It’s that time of year when everyone has exam stress and is desperately trying to juggle their social life with their revision, usually this is unsuccessful. You usually end up with either a social life and no time for revision or you end up with revision but no social life. I am the latter, I have no social life through revising for exams as it’s really important, which it is for most people, that I get good grades – it kind of determines the next five years of my life… All of my friends are insanely busy with revision too so there’s no hope with seeing them at all. I’ve decide I’m going to put myself under ‘house arrest’ for the rest of the week and just work, work, work as my first two exams are on Monday – five minutes apart from each other!

I’ve never really needed to study or revise all that much up until this point and I’ve left it quite late really to start working hard but annoyingly and stressfully it’s the way I work best, it’s what motivates me and applies enough pressure to actually make me work. I’ve been putting off all my work until now but it’s become too late to put it off any longer and if I do I won’t get the high marks I need, to do what I want with my future. Therefore leaving it until the last minute helps me because I know there aren’t anymore opportunities to say ‘tomorrow’ because tomorrow will be too late.

I’m more frustrated than stressed though, because I’ve never needed to study or revise to quite this extent before it’s like a whole new experience and I find it’s consuming me and taking away all my time which is a good thing because it means I’m working hard enough but it’s also a bad thing because there are so many things I want or need to be doing that I can’t do because of the revision. For example, I am the tidiest person in my house and I hate things being messy, it makes me feel really disgusting and dirty and the air feels all wrong and it just makes me want to cry when I look at something being messy. But, my room is also the messiest in the house currently because I have no time other than to pick up some clothes off the floor, wear them and then dump them back on the floor at the end of the day and it’s repulsive and stressful and my room is piled high with just, stuff… and I’ve got a relatively small room as well so it very soon becomes so messy it’s impossible to move around. I also have too much stuff that I know I’m never going to use again so I was hoping to have some time to sort through and re-organise my stuff, I like keeping stuff because I feel it has value to me but ultimately things will always have value to me and I can’t just keep everything that reminds me of my child-self or everything that brings back a vague fond memory because then when it comes to moving out… it’s going to be a slight difficulty, also due to my room being tiny the more stuff I don’t need that I keep the less room for the things I actually want and need. And that was a really long pointless story about bedrooms which was probably really uninteresting! Anyway, my point is I don’t have any time to do the things I really want to be doing because I’m too busy revising.

If you had any interest in the subjects I’m studying, I’m doing: Sociology, Psychology and Law.

If you would like to share your story of never ending studying and revision please feel free to leave a comment (and it gives you an excuse to stop studying and revising for a short time!) or if you can relate to anything said in this post, or even if you just want to say hi! Leave a comment!

Inspired Teen 🙂



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