So I’ve decided my next few posts are all going to be part of a series and I’m going to call them Document Your Life. Memories are really important to me and so are things that I can keep forever that will remind me of the life I have already lead and it’s just nice to look back on them because you never know what it is that you might forget, little things that meant a lot or were funny at the time but that you forgot before the week was even over or even interests you had or things you liked that you’ve long since forgotten.

So in this little series of posts I’m going to be giving you ideas of how you can document your life in many different forms so you have something to look back on in the future.

For this first post I’m going to talk about keeping a journal. I’ve kept a journal since I was 11 and I now have three full journals and one which is half full and I use many different ideas and ways of maintaining memories within the journal, I always stick in the gift tags from Christmas presents for example, as it’s nice to look back on and remember my Christmas’ and there are a few other things I stick in there too – little pieces of paper that have some sort of meaning etc. but ultimately I just write down my thoughts and feelings and anything eventful that has happened and it’s really nice to be able to read back on them and remember what I was feeling at a particular point in my life – if I was going through a difficult time it’s nice to be able to read that and then know that I managed to overcome that struggle and that everything’s okay. It’s also a great thing to read to your family and friends if something funny happened! My life has been full of ups and downs so far and I’m sure there are many more to come and I can’t wait until I’m like 30 and I have all these journals full of information about my life so far that I can read back on.


I also really love journal keeping because sometimes things happen that you can’t tell anyone else about; maybe it’s because you’re embarrassed because you have an irrational fear; or because it’s a secret that isn’t yours to tell but everyone has things that they can’t necessarily tell certain people or anyone, for instance, if a friend confines a big secret in you and you can’t talk about it to other people because that would be disloyal or you’re frustrated at a certain person and you can’t talk to anyone about it, a journal is a really nice and stress reducing thing to have because no one can read your journal except you and so you can tell it whatever it is that you can’t tell anyone else and so, at the end of a bad day or a day that’s been full of events or certain things happen I like to quickly give my journal the details before bed so that I can sleep easier knowing that I don’t have to worry about everything that I was worrying about only moments ago because sometimes the only remedy for being upset or stressed is to just get it out of my system by documenting it somewhere else and I find that if you write about a stressful thing in your journal sometimes you can realise how silly and insignificant it is and how you were stressing over something really stupid and then the stress goes away all together.


I would really suggest starting to keep a journal if it’s the kind of thing you’re in to, as it is a really great way of documenting your life and unlike photos or videos it captures how you were on the inside at that time rather than who you were on the outside – as quite often we put on a brave face or act in a way that we don’t truly feel so we don’t have to face our issues but your journal is where you go to face those issues, so it can be nice reading back on your journals and getting a proper feel for who you were at that time.

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Inspired Teen 🙂


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