Home-educated Q&A

Something I haven’t told you guys about me is that I’m home-educated. The reason I haven’t mentioned this is that I don’t really see it as relevant, whether I go to school or not doesn’t really effect my blog.

I was thinking of doing a post on home-education as I know not a lot of people truly understand what it’s like and there’s definitely no positive representations of home-schooled people in the media. Which makes me really angry by the way.

Anyway, for those of you who aren’t home-educated and are curious about it there isn’t really anywhere for you to go to get the answers you want, so, I’ve decided to do a Q&A where you can leave your questions in the comments and I will do a post where I answer all of them, feel free to leave more than one question in the same comment and don’t feel stupid or rude about what the question is, whether it’s a question about what home-schooling actually is, how we make friends, how we do exams, I’m happy to answer any and all questions (provided they’re sensible and relevant!). I’m doing this post Sunday (12th) so please have you questions sent in by 2PM. You can also ask me questions if you yourself are home-educated and want to know what my experience with it is.

You contact me with your questions through twitter or you can e-mail me – aninspiredteen@gmail.com as well.

I look forward to hearing from you guys!

That’s all for now!

Inspired Teen 🙂



8 thoughts on “Home-educated Q&A

  1. Hey! I’m home educated as well, so I don’t really have any questions exactly…
    But I just wanted to say that I get what you were talking about when you said “There is no positive representations of home-schooled people in the media” Because dammit, that’s so true!
    That literally frustrates me so muuuch ugh

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    1. Hey! Sorry it’s taken me a long time to reply to this comment, it is so cool that you are home-schooled too! How do you find it? Have you always been home-educated? I know, it’s so ridiculous. I watched a film recently where if this home-schooled kid failed at something or felt he wasn’t good enough he would have to pull his own eyebrows out as punishment as that was what his Mum taught him to do… I was like WHAT?!! 🙂

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      1. Sameeee. I’m sorry! To say ‘I’ve been a little busy with school’ is an understatement!
        Ahaha, back to what you were saying. Ever since I was a child, I’ve been home-schooled. It was just easier for my parents with my other siblings, so they thought why not continue with me? Although there are certain aspects of being home-schooled that I hate (like not being as social), there are far more things I love about it! I love how there are no dramas, you can study early in the morning and than be finished by 1pm, and I love how its taught me to have self-motivation. That’s by far my favourite oneeeee haha.

        WHAT!? Omg, that’s terrible! Imagine the poor kid’s eyebrows awh. What an odd punishment?? Hahah

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      2. I don’t think I hate anything about being home-schooled actually, I quite often wonder whether I would have preferred growing up going to school but when I really think about it I really don’t think it would have been the right thing for me. It definitely teaches you self-motivation and I feel it is much easier to learn what your proper interests are and pursue them deeper than you would be able to at school. It was pretty terrible, in the film’s defence it was a comedy I just wish it wasn’t a home-educated person that was being portrayed in this way! It is an odd punishment isn’t it? 🙂


  2. Do you do your schooling one-on-one or is there a group that you do it with? I know some people have homeschool groups but I wasn’t quite sure how those work.


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