My second to last post in the #DocumentYourLife series (or #DYL) is going to be about documenting your life through blogs (or vlogs).

I am very new to the blogosphere but I have been reading people’s blogs and watching vlogs (Shout out to ThatcherJoeVlogs!) for quite some time and not only do I personally find them interesting but I just imagine how cool they must be to look back on and read or watch about all the exciting things you did 🙂 and to look at how many people have looked at it and liked it and to know that just living your own life brings other people happiness is something that I think is truly great in the world :).

Not all that long ago the internet wasn’t like this, it came nowhere close. The internet now is so much more than anyone could have ever imagined and that’s kind of cool, to be honest the internet absolutely fascinates me! To just have this never-ending stream of information and knowledge at your disposal 24 hours a day is truly unique! It’s a bit like New York (the city that never sleeps), there is always something going on somewhere that you can get involved in.


Being able to share your life and opinions with other people freely without having to pay too much attention to what you say (especially when you can do it anonymously) I feel is a very empowering thing. It gives people that wouldn’t normal have the courage to speak up, the courage to speak up. Those people that are usually silenced in their everyday lives can come to the internet and talk about anything they like and if it’s advice they seek there are hundreds, thousands or even millions of people that have the same worries and can make the person feel less alone. I also feel like being able to read the lives of others and relate to them or discover what life is like for people not living in the same area as you is something really positive and exciting!

Of course there are negative things about the internet… such as people thinking it’s acceptable to say whatever they want to whoever they want because they are anonymous and no one knows who it is. Unfortunately although it has no direct consequence on the person distributing the hate it can have a huge amount of affect on the receiver of the hate and can in extreme circumstances lead to really tragic happenings. I just don’t understand why anyone would use up their time and energy on distributing hate. I understand that people that hate are usually insecure in themselves and feel alone and like nobody truly understands them but then why hate rather than do what everyone else does and blog about it in a positive, nice way and get advice from fellow bloggers?


Anyone, I feel I’m getting a bit off topic. Although I haven’t been part of the blogosphere for very long I already know that I will be able to look back on this in however many years time and know that my thoughts, opinions and life in general were interesting to some people including myself and it will be really nice to look back on, especially if I stop blogging (which I can’t imagine happening) and maybe even forget this exists, when I re-discover or remember I use to have a blog I can look it up and read all my posts and it will make me happy.

You don’t just have to document your life through blogging about your everyday life, as if it were a journal entry but you can write whatever you like and it could turn into a memory or something to look back on. For instance if you read a lot of books or watch a lot of films you could start reviewing them and then you will be able to look back on the insanely large collection of books or films that you have experienced and all the different worlds you have been a part of and that would be really cool.


Or you could document your life through vlogs on YouTube, ultimately it doesn’t matter if you even have any subscribers because just being able to look back on those videos later in life and see all the things you did with friends who are no longer friends or friends who are still friends. Uploading them online is also a great way of storing them forever. Obviously don’t vlog, blog or anything else that is too personal and that you don’t want random people on the internet to know and stay safe 🙂 That’s the most important thing!

I hope you enjoyed this post, if you did please like and follow me (If you already are, thank you! X). You can also leave a comment with any ideas of how to document your life that I haven’t mentioned in a post yet or you could just comment sharing your own blogging experience!

Inspired Teen 🙂

I do not own any of the photos in this post or other posts, if you see a photo of yours please feel free to let me know and I will either credit you or remove it at your request.


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