Exam Tomorrow/No Post Today

Hey guys! I know I always try and post everyday but I’ve got an exam tomorrow and I’m really stressed and feel SO underprepared so I’m not going to be blogging today. Sorry! Hopefully I will be able to write one after my exam tomorrow but it will be published later than the usual 3PM, probably about 4:30 but I can’t guarantee it! I will also try and schedule some posts for the next few days tomorrow as well… I know it’s rubbish but I’m not super-human.

GOOD LUCK to anyone else that’s got exams of any kind tomorrow!!! Do your best but it’s not the end of the world if it goes wrong! Some tips:

  • Avoid social media
  • Don’t blog!
  • Study, study, study
  • write more notes
  • make spider diagrams
  • talk about your subject (even if it’s only to yourself!)
  • stay hydrated
  • don’t turn on Netflix
  • eat a lot of food
  • take breaks if you need to but only for roughly ten minutes
  • stay up all night if you have to
  • don’t stress
  • think positive, negative thoughts get you nowhere (trust me, I know!)

That’s all for now!

Inspired Teen 🙂



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