Okay, so I know I’ve already made a post today which you can go and read if you want Document Your Life: Photographs but I’ve made a decision that everyday you’re going to see a different post from me about whatever it is that I’ve decided to do, for instance, my #DocumentYourLife series and then when I feel like it or I have something to say I am going to write a blog post. So some days you might see a blog and a post from me, other days you may just see a post.

Anyway… I am currently cutting into really important exam revision time to write this post but I just needed a break,  a quick getaway from all of the work and the words and the writing and the STRESS!

Although, actually, this blog post is going to be entirely about my exams. Tomorrow I sit my first two GCSEs and I am so stressed and SO sleep-deprived I think it’s possible I may actually fall asleep during my exams! Although I’d done exams before and have passed them with adequate high grades none of those exams mattered anywhere near as much as these exams matter that I’m taking this year and next year. I am trying to get into sixth form for next September (2017) with the hopes of then going to the university of my dreams, luckily for me the university course I want to attend is entirely vocational and doesn’t require any qualifications at all (yay!), but I would still like to experience sixth form life. If I muck up my GCSEs this year and next year I don’t know what’s going to happen about getting in to a sixth form – whether it will even be possible or not. And that’s making me really stressed and really putting the pressure on, I know I’m not currently doing well enough in some subjects and that I need to work harder but it’s SO hard and my exam is tomorrow… and I don’t need to add staying up all night on top of my already sleep deprived life. If only there wasn’t so much relying on these grades. I’m also a perfectionist and want to achieve highly in everything I do, which can make life very difficult at times.

I don’t want this blog to be some tragic story of my life and I’m not trying to compare my stress to anyone else’s or say I have it worse off than others as some people are sitting their A-level examinations this week and that must be SO tough!! But I just needed a break and thought I would come and ramble on the blogosphere for a while! Anyway… I’m going to get back to my work now as I don’t want to fail or underachieve because I was too busy blogging about how I was already underachieving or stressed.

Thank you for listening and good luck if you too are sitting exams!!

Inspired Teen 🙂



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