If I Could Choose A Superpower

This is a bit of a random post that I’m going to be writing for you guys, or maybe it’s not… I don’t know. Comment in the description letting me know what you guys think!

This post came to me funnily enough, while I was studying for my psychology exam and I thought it might make for quite an interesting post. I’m not going to get into the details of why superpowers were being discussed in my psychology book but it’s AQA so I’ll leave it up to your imagination as to why superpowers might come into psychology (AQA will throw anything into a paper right?). I quite often think about what superpower I would have, probably because it’s a question everyone gets asked like a zillion times (it doesn’t help to live in a house with insane Marvel fanatics!).

Have you ever wondered what people are like when they’re with you, not in a mean talking-behind-your-back kind of way but just in general. Whether there are certain mannerisms in a person that you just don’t get the pleasure of seeing because even when they’re with their closest friends there are certain parts of them they’re too scared to ever show. I know I behave differently around all kinds of people. It’s almost like I’m a completely different person. Even my best friend hasn’t seen me when I just behave completely freely without being self-conscious, the only people that ever get to see that are my close family and that’s because they’ve grown up with me and they know me inside and out because how could they not? I’ve been living in the same house as them for my entire life and we’re all really close. My best friend, of course, knows some stuff about my life or thoughts and feelings I have that maybe my family doesn’t but physically and behavioural wise I am much more controlled and self-conscious even around my best friend. There are certain groups when I don’t really talk at all and I don’t know if I come across as shy, rude or everyone believes I think I’m better than them so it’s not worth wasting my breath. Either way, I don’t really have any friends there and it’s so frustrating because I feel trapped inside this shell I can’t escape and I’m more like them than they even realise if only I could break free but I guess I fear humiliation or rejection if I let them see the real me.

Anyway, you’re probably thinking – “how the hell does this relate to superpowers and why am I interested in anything written above?” and I can’t answer the latter, maybe you’re interested; maybe you’re not. But it relates to superpowers because I’ve always said that if I could choose a superpower it would be invisibility, I would really like to get to know the side of my friends and family that I never get to see… now I know you may be thinking this is really creepy and stalker-ish and I’m an absolute weirdo and you must stop following me immediately, but I don’t mean it like that at all. I just mean there are so many little things that people do that they’re scared to show anyone that isn’t really close to them, and I feel like if everyone I knew could see how enthusiastic, chatty and happy I am when I don’t feel really self-conscious and shy then I would have more friends than I do and the people I want to notice me might actually notice me! I also think it would be really nice to see a friend or family member at a time when they were doing something perfectly normal but were unaware there was anyone watching them, even something as simple as reading a book. If someone is properly peaceful and engrossed in a book I think it’s really nice to see them like that, because they forget who they are and all of the problems going on in the world and you can see how relaxed they are and it’s almost like an entire layer of stuff just melts away because they’re not stressed about school, work, money or anything else. But it’s such a rare thing now, and I know when I read I get really self-conscious if I know someone’s in the room with me because I feel like they might be looking at me and I’m constantly aware of any movements I make and whether they might look weird or ungraceful, so to be able to see a person you’re really close with in a moment like that, I think would be really lovely thing.

I do feel like this post got a little weird, and it’s hard to explain what I mean but I can only hope that you understand what I’m trying to say and reassure you that I’m not a psychotic killer. If you do understand what I’m trying to say and maybe you can sum it up in better words than I can please feel free to leave a comment! Also give it a like if you haven’t already! If you’re new around here click the follow button and feel free to leave a link to your blog so I can check it out 🙂

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That’s all for now!

Inspired Teen 🙂



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