The Respect Award

Hey guys, so I decided to do this as I don’t have much time today and I just wanted something really quick and easy to do before I spend the evening in London, sorry if it’s not very interesting… I saw Elm do this on her blog and I thought it was really cool so I decided I was going to do it for you guys today! I hope you enjoy it!


The Rules:

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2. Answer the questions.

The Questions:

What is respect and what does it mean to you?
Respect is very important to me and I think respecting people is the thing that keeps humans humane and keeps the world spinning in the right direction. Respect is when you treat everyone the same no matter who they are inside or out. It’s when you find out that someone has family issues or maybe doesn’t have the easy life you once thought but yet you continue to treat them the same even with that new-found knowledge. Respect is when you love someone so much that you always try and make things right between the two of you no matter what it takes, respect is when you are willing to give up something you really want in order for the other person to do what they really want to do – another word for this is compromise but to me it also takes an awful lot of respect because let’s face it, everyone is a little bit selfish and sometimes there are things that you just want SO much that you will go to any lengths in order to get it but if something else pops up that is more important for another person and they can’t do it unless you give up what you want to do then I think that’s respect, you respect them enough to think it’s worth giving up what you want in order for them to get what they want. I, for example, quite often give up things I want for other people because I’m a very selfless person (if I do say so myself) and I always think other people’s happiness is more important than my own and I will go out of my way to be nice and make others happy. But, if I don’t respect the person I’m doing this for then I wouldn’t give up what I wanted for them because I wouldn’t think it was worth giving up what I wanted for that person. My conclusion is that respect is when you love someone enough that you will be completely selfless for that person. It’s respecting other people’s opinions, for example, I personally don’t do things my mum doesn’t want me doing out of respect to her and respecting her opinion and if she feels strongly that I shouldn’t be doing something I respect her opinion and that prevents me from doing it. I think respect is another word for love.

Who do you respect the most?
I respect so many people so I don’t really know how to single out a specific person, but I really respect my mum and my best friend. But I respect everybody that’s really close to me. I respect my mum because she’s always right and she knows loads of important and interesting things and she’s always willing to have a good debate on basically any topic. I also love and respect how sarcastic she is. I really respect her opinions and views and she does so much for me day-after-day and she will always do things for me no matter how out of her way it is or how much time it takes to do it and I really respect her for doing that for me. I respect my best friend because she doesn’t judge me, this month is our third year anniversary and in the entire three years I have known her she hasn’t judged me about anything even once and I just love her and respect her for it so much! And I hope I respect and don’t judge her in the same way. She’s always up for a long conversation about literally anything, even if she doesn’t have an interest in it and she’s always willing to listen to me talk about something I’m very passionate about and she fakes interest which I love and respect her for too. I respect her for all of her interests and how she will literally spend hours researching any topic in the world and I think that is so respectful because you can literally ask her anything and she will go and find out the information for you. I respect her for her honesty because as far as I know she has never lied to me and I think having a friend that doesn’t lie to you is the most respectable thing there is because I know I can count on her to tell me the truth about literally anything.

Which bloggers have earned your respect?
LifeWithDannielle has earned my respect hugely because ever since I started blogging a month ago when I was really scared no one would like my posts or read them she was always liking my posts and writing comments that really kept me motivated and showed me that there was at least one person out there who was enjoying what I was writing and that (among other things) is what has made me continue my blogging adventure and I don’t see it ending any time soon! Her blog is so fun and all her posts are so awesome! So if you don’t already follow her or aren’t familiar with her blog, go and check it out here –

Elm has really earned my respect as well and I know she did this award originally so I’m not expecting her to do it again but she has also always been there on my blog, liking the posts I write and commenting. She really helped me feel like I had a place in the blogosphere and helped me feel welcome so I really respect and appreciate her for that! Her posts are always really engaging and unique so go over to her blog and check out her posts  –

But most importantly every blogger that I follow and every blogger that follows me has my complete and utter respect because without all of you and without all your continuous support and respect my blog would be nowhere and I would basically be writing posts to myself that no one read, in fact I probably would have given up and labelled this blog as a lost cause but I haven’t done that because of all of you. Everyone that I follow is a complete and continuing inspiration and I love reading through all of your new posts everyday and getting motivated for my day! Thank you to each and every one of you – I sound like I’m saying goodbye or something… haha! I’m not saying goodbye, I’m here for good – or at least a very long time!

