This is going to be the last post in the #DocumentYourLife series (#DYL), and I’m going to be talking about memory jars!

Memory jars aren’t a very well known thing I don’t think, I got the idea off Tumblr. For those of you who don’t know, a memory jar is just a normal jar that throughout the year you put memories in. Using my memory jar as an example, I had an empty jar after using up the spread that was inside it, I rinsed it out, put it in the dishwasher and then let it dry out. Once it’s dry you can decorate it however you want: as little as you want, not at all or you could go all out crafty! I left mine really plain as I was just too lazy to do anything with it and I just stuck a piece of paper on the jar will sellotape with Memory Jar 2016 written on it. Once you’ve finished decorating your memory jar you can either leave it there until you have something that you want to put in it or if you already have things you want to put in it then you can get started. The way you turn this ordinary empty jar (that may now be decorated) into a memory jar is every time you have something exciting or unexpected happen to you (only happy things though!) – no matter how trivial – if it’s something you want to remember then write it down on a small slip of paper (plain, coloured, patterned, your choice), fold it up quite small and then put it in the jar. It might also been an idea to write the date the thing happened so it’s even more specific.

I only started having a memory jar this year so I can’t comment on what it’s like at the end of the year when you open it up and read all the slips of paper but I do have to say I am so excited! It’s only the middle of May and already I have a memory jar that is half full (only after I squashed all of the slips of paper to the bottom), and the best thing is although there are things that have happened in my year that have made me happy that I can remember there are also presumably much, much more things that have made me happy that I don’t remember and they are all stored in my memory jar. And my plan is that on midnight on New Year’s Day (2017) I will open up my memory jar and read all the slips of paper so I will know how happy I was in 2016 and all the exciting and memorable things that happened to me! Then I will proudly place it on my shelf and go to sleep. Then when I wake up and it’s still New Year’s Day (2017) I will decorate a new memory jar for that year and repeat the whole process again. The idea is that I will keep memory jars for as long as possible (whether that be until I die or until I grow up and thing I’m too old for it) and by the end of it I will have a shelf full of jars packed with little happy memories that I can always look back on.

I wouldn’t look at any of the slips during the year the jar is made, for example, I wouldn’t look at any of the slips in my 2016 memory jar but once it’s 2017 I can look in my 2016 jar as often as I like but not look in my 2017 one until 2018. You obviously don’t have to follow this rule but I think it makes it that much more exciting and magical to open at the end of the year when you have no idea what to expect!


I think memory jars are a really lovely way to store memories as I feel I can store really trivial memories in my memory jar whereas other things I consider to be more for documenting the big and serious things that happen, such as my journal. I also think that it’s a really positive way of storing memories as I don’t put anything negative or unhappy in there, whereas in my journal if I’m going through a difficult or stressful time I will write that in my journal so occasionally reading back on my journal can be quite sad or depressing but it never will be with my memory jar. Of course you can create your memory jar however you want and include bad things if you wish. Or another idea would be to have a positive memory jar and a negative memory jar so at the end of the year you could open the negative one first and then the positive one as it would then be easy to make a comparison of all the bad things that happened and all the good things and maybe how you overcame the bad things and you had all these positive experiences, just an idea.

I really hope you enjoyed this post and the whole #DocumentYourLife series (#DYL), I really enjoyed writing them and am quite sad that it’s now over. It was really fun writing/blogging a whole series of things on the same topic than just a load of random stuff! If I do think of anymore ways of documenting ones life I will write another post in this series!

If you have any further questions about memory jars please leave a comment and I will try to answer it or if you have memory jar experience feel free to leave a comment about that too (Here’s a video that briefly explains and shows a memory jar – 10 Ways To Have The BEST 2016 Ever! | Aspyn Ovard) ! If there is a way of documenting your life that I haven’t covered please let me know in the comments and I will see if I can write a post about it! Lastly, if there is a series you have seen other people do on their blog (or you have done on your own) and you want me to do it – then let me know and I will try my best!

Inspired Teen 🙂

I do not own the photos in this post or any other posts, if they are yours please let me know and I will either credit you or remove the photos at your request.


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