My Summer Bucket List 2016

I’ve seen lots of people doing these lately and I find them really fun to read and really inspiring, so, having been inspired by all the posts I’ve read I’m going to write my own summer bucket list. For those of you who don’t know what a bucket list is, it’s a list of things you want to do before you die, or in the case of summer, a list of things you want to do before the end of summer. You can go and check out my my life bucket list if you like which is my long list of everything I want to do before I die. This list will be everything I want to do before the end of summer 2016. When is the official end of summer? The start of September?

For me, my summer starts on Friday as that is when I will have finished my final exam for the year! I’m so excited!!

Okay, here is my summer bucket list 2016:

  • Start running everyday – I started running everyday when I was on holiday in April and I really enjoyed it and I could see the change in my body by the third day but after we got back I was to busy with revision to keep it up, so this is something I really want to get back to!
  • Cook more things – my Mum is an amazing cook and she’s always coming up with her own recipes and trying to think of more things to cook but I would really like to cook more things and learn to cook more things, I already have in mind a load of vegan cupcakes I want to try but I also want to experiment with actual dinners.
  • Blog everyday – As you may know, I’ve been trying to blog everyday but because of exams that isn’t always possible because I’m too busy with revision, however, once exams are over I have no excuses!
  • Take more photographs – I really love looking at photographs and I really love taking photographs, the former is easier than the latter but during the summer I am going to read photography books and really experiment with taking photographs and editing them because I really do love it! If I do take photographs and I’m happy with them I will definitely make sure to post them on my twitter and my tumblr – which I don’t use very often as I have no photos to post on it! I might even start a gallery on here…
  • Have at least three sleepovers – I don’t have sleepovers all that often anymore as my schedule is so hectic and my best friend lives relatively far away there’s just never an opportunity.
  • Sort out my garden – my garden is really messy and quite stressful and I dream of having a nice garden that’s all neat and weed free with lots of pretty flowers, so over the summer I’m going to work really hard at it and hopefully end up with a nice garden as a result! I also find it really rewarding doing gardening and you can see the result so fast.
  • Sort through all the junk and reorganise my room – I only have a small room, it’s decent and a comfortable size but not as big as my dream bedroom would be. I’m a big fan of keeping things from my past but I’ve come to realise over the last few weeks that I can’t just hoard everything that’s ever meant something to me in my bedroom forever as the older I get the more things I’m going to want to keep. So I’m going to finally get on top of it all and sort through all the stuff I really don’t need. I might even be able to make a bit of money by selling some of the stuff! 🙂
  • Give up Netflix for a month – I’m sure lots of you can relate to my obsessive binge-watching of Netflix but I don’t want to spend my entire summer sitting on my bed watching a new TV show obsessively while the lovely sunny weather outside slowly dies away, binge-watching Netflix is what the winter’s for! So I’m going to give it up for a month (or maybe even longer) and see how my summer turns out as a result! I can’t wait!
  • Practise for my music exam – I have my grade 8 music exam next Easter and so I need to work really hard at it as I won’t get an opportunity to re-take it if I fail as my music teacher is retiring, so I really need to practice insanely hard!
  • Do work experience – hopefully I can do this at my local theatre that I attend weekly and if I’m lucky even whilst a show is on so I can help with props and production!
  • Read more – I absolutely love to read and do it a lot, but less than I used to. In my free time now I usually tend to turn Netflix on as I find it easier to sit down and watch something than to read something and it requires less concentration. But I have so many unread books cluttering up my shelves and so many library books out so I really want to get on top of it all over the summer!
  • Save some money – I am always finding new things to buy and spending my money almost as soon as I get it but it always comes back to bite me later on because concert tickets always come up or I want to go and see a film in the cinema and can’t afford it, if only I hadn’t spent that £20 on that DVD boxset and that £10 on that other DVD I could afford it, so this summer any money that I save after buying people’s birthday presents and any money that I make from selling things I find in my room I’m going to save up for said occasions.
  • Start my Gold Arts Award – This is a qualification that you can do in the UK  which is a recognised qualification in the Arts and I’m going to do it in acting and film-making and I’m really excited! And I hope to start it this summer (and possibly finish it this summer!).
  • Practise singing – I really enjoy singing but I feel I’m really bad at it… however I want to be an actor and singing may eventually play a part in getting a particular role and I also really want to get a main part in the yearly musical that my theatre group does.
  • Use My Sundays More Wisely – I always say Sundays are going to be the days when I get really motivated, really productive and do loads of things I keep putting off but then of course, I put it all off. Sundays are really a good day to get loads of stuff done because I have a completely free day so this summer I want to really be as productive as I say I’m going to be on Sundays.
  • Be More Spontaneous – I love the idea of being more spontaneous but I don’t really have the opportunity but I guess being spontaneous is about making an opportunity not waiting for it to come. So this summer I want to be more spontaneous and see where it gets me.
  • Think Less About Objects – This kind of fits in with ‘save up money’ because by thinking about objects I am then buying objects. I want to really experience life to the fullest and I don’t think I am doing that currently and I blame capitalism but I spend way too much time looking at things on online shops and looking round shops in my town even when I have no money. So this summer I’m going to think less about spending my money on objects that I don’t need and more time thinking about the things that I’m really going to remember.

I think those are all the things I want to do this summer, as we go through the summer and I work through my list I will hopefully write posts about my progress with it! If I think of anything else I will make sure to update the list 🙂

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That’s all for now!

Inspired Teen 🙂



14 thoughts on “My Summer Bucket List 2016

  1. I need to start running and reading more! I’m with you, I ran everyday during track season and for a few weeks after, but had to stop because final exams got so hectic. And I have way too many books that need to be read also! Good luck on your goals!

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    1. I get like that but then I always find a new season to obsessively watch and find myself just letting it play and play… the worst is when you catch your reflection in the screen just as the episode is changing and think “what the actual hell am I doing with my life?”… 😦

      Liked by 1 person

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