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Are We Real?/RosyPop’sCompetitionPost

So, at the very end of last month RosyPop started a competition which I said I would participate in and I said I would participate because I think it’s a really cool idea! Although there is no physical or object prize she has said she will re-blog the winning post and write a nice little something about them on her blog which I think is better than any physical prize that could be given as compliments are always nice to receive and what a great way to receive some free promotion? I won’t even be fussed if I don’t win as it will be a great experience taking part anyway and that’s all that matters.

The rules for this competition are:

  1. Write a post on something big that we might not have an answer to or just a message you want to get across (e.g: destruction of the Earth, religious questions, the nature of humans)
  2. It can be in many formats – you can write it as a poem, a normal post or something else cool.
  3. Tag me in your post so I can read it and yeah! Just enjoy writing it really.

I have decided to write my post on whether we are actually real, this is a very controversial idea and I personally would say that we actually do exist but it really gets you thinking. When I was a bit younger (12-13) and I was going through that weird stage where everything feels not-quite-right and you don’t really know who you are or your place in the world I thought that it might be possible that we didn’t actually exist and I was very interested in philosophy, sitting here now I realise how much I do believe that we actually exist but it’s very interesting to think about.

This idea/concept first came to me when watching an episode of ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ (which is an absolutely GREAT TV show by the way so if you haven’t seen it you should totally go and check it out!), the episode was the 17th episode of the 6th season and it was called ‘Normal Again’. To give you a quick overview in case you don’t already know, ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ is about Buffy being the ‘chosen one’ and it’s her job to fight and kill demons in her hometown of Sunnydale, there is no one else to do this job for her even though she’s only a high school student but she does have the help of her closest friends and her ‘watcher’ – who is kind of like her teacher/mentor/advisor in all things demons – to fight the demons/vampires with. In Season 6 episode 17 – ‘Normal Again’ – the episode is about Buffy potentially having hallucinated everything we have seen throughout the entire 6 seasons and she is actually a patient in a psychiatric ward, so maybe all the characters we’ve come to know and love don’t actually exist and the only real characters throughout the whole TV show that have ever properly existed have been Buffy and her mother – now, I’m not going to tell you what actually happens if you haven’t seen it but either way I thought this was such a great episode and such an amazing twist idea! It was the first thing I had ever seen like it and throughout the whole episode I was like “there’s no way they can make all of this a hallucination” but the thing is they could have done (and maybe they did) and I think it was one of the best, most interesting episodes of anything I have ever seen – no other TV show ever has made me think and contemplate the meaning of life as hard as that episode of ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’.

The episode also frightened me a little because if that was really true in real life than both alternatives of reality are not desirable – you’re either the mentally ill person who is hallucinating all of this, therefore you’re so unwell that you don’t live in the real world but in this made up world that you’ve created or you’ve been created by the mentally ill person in which you literally just do not exist at all and that is the scariest thing. To think that actually you might only have been created in someone’s head and they are really controlling all of your actions, but I then think that can’t be the case because they couldn’t control literally ever person they created 24/7 so I would have to cease to exist when I wasn’t with the person who was hallucinating which is the main thing that made me realise it wasn’t real.

Of course, this idea brings loads of other ideas to the surface as well; if there is a God how do we know that we even really exist and we’re not just a piece in his games? Like pawns on a chess board, the ones that are needed yet easily discarded. Maybe we’re all players in God’s hallucinations, maybe the reason we believe in a God is because really he has created us all in his hallucinations and without him we just would not exist.

Like I said above, although I consider this idea to be immensely interesting – I personally believe that we are real because that seems to be the only thing that makes sense, because I exist 24/7. But I guess I could be the one hallucinating because I only see my friends and family right in front of me but I know they exist when they’re not near or in front of me – for example, my Mum just opened a drawer in her bedroom and I wouldn’t have asked her to do that if I were hallucinating her and my brother or sister always have stories about their days that I couldn’t possibly have thought of myself, so they have to exist when they’re not with me. But don’t you think it’s bizarre thinking of all these people that continue to exist even when you can’t see them? I think it’s particularly interesting when thinking about strangers, if you sit on a bus you are surrounded by other people going to work or going to an exact location of some sort to continue with their day but once they leave the bus we never see them again and I think it’s so weird to think that even though we don’t see them again they still exist and they’re getting on with their lives the same way I am with mine, but to think that once they get off the bus they are going to work or maybe the shops; the hairdressers or maybe a tanning salon; the train station or maybe a car dealership. You just don’t know what they’re going to be doing with their day or what’s going on with their lives, do they have parents? Children? Siblings? Aunts and/or uncles? Boyfriend/girlfriend? Husband/wife? We don’t know what or who is in their lives and I think it’s really interesting that there are 7 billion other people in the world all going through their own lives and yet we never meet or play are part in any of their lives. It’s so weird when you think that there are 7 billion other people who’s main person in their life is themselves, because obviously you’re stuck with your body and your own conscious thoughts for life but because of that it makes it hard to imagine that other people are dealing with the same experience. Anyway, I’m going WAY off topic so I’m going to end this post here.

