My Braces Story

I’ve decided to write this post because I know that braces are something most teenagers end up having and there isn’t really a lot of information from people who have personally experienced it talking about what it’s really like. I’ve had my braces for two months now and to be honest when I started the treatment I was absolutely terrified because I had no idea what to expect or what it was going to be like. If I had known I would have felt more comfortable and confident about it when the whole process started rather than being terrified like I was.

Everybody has different treatments and need braces for different lengths of time and it affects everyone differently so I can’t guarantee that my experience will be of any help to you because you could feel completely differently to me. But I just hope that this will give you a brief oversight of what it will be like and what the process is.

When I first started my treatment I had to go in and have photos and moulds taken of my teeth. The mould is unpleasant and can make you want to be sick but if you breathe through your mouth slowly it will stop you feeling sick and it’s only in your mouth for about two minutes and then it’s all over. In my first appointment I also had to have separators put into my back teeth, which are these little plastic things that get placed in the gaps of the back of your teeth to create a gap there for a further purpose. They ache for a  little while but then they stop aching.

I then had to go to my local dentist and have two teeth removed in the top of my mouth. Some people have to have four teeth taken out- two in the top, two in the bottom. It depends on the treatment you need. Everyone experiences this differently. The worst part is getting the injections in your mouth because after that you can’t really feel anything. Personally I found the injections really horrible but they didn’t last very long. Once your mouth is numb it feels like the inside of your mouth is really swollen and it’s hard to swallow, but you can. I felt like my lips had shrunk to a really tiny size but my sister felt like they were really swollen and overlapping her nose, like I said everyone experiences things differently. But our lips were perfectly normal.

After having my teeth removed I had another appointment at the orthodontist where I had another mould of my top teeth taken and I had these metal rings sized in my back teeth (these would be something I needed when I got my braces), I then had my separators put back in.

A week later I got my braces and it wasn’t a terrible process at all. Nothing was painful, it was just kind of dull sitting there for an hour while these people messed inside your mouth. I hope that your orthodontist tells you what they’re actually doing though, because mine didn’t. My orthodontist just did everything without warning.

Your brace does get slightly sore at times, it can dig into your cheek and create sore spots on your cheeks but these sore spots always clear up really soon – within three days or so.

The day after getting my braces fitted, I found eating really difficult and I wished I had never gotten braces and that it wasn’t worth it. Something to always remember though, is that it is worth it. I can see such a difference in my teeth already. My teeth are so much straighter in only two months and I just know that I’m going to be so pleased with my teeth once the braces finally come off. And if you’re ever in any doubt then what I do is I look at pictures of celebrities or other people with perfect teeth and imagine how I’m going to feel when my teeth look like that.

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That’s all for now!

Inspired Teen 🙂


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