My third Document Your Life post is going to be about photographs. You’re probably thinking this is the most obvious thing you can use to maintain memories but I feel like people have slightly lost sight of how to use photographs… now that there are ipads and smartphone’s people can photograph anything and everything without giving it a seconds thought. But I feel like people are concentrated more on photographing things and objects than actually photographing moments that will become memories.

Last month it was my Mum’s birthday and so I made her a photo album for her present, not only was it really meaningful to her to look back on all the childhood photos of both herself and her children it was really meaningful to me when making it as I had never seen many of my childhood photos and definitely not in comparison to me now. The photo album was laid out from oldest to newest photos and so as I turned the pages through the photo album I saw myself getting older through the photos and it made me so emotional because I don’t have the greatest memory in the world – especially when it comes to remembering my childhood – so in some ways, it’s like I’ve lost an entire part of my life because I don’t remember myself from back then, also,  because you are always looking out from your body and never seeing yourself unless seeing yourself in a mirror or reflection – so I’ve always been the same in my mind but obviously visually I’ve been very different. It made me cry looking through those photos and reminding myself of my entire past and the amazing life I’ve lead and to be able to look at who I was visually and then refer to my journals and read about who I was mentally is a feeling that is unexplainable.


I have a fear of getting old and dying, this fear is called thanataphobia. I also have a fear of not being remembered, that when I am old it will be like I haven’t led a life because there will be nothing to remember me by, nothing to evidence the life that I’ve lead and that makes me really depressed. But to know that when I’m old in fact, I will have all these photos and all these journals and bucket list items I’ve achieved is something really relaxing and comforting to know, and even when I die maybe someone will make use of the things I have achieved, maybe someone will read my journals and imagine the life I lead, maybe it will interest someone.

I feel, especially now that there is so much opportunity to take photos with the use of smartphones and so many places that you can actually share photos such as Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, anywhere on the internet basically – it’s very easy to stay motivated and to save our photos in many different places. Especially if you also post status updates or tweets or whatever they’re called on certain social media sites you can look back at your photos and the posts you’ve made and get a real feel for what your life was like.


So my advice to you is to take as many photos as possible throughout your life, make photo albums, post them online, print them out and frame them, add them to an external hard drive so they can never be lost. Share photos with others, document your life and the lives of others because when you get older you will appreciate them more than you even know.

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4 thoughts on “Document Your Life: Photographs

    1. I ‘m not afraid of growing up necessarily because I’m excited about all the things it has to offer (learning to drive, going to uni, getting married, getting a dog etc.) but the older I get the closer to death I get and that makes me really depressed! I’m glad to hear that 🙂 Xx sorry, this comment was really depressing… haha! 🙂

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