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2016 Expectation VS Reality

I have a whole notebook full of things to write blog posts about and now that my ‘Let’s Talk’ series is over I knew I was going to have to pick that notebook up and pick a post, however, sitting here scrolling through my laptop and the news I thought of an entirely new post that wasn’t written down in my notebook and that was this post that you’re reading right now – 2016 expectations vs reality.


You know when every new year stars you convince yourself that this year is ‘the’ year, the year that everything changes and your life turns into a teen romantic comedy – I don’t know if you guys get this but this is me at the start of every year. Anyway, I started this year thinking that I would get loads of amazing things done, I would tick things off my bucket list, I’d spend loads of time with friends, I ‘d save up loads of money, I’d get a boyfriend, I’d turn 16 (which still hasn’t happened yet, by the way) and everything would be great. You know, just like your normal typical teen movie. Obviously it’s a movie for a reason and it’s because it’s fictional i.e not real. But I always imagine that actually they do portray real life you’ve just got to get to a stage in your life where it’s your reality rather than fantasy but of course it will never happen because although films and TV shows portray real life they enhance everything so it’s way cooler and more exciting than real life because a film or TV show about real life in exactly the way it really is would be incredibly boring! For example, all I’ve done today is carry a huge amount of books to a charity shop, sat in the opticians, looked at face masks in shops, popped in a supermarket, had lunch and now I’m sat here writing this post – it doesn’t make the greatest film or documentary does it? If someone decided to make some kind of documentary about ‘life as a teen blogger’ it would be pretty dull… But I always imagine that people in movies are living secret lives that only they hold the key to living but I imagined that this year would be the year that I started living the life of a movie character. When I would have loads of friends, be going on shopping sprees all the time, I would be the girl everyone had a crush on, I would be fit and energetic the entire time, you know that kind of thing.


In reality my life has remained pretty much the same – I still don’t have a boyfriend, I still don’t have lots of money, I still don’t have lots of friends, I am probably even less fit than I was when I started the year and as far as I can tell no one has a crush on me. I have spent my months revising for exams and ever since they finished on the 09th of June I haven’t seemed to have a single break from chores and tasks around the house and it seems that every time I get to sit down for longer than about ten minutes something pops up that needs me attention, this is getting very annoying. My vision of hanging out with loads of friends all the time has not happened as one of them lives miles and miles away from me and is always on holiday or camping and doesn’t have a schedule she can fit me into at the moment and my other friend is still busy with school stuff so just doesn’t have the time either. We voted to leave the EU which was not in my list of ‘perfect things to happen in 2016’ and that’s left me feeling really miserable and fed up. Everywhere you go there is a TV showing the news and it’s never good news, every time you pick up your laptop there is a new headline waiting there to destroy your life. The weather has been absolutely appalling and when I envisioned a perfect year/summer it did not involve repeated thunder storms to scare the life out of you and so much rain you consider it time to start building an arc. I haven’t got more make-up or better at applying the make-up I do own, I still haven’t managed to dye my hair pink and my clothes still aren’t really the clothes I want them to be. When I made an agreement with myself to start running everyday I didn’t consider how lazy/busy I was going to be or the freak weather so that hasn’t been happening either.

This probably sounds like a really moany post but I just think it’s so true and I’m sure some of you out there are feeling just the same as I am about the year. I’m just not having a great day, you know when you wake up (probably on the wrong side of the bed) and instantly everything that happens throughout the day just annoys you? That’s how I’m feeling today, just everything is getting on my nerves… staff in shops, random strangers in the street that repeatedly stop in front of me and never move, long minutes spent in the opticians, annoying hunts for face masks in which at the end you still haven’t purchased a face mask, no time to do the things you really want to do because you’re too occupied with all the things you don’t want to be doing (except writing this post of course!), my house is just covered in stuff from various bedrooms because my entire household decided to have a massive clear out and dump everything in the living room and I know it’s going to sound really stupid and silly but to top it all off, tomorrow I’m not going to get to watch the brand new episode of The Vampire Diaries because my Mum has people over and she says “just watch it on a device that isn’t the television” but our television is way bigger than any other TV-watching device in the house so it’s just not the same and last week’s episode was really dramatic and I’ve been waiting all week to see the new episode and now I can’t.

