Today my post is going to be about teenage girl problems, if you’re a girl then you’ve probably already got a huge list of things that teenage girls have to deal with and guys don’t, we also have some of the same problems that teenage boys have so this is going to be a post about both specific problems facing a teenage girl and problems facing all teens. I think teenagers are very misrepresented and underappreciated and perhaps even misunderstood. Lots of people, especially older people I feel, class teenagers as misbehaving, drug-taking, alcohol abusing, sex addicted criminals who have no hope of a good or happy future. I think I would go as far to say that some people are even scared of teenagers when there’s no reason to be! I think teenagers are very much the future, we are the next generation after all. We are going to be the future doctors, teachers, politicians, world leaders, we are going to be the people who end up responsible for older people’s health and care, the people responsible for businesses and banks, the people you’re going to be seeing in the next big blockbuster movie, the people who are going to be writing the next YA trilogy, the people responsible for giving you the news and we need to be treated like much more than troubled teens destroying our lives. I also think nobody properly understands the pressures put on teenagers in our widely developing society and how it may be different from the pressures put on teenagers twenty or even ten years ago.

Here are some problems and difficulties facing girls and teenagers in general, some will be slightly more trivial and some more serious.

  • Periods – the main thing that happens when girls reach puberty is periods, it’s a sign that we’re becoming a woman… it’s also horrible! The most important time of our childhood lives is then taken over by the hormones, the stomach cramps and the sick. It’s also just pure inconvenient having to do all the things associated with periods: having to use sanitary towels or tampons, worrying that you’ve got a stain on the back of your trousers that everyone can see and no one’s telling you about, the obvious act of having to take you bag to the bathroom with you… *sigh*
  • Shaving – The time-consuming act of having to shave three times a week all year round and the constant fear that you missed a spot. Then having to deal with the consequences if you didn’t shave which is feeling gross and unacceptable.
  • Spots – Urgh! The spots, so stressful and ugly and having no solution to getting rid of them; the stress of having spots makes more spots, foundation increases the spots, touching your face increases spots, dirty bedding increases spots, greasy hair increases spots, not drinking enough water increases water, junk food increases spots… is there anything that doesn’t increase spots?!
  • Exam Stress – GCSEs and A-Levels which consume our lives for four years and going through the difficult decision of choosing what subjects to study and having to struggle through subjects you’re no good at e.g. maths!
  • The Future – When everyone’s asking about the future and expecting you to have your whole life planned out, making the decision of sixth form and then university and ultimately having to decide what to specialise in. And the stresses that go with the future: getting a job, moving out, living independently, having to pay your own bills, doing all the cleaning and cooking yourself, whether or not to start a family, where to actually live when you move out.
  • No Money – In the society we are currently living in money is necessary to lead a ‘average, normal teenage life’ of having an iPhone, going to concerts, going to the cinema weekly, having loads of clothes and make-up and being able to travel. However how can we have money when we’re too busy with exams to ever get a job? When we can’t get a job until we pass those exams? It can be very difficult when people expect you to have a lot of money and you don’t. You can’t afford the cinema or to eat out but in the society we live in there are very limited things to do that are completely free which results in only ever being able to see your friends in one or the other’s house.
  • Sexism – Girls and women are subject to sexism on a daily basis, they either have people wolf-whistling and shouting at them or honking at them as they drive past. Sometimes it can even get physical which can be very scary and uncomfortable. It doesn’t help that not very many people actually take it seriously or address the issue properly, just because women are now allowed to do most jobs, vote, drive, live independently etc. does not mean we have reached equality.
  • Expectations – The expectations put on teenage girls and women can become very stressful and intoxicating, there is a constant expectations that we will look perfect all the time. This is particularly evident in the media, especially surrounding women in the public eye such as singers and actresses. We are expected to have perfect hair and make-up all the time, and be wearing a flawless outfit and that pressure can feel very strong at times and lots of people say that they wear make-up for themselves and no one else but that can never be true, because it has become a norm in our society for women to wear make-up and heels everywhere so it is very difficult to distance yourself from that expectation, I don’t even walk to the local shop without a full face of make-up and perfect hair. A few years ago I was really sick and had to go to the hospital, I hadn’t showered in 5 days and my hair was gross and my face was sunken and pale looking and even though I was dangerously ill the thing I was concerned about most was how I was wearing no make-up and my hair was a massive greasy mess on the top of my head. How depressing is that?
  • Braces – The age when you finally get braces and you don’t think it will be all that bad but then you have a sore mouth constantly, you have to change your diet and deal with the never-ending exhaustion whilst also dealing with the stress and revision of exams.
  • Stereotypes – Everyone is subject to stereotypes and sometimes it can be very hard especially if you’ve been labelled with a negative stereotype and it can be upsetting and can sometimes cause the person to behaviour abnormal or act how people see them rather than who they truly are. It feels at times that people can’t get past your stereotypes and if you’ve been labelled with a stereotype other people don’t connect to they’re going to avoid or bully you. For instance I’m often thought of as the hard-working, reliable, competent one (that’s what other people say, not me!) and that either causes people to hate me and be horrible or it can cause people to rely on me and not put in any work themselves which results in me having to working even harder and it can be very stressful and it can also effect my work and how enjoyable it is being me.
  • Being Busy – Everyone can get very consumed in particular things, for instance school work, and it can be hard to find the time to do anything else from socialisation to cleaning and tidying and that can get very stressful and it then adds further work onto the already huge amount of work you’ve got because you’ve got to prioritise things in order of most important and ultimately your school work will always come out on top.

I think that’s it, there’s all my problems with being a teenage girl and a teenager in general, I hope you liked and agree with my reasons if you did please feel free to leave a comment! Also leave a comment if there are any problems you think I should add to the list, I would be interested to know what you think!

Inspired Teen 🙂


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    1. Haha! I think that’s a problem everyone suffers from! It’s so stupid, they’re there to protect our eyes but they’re the main cause of eye suffering… A tip for having an eyelash in your eye is not to rub it but to look down at the ground and keep blinking, that makes it go away for me 🙂

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