things and I’m going to write about them here. I hope you will follow me and read about what I have to say, feel free to leave a comment introducing yourself and telling me what your blog/website is about and I’ll check it out!

🙂 An Inspired Teen 🙂


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