I’m so sorry about this post and how boring/depressing it must have been to read and not the funny/cheerful post you were probably expecting (hey, you could make a expectation vs reality of this post! Haha! Desperate attempt at trying to be funny). Anyway, I’m going to end this post here before it gets too long and filled with boring things about my life that you don’t want to know – also I have to get back to all of that stuff I should be doing *sigh*

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Let’s Talk… Transphobia

This is the last post in my ‘let’s talk’ series for now as I have run out of other topics to talk about, if you have any ideas for topics I could talk about please let me know as I have really enjoyed doing this series and don’t want it to be over yet. Submit your suggestions to me in the comments, on twitter or you can e-mail them to me –

With that all said, let’s get into the post!

The reason I decided to do a post about transphobia is because I read a book that was really affecting to me and was also absolutely incredible! The book was called The Art Of Being Normal | Lisa Williamson and it was about a transgender girl who was still stuck in her male body and how she dealt with it all and it was just unlike any book I have ever read so I really suggest you go and check it out! I’m not going to say much more because I don’t want to give it away but it was just great. Because of this book I realised quite how much transgender people are discriminated against and I just don’t understand it. When I hear of someone being transgender I feel so sorry for them because it must be absolutely awful for them! There is always a stage in your life growing up where you question who you are and find out you don’t quite know who you are or even who you want to be in the future and I hate that feeling, but I imagine being a girl trapped in a boy’s body or vice versa is about a trillion times worse than the feelings I’ve ever had because they know that they’re not who they really are.

I think people should do as much as they possibly can to help transgender people not discriminate against them or call them freaks like in the book, they’re not freaks they’re human beings who are all alone in the this world because they don’t think they can talk to any about what’s going on with them.

I am a very paranoid person and I always think there are things wrong with me (if I’ve got a headache I convince myself it’s a brain tumour, if I’ve got a stomach ache I convince myself I’m pregnant even though that is completely impossible! If I’ve got a cold and can’t breathe through my nose I think I’m going to suffocate to death,) and there have been a few times in my life when I’ve wondered whether I am transgender because I never really know how a transgender person feels, thinks or behaves. After reading this book I realised just how wrong I had been, I had realised before hand that I wasn’t actually transgender but there were just those days when you wish you were a boy because boys have it easier in life at times – I also think boys personalities are way cooler and more out-going at times and they get away with way more stuff but I never seriously wanted to be a boy. After reading this book I realised how much being in the wrong body dominates the thoughts and actions of the person, I’m assuming this book was accurate. For example, the character in the book would measure themselves everyday because they hated how tall they were getting because they were in a male body and males grow to be taller than women. She measured her height, her foot size, she examined the hair on her body I think, she also measured her penis size because obviously she didn’t actually want it there. I’ve met a girl in my life who was in the body of a boy and she was very young (about seven) and even at such a young age it was obvious that she was transgender because according to my sister she had once tried to cut her penis of in the bathroom because she didn’t understand what it was or why it was there , because obviously at such a young age, if you’re a girl you don’t understand why you have body parts that other girls don’t have. It was an absolutely heart-breaking story that still effects me now.

I am very glad that people can have surgery and take hormones so they can be in a body they are comfortable in, I imagine that wasn’t once possible so they had to spend their entire lives in bodies that weren’t they’re own. It’s horrible how science can go so wrong sometimes and effect people so badly because of it. I can’t imagine how amazing it must feel to finally be able to be in a body that you can call your own – in my head I don’t think there could be a better feeling than that, after everything the person must have been through finally being able to be themselves would be the greatest feeling in the world.

