So you should all know have this works now, I write a post about different ways to document and remember your life, these posts are part of a series that I’ve called Document Your Life.

In this post I’m going to be talking about keeping a scrapbook, everyone has different ideas of what a scrapbook is. But when I use the term scrapbook I mean a book that you keep tickets, leaflets, postcards etc. in.

I have a big brown ‘scrapbook’ that I think is actually a photo album but I use it as a scrapbook anyway, for years I’ve been keeping my cinema tickets, leaflets about locations, postcards, train tickets and anything else that fits the criteria in my scrapbook so I can look back on it and remember the time I went to see that certain film and who it was with, or the time I went to that museum and bought a postcard, or the time I travelled somewhere by train and what I did there. It’s just a way of remembering all the exciting things I’ve done in my life and how busy and exciting my life is, obviously you can do your scrapbook differently to mine. Or you could buy a corkboard and put it above your desk (or wherever) and put all of your postcards and tickets on there and then you don’t even need to open a scrapbook to be reminded of all the amazing things you’ve done. It doesn’t even have to be tickets if you don’t want, it can be whatever you want.


Basically, what I’m saying is it’s a really nice way to remember the small things you did in your life that maybe you didn’t document anywhere else because it had no significance in the other things I’ve mentioned in the other posts of my Document Your Life series. It also helps you remember it with complete accuracy as it’s got the exact date and the exact time and because it’s not a photograph or the detail of words that you would write in a journal it’s just an object that reminds you of something you’ve done you can remember the time in complete accuracy, whereas with photos and journals they can sometimes edit your own memories and make you actually remember it inaccurately.

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8 thoughts on “Document Your Life: Scrapbook

  1. Hey, I just found you because you liked my comment on the post Change. If I haven’t already invited you, I would like to ask you now to take a look at this blog post. https://cmugrad817.wordpress.com/2016/02/07/calling-all-teenage-bloggers/ Every Thursday I have a teenager guest post talking about what it is like to be a teenager in 2016 and possibly talking about how they think it is different then it was 20 years ago (when I was a teenager). Let me know if you would be interested 🙂


    1. I would definitely be interested! That would be so cool! However, I have seen that you had some questions that you would like to be answered at the start of each post and I am trying to keep this blog relatively anonymous so I would prefer not to answer the question about my name? Other than that it’s completely cool and seems like such a cool idea! I’d love to be involved! 🙂

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