Study Breaks

This post came to me the other day when I took another study break that was supposed to be about ten minutes but actually ended up being about three hours… The problem is, I’ve just become so bored with my revision and there are so many other things that I want to be doing and things on my list that need to be done that I know I will enjoy more, so I have started setting timers where I study for 45 minutes or an hour and then I take a break of about 30 minutes and keep doing this on repeat throughout the day. Obviously there are some moments when I’m in the studying zone and even once my alarm goes off I don’t want to stop studying but there are other moments when I almost count down the seconds because I can’t wait until my break when I can write another blog post or watch some YouTube videos. I don’t know if this is a new better way for me to study or whether it’s just a way for me to procrastinate and not get as much done. However, I do need to stick to the time I’ve assigned myself for my break because otherwise it really is procrastinating.

I think in some ways having study breaks is much nicer, it makes the studying process easier and it keeps you motivated because you know that once you’ve done 45 minutes of work you can watch an episode of that TV show or catch up on those videos by that youtuber so it motivates you to work harder. I feel it is much better than what I was doing for my first four exams when I literally left it so late that I was spending all day everyday studying, from 10AM to 11PM and it wasn’t healthy and it was making me really tired and really stressed. This is a much more relaxing way of studying as long as you stick to the designated study break time.

I think study breaks are also a good way to catch-up on all the other work you need to be doing alongside your exams, such as cleaning, tidying, reading those overdue library books, writing those blog posts that you need to write and replying to all those e-mails. It’s also a good way to reply to any friends text messages you’ve been neglecting. I think as long as you use your study break time wisely it can be really good to have them, I like working or doing productive things. I quite often draw, write and other things whilst watching TV because I can’t really simply sit still watching TV very well I have to be doing something else also. So even when I’m fed up with my GCSE revision and I stop I’m more than happy to do some other form of work. I quite often have quite a few things to catch-up on. And I’m really bad at texting my friends near exam time so it gives me a chance to respond to all their messages and apologise for the neglect. It also gives me time to catch-up on everyone’s blog posts and schedule a few of my own.

I don’t know if it will work on all people but it certainly is making me feel a lot more chilled about everything I have to do and it is certainly helping me keep on top of everything in my life around this very stressful period. I know some people would much rather work and just get it out of the way and I agree that, that too is an effective way to go about studying. It’s all about trial and error, experimenting and seeing which is the best study technique for you. But if you, like me, always have a lot of extra work that you need to do as well as your GCSE work then I think study breaks will be a really good way for you to get on top of it.

Sorry, this was quite long and kind of about nothing… I apologise.

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That’s all for now!

Inspired Teen 🙂


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