Throughout the whole of this ‘Let’s Talk’ series I have discussed topics on discrimination, prejudice and bullying as a result of prejudice and I have talked about all the reason I am against people’s discrimination. I am a person that strongly believes that all people are people and they should all be treated equally. There should be no white or black division. No male or female division. No heterosexual or homosexual division. No non-transgender or transgender division. No rich or poor division. In the eyes of the world we should all be seen as equal because in the most important way – the inside – we all are. It doesn’t matter if we’re male or female, gay, bisexual or ‘straight’, it doesn’t matter if we’re black or white, rich or poor, transgender or not transgender our thoughts and feelings are all the same. We all love, smile, laugh, get frustrated, get angry, cry… the list is endless but it is all of these actions that make us human – it’s the way we interact with others that make us human – not how much money we earn or what colour/gender we are that’s just an insignificant part of who we are. Transgender people are people just like the rest of us, who need our support, understanding and love to get through their hard times in life not to be pushed down by all the horrible people out there in the world who believe that there’s something not right about being transgender, and they’re right, there is something wrong with being transgender and it’s the fact that the poor person was born into a body that wasn’t their own and told to live with it and hide in the shadows.

I really hope you enjoyed this post and in fact this entire ‘Let’s talk’ series, unfortunately this was the last post but this is the most fun I’ve had writing posts and it’s also the best and most meaningful posts I’ve written I think. If you did enjoy this post please make sure to give it a like and if you aren’t already, follow me! Comment down below on anything you have to say – whether it’s telling me something I missed out, something I got wrong, telling me you agree etc. although I must ask that there are no negative comments on this subject.

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Let’s Talk… Sexism

This is the only issue in the Let’s Talk series that I have all that much experience in, yes, I did talk about my experience with being bullied in my Lets Talk… Bullying post but I have must greater experience when it comes to sexism.

Sexism can be both incredibly serious and it can also be very obscure, where people don’t necessarily even realise it’s happening. I have never been a victim to incredibly serious sexism but I think every female has been victim to some form of sexism whether it be someone staring only at their breasts the entire time they talk to you or whether it be someone driving past honking their horn at you.

I read a book sometime last year called Everyday Sexism | Lauren Bates and it was not only eye-opening and enlightening but it was also inspiring. Everyday Sexism is a book compiled of stories sent in from the public talking about their experience of sexism in all areas of life – family, school, work, socialising etc. and it’s inspiring because although there are all these depressing stories on sexism there are also stories of people who have fought back against sexism and the results they’ve received because of this and that’s what is inspiring, it gives you the courage to stand up for yourself when you’re victim to sexism. The book was published as a result of the success of the website/blog –

I think I was about nine when the sexism first started for me, my Mum has always talked to me about this kind of stuff but because I was young I never properly understood the true effects of sexism and what it really meant, I think this is the experience quite a few men have as well – even if they’re not sexist and don’t do the appalling things that some men do they don’t really realise sexism is happening because they don’t experience it. I’ve also noticed that sexism just doesn’t happen if you’re walking along the street with a man beside you. Unfortunately for me I have always looked older than I actually am, very rarely people have thought I’ve been 18 when I’ve actually been 12. Age doesn’t seem to have a lot to do with sexism though as I have talked to a number of young people who have been victim to sexism whilst wearing their school uniform which I think is just absolutely appalling and gross, not even thinking about the fact that it could potentially be classed as a form of pedophilia. I know of stories where women have been physically and unwantedly touched by men on public transport and in other situations.

