The Dedication Post

I have my first exam in 5 1/2 hours which means I need to get up, eat and revise!! I am way too chilled at the same time I’m really panicking!!

You will be having another #DocumentYourLife post coming later! But I just wanted to write a blog post before then…

The main reason for writing this blog isn’t to talk about exams, as I did that yesterday. The main reason for writing this post is that someone really inspiring to me and who has made me have the courage to try and achieve incredible things is celebrating their birthday today and I just wanted to write a little bit about him and how he affects my life… god, I sound like a proper fangirl! Haha!

So, firstly…


At the start of the year I watched The Maze Runner film for the first time (it was amazing, excuse the pun) and it took a few times of re-watching it (of which there have been many) until I really started to appreciate Thomas Brodie Sangster (@SangsterThomas) and all the incredible work he did. After that I started specifically trying to find films or TV shows he had been in and watch them, as he’s so successful I had already seen a few – but as a child when he had slightly less meaning to me (as did everyone, I was a child).

The reason I find Thomas so inspiring (and many others) is because he is super-talented at what he does, and what he does happens to be what I want to do as a career. And what better way to be inspired than to watch the work of someone as talented as Thomas?

Having read interviews I know that he doesn’t agree to roles just because he thinks they’ll make him more money, or they’ll further his success, he picks roles that he’s actually interested in and would like to develop that character himself and I think that’s a really interesting and healthy way to go about picking roles to play, as it means he can be most truthful in the work he’s doing. And he’s played such an amazing selection of roles and he always brings slightly different things to the table, and I know with actors you aren’t supposed to think about the other roles they’ve played while you’re watching them in a different film but I can’t help thinking about Twilight for instance if I’m watching a different film with Kristen Stewart in it, but when I’m watching films with Thomas in it that isn’t The Maze Runner I don’t think about his character Newt at all. And I think to be able to act so convincingly that people don’t think about other versions of ‘you’ is a true talent. And I really hope that one day, when I become an actor I can be as down-to-earth, kind, friendly and as talented and inspiring as Thomas is to me 🙂 I hope he has an amazing birthday! 🙂

Lastly, did you know they’ve added TEEN WOLF to NETFLIX?!! I found out last night and I am SO excited, although I might have to watch it on Friday after all my exams are over… otherwise I’m just going to get distracted and not get any work done… But I’ve wanted to watch that show for so long!

Inspired Teen 🙂



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