This post came to me yesterday when I was at work, every weekend I work in a bookshop and it’s great fun getting to experience all of these books and discover some that I didn’t even know existed and discover new interests that I didn’t even know I had!

Although the title of this is bookshops I’m also going to talk about libraries. Anything book related really…

I love to read, although I haven’t had all that much time for it lately but whenever I can I love to get into a good book – I’ve read so many – and it’s such a good way to escape from the real world for a little while and just be someone else.

Yesterday when I was at work I was behind the till looking at all these books surrounding me and thinking about how many of them there were and how inside each one was something completely different. For instance, the till is directly in front of the Children’s section and the Classics; so I was looking at the spines and covers of all these books all day and then I started to realise that not only was I looking at a book but I was looking at a entire world that was inside the pages of the book and whether I actually had an interest in reading the book on not inside the cover of the book that I’d been looking at all day consisted a new world full of new people to meet and get to know and it was such a bizarre realisation! After making this realisation I decided that once I’ve caught up with all the library books I have and read all the books I own that I haven’t yet got round to reading I am going to pick up a book from the library bookshelf and read it even if it’s not what I would normally read because there are so many worlds out there that I haven’t yet experienced and so I’m going to take full advantage and experience something I wouldn’t normally every once in a while. I’ll keep you updated on how it goes!

I also just love the smell and feel of a good bookshop, all the different books – new and old – that have been read and are maybe slightly worn or in brand new condition and you pick them up and leaf through the pages feeling the lovely paper and looking at the black ink printed on it and how all of that black ink tells a story. It’s just really great.

The other thing I wanted to talk about is libraries, I absolutely love libraries and they have helped me experience new things and study new subjects I didn’t even know I was interested in and that is so cool! I feel like libraries have really helped develop me as a person. I never used to look at any sections other than the teen fiction shelves but then one day I decided to have a look around the rest of the library for pure interest and I discovered all of these other interesting books that I would never consider buying but because I can get any book out of the library I have the ability to experience the things that I wouldn’t choose to spend money on. It’s so cool to go around picking up books that you wouldn’t normally read knowing you have the ability to read them without having to sped money and I think because of that libraries are really important in the education of young people and older people and they’re always there to help you develop yourself a bit more.

I also love how much discussion can be had about books and how there are whole websites dedicated to reviewing books and interacting with other people because of books and websites where you can write your own books and get feedback (and if you’re lucky, a book deal!) I am just so glad that books haven’t been made obsolete because of the internet, films, apps and social networking and all the other things that exist now that didn’t when books were first a thing. It helps us connect with the past whilst also looking into the future but in fact remaining in the present. I love how lost you can get in a book, when I’m really into a book it’s like the entire world around me stops existing, I’m not even aware I’m reading ink from a page anymore because it’s like I’m living in the book and I am the main character or I’m an onlooker or whatever but it’s such a great experience to be able to escape like that and never have to actually leave your house.

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Inspired Teen 🙂


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