Leaving aside the more physical forms of sexism I want to talk about sexism in the media. There is sexism in every art form that exists: film, TV, books, magazines, social media, blogs, music, even fashion! Have you ever watched a film or TV show where the female lead slaps her lover in the face in a moment of complete overwhelming emotion? That’s sexism. It is portraying a female as being too emotional to properly control themselves and too weak to actually mean any harm. They were too emotional to control the slap and they were too weak for the slap to actually be taken seriously as an act of violence. There is lots of sexism in books, particularly those romance novels that every teen girl loves at some point in her life (saying every teen girl at some stage in their lives loves romance novels is also sexist if you hadn’t noticed.) because they’re only purpose is a happily-ever-after and they’re lives are not complete and they’re not 100% happy until they find ‘the one’. Sexist. I recently did a post on magazines and how they were poisoning teens also about how sexist they were. I haven’t come across a sexist blog yet but depending on where the blog is and the purpose for it’s existence I’m sure there are some sexist blogs out there. I’m sure everyone says something in their blog from time to time which is actually sexist but because it’s so minor they don’t even notice it even if they are a feminist. Music can be very, very sexist. Not necessarily the song/lyrics themselves but the way music is performed and shown on television. There are some songs with sexist lyrics such s ‘Walks Like Rihanna’ by The Wanted – that is sexist. Some people would say ‘Little Things’ by One Direction is sexist too, and it is in some ways. But when I think of sexism in music I’m usually thinking of how every female performer has to perform concerts in their underwear or see-through tops and tiny shirts – not forgetting the 8-inch heels! Whereas men get to perform in jeans and baggy tops or suits. You can also notice sexism in music videos depending on the video you are watching, for instance Miley Cyrus’ ‘Wrecking Ball’ music video and her ‘Adore You’ music video are two music videos that are very sexist because you would never ever see a music video of a man doing the things that Miley does in these videos, therefore it is sexist. I mentioned fashion because that is definitely something that is very sexist, men can buy clothes of naked women and women can buy tops that make them look naked – I am referring to a top I once saw in which there was a life-sized picture of a woman wearing an open shirt and no bra and the top was designed in such a way that when the woman was wearing the top it looked like she was wearing an open shirt rather than she was wearing a top with a women on it who was wearing an open shirt. I am also thinking of all the low-cut dresses made for women with men in mind, because clearly women don’t wear low-cut dresses so they can stare at their own cleavage the entire time. Also those dresses with slits all the way up the leg that surely make women feel self-conscious the entire time they’re wearing them. I once saw an article about Selena Gomez at a movie premiere for ‘Hotel Transylvania 2’ where she had turned up in a bright red, low-cut, leg-slitted dress and her male co-stars had turned up in baggy dirty t-shirts and falling down holey jogging trousers and the pictures from the premiere looked absolutely terrible, Selena stood out like a sore thumb through no fault of her own and she was clearly self-conscious and really uncomfortable because you could tell from her facial expressions in the photos.

I don’t only want to talk about female sexism though, I want to talk about male sexism too. I don’t know if my idea of male sexism is accurate but I’m going to talk about the things males experience that I consider to be sexist. Quite often I will see a tweet from one of my favourite actors or singers and they’ll be tweeting a picture of their dinner or their pet etc. and all the comments will say things like ‘Fuck me’, ‘Come and sleep in my bed tonight’, ‘you’re so sexy’, ‘You’re so hot’ etc. you’ve probably seen comments like this too. I think that is sexist and I don’t ever see comments like this on women’s tweets. Not only is it just plain wrong to ask someone you’ve never even met to have sex with you but it’s also incredibly embarrassing, so just don’t do it! It’s not pleasing or flattering to have someone say that to you, it’s just weird. Connor Franta did a really great video about this subject once – Let’s Talk About Sex | Connor Franta. I’ve also noticed that people only listen to bands or only watch films because of the attractive men that are in them. Now, I’m guilty of this in the film area as I definitely watch films only based on the cast members – if I hear of a film I think sounds really bad I’ll still watch it if it has an actor I like in it. Deciding things in this way is also an act of sexism in my view.

I really hope you guys liked this post, if there are any areas of sexism you feel I didn’t talk about please let me know in the comments. If you have anything to say on the topic of sexism such as your own experience etc. then please leave a comment!

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Let’s Talk… Homophobia

I know I didn’t do the designated post yesterday as planned but as you may be aware of yesterday wasn’t a great day for me, young people, England or the EU and I was up all night on Thursday watching the results and then had a busy day yesterday anyway so didn’t have time to write two posts, however the post I did do fitted in nicely with what was going on I thought – even though it wasn’t about transphobia as previously promised but I will make a note to do a post about that in the future. But you probably know that life constantly changes and unexpected things happen and promises stop being possible, and that’s what happened yesterday so I hope you understand. However, you can check out the post I did yesterday here – R.I.P World

I know this post is incredibly late and probably can’t even really be classed as a post for today but this has been the only opportunity I’ve got, I really need to start taking more advantages of my scheduling option as that would make my life and this blog a lot more manageable.

Anyway, as promised this post is going to be on being homosexual, homophobia and things surrounding these topics. Before I start I would like to say that I am not gay so if you happen to be homophobic don’t say I’m writing all of this “just because I’m gay” because I’m not. I am heterosexual.

Today was PRIDE 2016, where lots of people marched and supported LGBT people in the streets. There is a very big one that happens in London and also in Brighton I believe. Anyway, because of this I decided today would be a good day to write this post.

