For the second post in my Document Your Life series I am going to be talking about bucket lists, for those of you who don’t know, they’re a list of things you want to do before you die. Bucket list items can be as trivial or as personal as you want and you don’t even have to share it with anyone if you don’t want to, it can just be your own personal list of achievements… I was very shy about sharing my bucket list with people at first, mainly because I thought it was embarrassing and stupid to make a list of things I wanted to do before I died (which it’s not, it’s actually really awesome and should be encouraged!). If you want an example of a bucket list you can go and check out my bucket list (anything with a line through the middle of it is something I’ve completed, I will write posts about everything I have completed gradually).

The reason I included a bucket list in my document your life series is because they are actually a really good way of documenting the most important things you’ve achieved in your life and it’s very inspiring and motivating.

Not everyone does their bucket list in the same way, for instance my friend doesn’t have a specific place for her bucket list she just writes items down anywhere (I don’t know how she keeps track of it all!) but I have a specific diary for keeping my bucket list items in and it’s really motivating even to just see it sat on my shelf knowing it has all these inspiring things I want to achieve within it’s pages. As I go through my bucket list ticking items off at the back of the diary I document the date that I completed it on so that I will always know, which is really nice, so at the front where my items are actually written down there’s a number and then the thing I want to achieve and then at the back I just write down the number and the date and then I know what item I achieved and when, also I don’t put a line through my items I do a little tick next to them.


Something I want to say about bucket lists quickly is sometimes you’ll write down an item and it will no longer be possible, this should not discourage you it’s just a sign of life, sometimes things happen that prevent us from being able to do other things. For instance, there are some items on my bucket list that I no longer want to do because they involved trying foods which aren’t vegan and I wrote down these items when I wasn’t vegan but I no longer want to do them (You can read my story of becoming vegan if you like), you don’t have to do everything on your bucket list if you change your mind. Because ultimately I would rather be vegan than try ice cream cake or eat every flavour of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. Life is constantly changing and your bucket list has to adapt to that just like you do.

I know you’re thinking a bucket list is more about the future than about the past, I agree with you but it can be both. Like I said, I document the date that I completed an item and as I go through life and complete more and more things (some things can’t be completed until I’m older, such as getting a driving license) I can look back on those things that I’ve achieved and be proud of myself and remember the moment that I completed that thing and it can also give me courage and excitement for the future so it does two-in-one which is really nice.

QuotesBucketListBlog4.jpg QuotesBucketListBlog1

I really like adding trivial things onto my bucket list, because if you just fill your bucket list with really big dreams that can feel really unachievable then it can be very easy to lose hope in ever achieving them, where as if you include trivial things that are much easier to accomplish you can be achieving them whilst working towards the bigger items and then you still feel a sense of achievement. Don’t worry about how stupid or trivial the things sound, if it’s something you really want to do there’s no reason not to add it. I’ve only had my bucket list for two years and even in that short amount of time it’s inspired me to do really very simple things that I hadn’t got round to doing just because I couldn’t be bothered or decided there were better things I could be doing and that’s made me feel really good. It’s also a way to keep you motivated to do well in the things you’re struggling in or not doing enough work for because if you don’t put in the work you can’t tick the item off your bucket list, it’s a way of maintaining hope in something when you don’t really have any left.

I really hope you liked this post and it inspired you to create your own bucket list if you didn’t have one already, and maybe inspired you to take your bucket list more seriously if you do already have one. If you do have one please feel free to write a comment sharing some of the things on your bucket list or leave a link to your bucket list (I’m always looking for more items to add to mine)!

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Inspired Teen 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much! I’m really glad you liked it 🙂 You should, it’s really exciting just knowing that it’s there and then even more exciting when you can actually cross items off! Just been looking at your blog and your posts are so cool 🙂

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