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I know, it’s another tag! I promise I have ideas for other posts but it’s just finding the time and I feel like tags are just so much fun and they’re really quick and easy to do! I found this tag the other day on RosyPop’s Blog and I just thought it was so cool! As I love films and I love talking about films! 🙂


The Rules:

  1. Include the image above in your post
  2. Tag nobody or whoever you like
  3. Most importantly, have fun!

What’s a movie that you think is too predictable?

I am the worst person when it comes to predicting things, I can literally not predict anything! It makes all my family laugh and roll their eyes. So I can’t really say… maybe Pitch Perfect 2

What’s a movie that made you cry or have a breakdown? 

There are two films that I’ve cried the hardest at, I never used to cry watching TV and now I cry all the time! Honestly, never watch The Vampire Diaries with me because I cry like three times an episode… anyway, films! I cried the hardest I’ve ever cried when watching a film when I watched The Impossible, I had a proper breakdown and I was watching it alone in my room – I’m surprised no one came in to see what was wrong. Another film I could just not stop crying at for like the last hour – whilst in the cinema was, of course, The Fault In Our Stars

What’s a movie where even the smallest comments made you crack up?

Joe And Caspar: Hit The Road It’s got to be this film, I know it’s a documentary so I don’t know if it really counts, but I just love these two so much and they make me laugh so hard.

What’s an animated movie that you love?

I don’t really watch animated movies… I find it hard to get into them and kind of connect with the story because it doesn’t look real. But I do have a favourite and it has to be Tangled! I know it’s like such a typical girl choice, but I just love it so much! Hey, at least it isn’t Frozen

What’s a sci-fi movie that you love?

I don’t know if this has to be a stand-alone film or can be from a series, so I went with series. I absolutely love this film and have seen it so many times (I cry at this too)! It completely blew me away as a film when I saw it in the cinema, I was in love – Insurgent

What movie did you not like at all?

Never Let Me Go I really hated this film, I couldn’t get into it. I didn’t like any of the characters. I felt like the storyline was really weak, it didn’t make a lot of sense and was uninteresting. It was really disappointing as well because it had a good cast.

What’s a romantic comedy that you really like?

Bride Wars This is one of my favourite movies of all time, I am in love with it and I find it so heart-warming and happy to watch! I’ve seen it so many times!

What’s a great horror movie?

House At The End Of The Street I don’t know if this really counts as it’s more psychological thriller than horror movie, but I don’t watch many horror films and I really enjoyed this!

What’s a movie that was made from a book that you really like?

The Maze Runner One of the greatest movies I’ve ever seen! I love it so much! It’s probably the most watched DVD I own and I own 90+ and I’ve only had this one since December. It’s the most well casted book-film movie I’ve ever seen!

Name a book that you wish they had made into a movie

Shiver By Maggie Stiefvater This is one of my favourite book trilogies of all time and every time I see it sitting on my shelf or I re-read it I long for the day that it gets turned into a film trilogy.

What’s a horror movie that you found more silly than scary?

The Quiet Ones I didn’t even find this film scary. It was alright at the start, it wasn’t good but it was bearable and then you got to the end and it was like 5 minutes of the most ridiculous over-the-top things they could possible throw in. I hated it.

What’s a movie that you were highly disappointed with? 

Fantastic Four (2015) I had been so excited for the release of this film, it had Miles Teller in it who I think is a really cool and funny actor, as with all Marvel trailers it was filled with non-stop action and anticipation but then when you saw the actual movie it was an hour and thirty minutes of nothing but pointless dialogue and then a really predictable ten minute fight at the end. I was so disappointed but very happy that I hadn’t paid for a cinema ticket or for the DVD but had watched my sister’s instead.

That’s all for this tag! Make sure you go and check out RosyPop’s spotlight movie tag! Sorry it’s not very much and I promise I will have posts that aren’t tags coming soon I’ve just got to find the time around all of my revision and exams! I’ll be more on top of it next weekend once all my exams are over (yay!).

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That’s all for now!

Inspired Teen 🙂




4 thoughts on “The Spotlight Movie Tag

  1. Ok I have finished reading it now haha
    I totally agree with the Shiver Trilogy, Maggie Stiefcater is one of my all time favourite authors, those are brilliant books that I have read repeatedly.
    Also the The Quiet Ones is hilarious! Jumpy at times sure but not scary and the plot line goes off on such a tangent that the promising storyline it had gets a bit lost

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I haven’t finished reading this yet but I am in shock, Never Let Me Go is my absolute favourite film of all time! I love the premise of it and the the characters are so beautifully awkward. The cinematography is stunning, I love that the whole film is shot with a blueish hue to it which emphasises how alien the characters are meant to seem to the audience. It’s like looking at them through a glass cage which I suppose is really what they have been raised in when you think about it- entirely separate from the rest of the world.
    Also Cathy and Tommy are my OTP, they’re tragic and quirky and so loveable to me. But I’m going to stop ranting now and get on with reading the rest 😂 xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww… I’m so sorry! I didn’t want to upset or offend anyone! I am so glad you like the film and it was really refreshing and inspiring hearing someone talk so passionately about a film in the way you just did! It hasn’t changed my view on the film but I’m glad you like it 🙂 Sorry for my bad taste haha! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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