As you may have realised with the other posts in this series (here, here, here and here) I do not understand prejudice or discrimination, I do not understand why we as a species cannot just be excepting of our species no matter how they come. Disagreements are fine, argument; debates; discussions are all fine. But when it comes to actually upsetting, assaulting, battering or offending an individual based on personal opinion it becomes not fine. As far as I am concerned love is love, that’s all there is to it. I don’t find gay or bisexual people gross or offensive, I don’t think they’re doing anything wrong by being in love with someone who is the same gender as them. I think the most visible thing with this is bisexual people, they are the people who truly love without any discrimination because they do not have a preference over gender, they literally love who they love whereas I, as a heterosexual would not go out or marry another woman merely because I loved them (even though I do love my friends who are guys deeply). I think any relationship should be admired and supported no matter what the gender differences are between the couple as long as the people in the relationship are happy and healthy then what difference does it make really? The most important thing in life is that people are happy, or it is for me, if people are prevented from being happy because of others people’s thoughts and discriminations then that’s the real sin not the fact that the people are gay or bisexual.

There are lots of people who say that being gay or bisexual is just a ‘stage’ and they’ll ‘get over it’, there are also people who say that if people are bisexual then why can’t they just pick one gender rather than the other and this really angers me because it doesn’t work like that and it shouldn’t work like that, everyone should be entitled to love whoever they want. Being gay or bisexual is not just a ‘stage’, it is not a ‘lifestyle’ it is not a ‘gender crisis (thank you very much AQA Psychology GCSE for putting it in those words)’ and gay and bisexual males are not struggling from a ‘crisis of masculinity’ for being gay or bisexual, they are just as masculine as a heterosexual male they just look for different things in a partner – there’s nothing wrong with that. All of this people are just people. I do not understand how people can completely forget that people are human sometimes, they can completely get past it so that they can discriminate against someone for who they are when they’re doing nothing wrong. Yes, you can discriminate against or hate on serial killers and rapists but not people who are living their normal lives but just loving people you don’t want them to love, that is inhumane.

There is not enough awareness of gay people in the media, I do not feel. Or anywhere. LGBT isn’t really discussed in schools, parents quite often try and avoid the subject for as long as possible – or at least they used to, there aren’t really any gay people in TV or film until you start watching 15s, there aren’t all that many gay people in books, so there’s no way for anyone to get any information or understanding about it. Obviously now there’s the internet basically nothing is a secret and young people are finding out about things instantly and there’s not really a way for anyone to stop it. I read a really great book recently called Radio Silence by Alice Oseman and it was so eye-opening and there are quite a few characters in the book that aren’t seen as ‘normal’, there are asexual people, bisexual people, gay people and the issue of not understanding any of this is raised in the book. The person who is asexual doesn’t realise that they are asexual and eventually learns about it through the internet but throughout their whole lives they’ve known something hasn’t been quite right and that their not the same as everyone else and they can’t explain it but then they find out about being asexual and they finally understand themselves are know who they are and that there are other people out there just like them. I think it’s less true of being gay or bisexual now as you probably would have learnt about it through the internet but I’m thinking of all the young children out there who feel alone, confused, scared and angry because they can identify that there is something about them that is not quite right but they don’t properly know what it is and how hard their lives must be not even knowing properly who they are.

I watched a video recently on YouTube where they turned things around so that people were heterophobic rather than homophobic and how terrible it is if you see things from an unusual and new perspective/side of things and it was really insightful and really helped you properly see what was wrong with the world and how terrible the way we treated others was, I say we but I don’t actually include me in that ‘we’ because I don’t discriminate against LGBT people. If you want to watch the video I was talking about above you can here, but I must warn you before you click the link that it is very deep and emotional and has a very strong bullying/suicide element so if that is going to upset, traumatise of offend you then please do not click this link and watch the video, I found it to be unexpectedly upsetting and traumatic – Imagine A World Where Being Straight Was A Minority

There are lots of people who try and hard that their gay or bisexual because of what others will think of them, because of their reputation or because the wish they weren’t gay or bisexual – presumably brought on by the views of others – and I think this is really sad because they are hiding who they are or trying to convince themselves that they’re not who they are and that’s really heart-breaking.

I think it’s really terrible that people who are gay or bisexual kind of have to announce it and make it official and known by people, they can’t just go about life, they had to make sure people are notified of their gender preference and it makes it harder finding a boyfriend/girlfriend because you won’t know whether the person you want to be your boyfriend/girlfriend is gay/bisexual too and therefore that causes complications. It’s also very stressful on people when they have to come out to their parents and inform them of the fact, I just think it sad that there’s a whole thing gay/bisexual people have to go through just because of being gay/bisexual that people who are heterosexual don’t have to do. If you are struggling with coming out then there are a number of good videos and articles about it throughout the web but unfortunately because of not being gay/bisexual myself I haven’t actually watched/read much coming out stories but one I have watched is by a YouTuber called Connor Franta who you may be aware of and you can check out his video on the subject here – Coming Out | Connor Franta

I probably have more to say on this subject but I am so tired I absolutely MUST go to sleep, I’m also not going to edit this post tonight but I will do it as soon as I am awake enough in the morning. So if you’re reading this before then and there are some errors then please let me know in the comments!

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R.I.P World

All week, as it’s been leading up to the EU referendum my brother has been making jokes about how the 23rd of June will be the end of the world, I kept telling him not to be so silly and that it wasn’t going to be the end of the world. However, now that we’ve actually got the results in and I know that people have voted to leave above remain and David Cameron has resigned it does feel a bit like the end of the world. I don’t know what to expect from my future anymore or what to expect from the world anymore. I’m not a Conservative supporter but surely Cameron is better than Boris Johnson or Michael Gove? So at first thought I was excited that David Cameron was resigning because I hate him and he’s responsible for this referendum, he’s responsible for all of the consequences that come from it but then I realised we might end up with someone even worse than Cameron in government and a good point made by my Mum was that if we have a general election now the votes will probably lean very far in the right – I think UKIP might even be voted for a hell of a lot more in a general election. Not enough to be in government but to get quite a good amount of seats in parliament.

I read a statistic on twitter earlier on today that said that 75% of the 18-24 year-olds voted remain. I was really surprised at this but it also made me really angry because young people are going to be the most influential people to this country in the future and yet we’ve been voted against by the people who won’t properly have to deal with the consequences of their vote long-term. I believe that if 16-17 year-olds had been allowed to vote then we would have had a majority remain vote and that breaks my heart.

I’ve only had an interest and followed politics since last year’s general election, before that I was slightly too young to properly understand it or really understand the effect politics had on my life. However, since last year I have had an interest in politics and have been following the EU referendum debates and campaigns since they started and yesterday night I was sat on the sofa at 10PM with BBC One on watching everything as it played out and I’m still watching it now – admittedly I went to sleep for about four hours but that was in little snippets after I just couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer.

I don’t trust that the people who voted leave properly understand what they’ve done, I’m not saying that leave voters are dumb or don’t understand things, I honestly believe that they think they’ve made the right decision and they think they understand but unfortunately the campaigners for leave lead their campaign on a load of lies that unfortunately many people believed.

The thing that concerns me most is that no matter what way the vote went – and obviously it went leave – there was always going to be a split in our society. David Cameron, by agreeing to this referendum, has created conflict between family members, friends, colleagues, neighbours and just the fellow members of our society. If remain had won then there would have been loads of conflict between them and the people that wanted to leave, now that leave has won there is going to be loads of conflict between them and the people that voted remain because ultimately this was an absolutely HUGE decision that effects our country and our lives forever – there is no way back now, we’ve voted leave we have to leave. No matter what the consequences we’re stuck and the people that voted remain can foresee these consequences and will be scared and angry to watch these consequences come into play and by definition we will be angry with the people who voted leave. Some people will take their anger to a higher level than others and it may even cause violence and in fact we have already seen a crowd of angry people standing outside Boris Johnson’s house shouting and booing at him. We are now an independent country, yes – good for us if you voted to leave – but we are also a country that internally hate each other! And I don’t know what the future holds for both my life and for the life of this country as a result of this.

To me, the majority of the leave campaign was lead on racism and anti-refugee comments and by people who promised less immigrants and faster NHS services because the foreign people would stop slowing it down (I don’t know how they’re slowing it down but hey,) the truth is though, that actually, the reason people don’t get seen to and treated quickly in NHS hospitals is because the government decided to cut their funding and put the money somewhere else, we would have faster NHS treatment if the Conservative party prioritised money better than they do. I feel like our country will now been seen as a racist, anti-social, unfriendly country that don’t want anything to do with other countries and I guess that is true. Yes, I know that there were other things said by leave campaigners but you cannot deny that actually the majority of their argument was about foreign people. I feel like people who are foreign and currently living in our country, or black people currently living in our country will become scared and feel unwelcome and they will also become angry at us for treating them so poorly.

It was also said that a leave vote will reduce terrorism in our country but I feel that actually we may have put our country at more risk by creating all of this extra conflict between the current citizens of the country.

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