Lets Talk… Racism&Refugees

First off, before I say anything else, if I get quite angry or seem to get quite angry whilst writing this post it is because I have a very strong opinion on this issue and honestly I get more angry at people who talk a load of untrue nonsense about refugees than I get at anyone else.

We are very close to the EU Referendum here in the UK (two days) and everyone’s main argument seems to be about refugees, whether it’s to remain or leave people are using refugees as their main argument. David Cameron said once that if we leave the EU that refugees will go and camp in the people of Kent’s gardens… I find this very hard to believe. But hey, everything that comes out of Cameron’s mouth is pretty hard to believe. It was hard to believe that we were actually going to have a referendum, but, it happened. Anyway, I will leave my rants about the referendum for Thursday when my post about it will be published. If you’re registered to vote, please vote remain! If you’re not going to vote remain then don’t even bother going to the polling station.

So, to me, I don’t understand how people can be racist. To me, everyone is just a person and they are entitled to be wherever they want to be. I don’t understand how we’ve turned into a species that treats the planet like property. It’s ridiculous. Although it clearly happens with other species as you can see in cats who wee and fight with other cats to protect their territory but we’re social beings, we like to socialise and share our territory with others and I don’t see why foreign people should be treated any differently.

I don’t understand why we treat the UK so preciously and don’t let anyone else enter it even when they’re fleeing their own country to survive and not be shot dead. It’s not like the British ever respected people’s territory’s as we went and murdered hundreds and hundreds of them to steal their territory and then forced the ones we didn’t kill to be our slaves, where is the humanity in that?

I once knew a person – who admittedly was an absolute moron (that word doesn’t even cut it!) – who claimed not to be racist yet they wouldn’t eat food that had been prepared by a black person. They said that if they were sat in a restaurant and saw a black person prepare their food when their food was brought to them they would pay for it but not eat it because black people’s hands were ‘dirty’, they said the only exception would be if they saw the person wash their hands really thoroughly with soap before making their food. This person made me feel absolutely sick with disgust as I can’t believe anyone could ever hold such a despicably nasty view.

I don’t understand why people can’t just look at a black person and recognise that they too are a human being; with the same emotions, thoughts, opinions, interests and hobbies as white people. I don’t see why they’re viewed as a completely different species by some people, for me it doesn’t even register. I don’t even properly realise that the person I am talking to is black because it doesn’t matter to me, black or white they’re just a person. Sometimes it catches me by surprise when I realise that the person I’ve been talking to for so long or the main character in a TV show is black and it only catches me by surprise because society has taught me that I should view these people differently yet I don’t and that makes me so happy and proud of myself because I would hate to meet a version of myself who discriminated against others.

I had an argument with someone close to me late last year about refugees, someone who’s opinion I value highly but the words they said were very horrible and it made me really sad to discover that this person held these views. They were saying that young refugee men were kidnapping children and bringing them over to the UK in order to gain entrance and then just dumping the child to fend for itself. They argued that all the young fit men should be staying in their country to fight yet in certain places the country is at war with itself so which side do these ‘young fit men’ fight on? I asked this person who is also very close to my older brother whether they would expect my brother to stay and fight and they said “of course not!” so the view this person held wasn’t even consistent, which to me is the worst thing there is – if you want to hold a view you have to always hold that view you can’t just pick and choose when it works for you. Another person in the discussion/argument about refugees said that refugees don’t realise that they are risking their lives to come to this country by squashing themselves onto a tiny little boat meant to hold a handful of people but is in fact holding 200+, that they believe they will be safe crossing the sea and that the UK is a perfect little paradise for them where they will be given houses and money without having to work for it, whereas people already living in the UK work to live. This was an interesting argument as usually people say that refugees are stealing all of our jobs – which isn’t true by the way.

Something else that was said was that there are more foreign people in UK prisons than there are people from the UK, instantly I knew these statistics were a load of lies so I looked it up and actually only 13% of the UK prison population is foreign people which you may realise is not, in fact, a majority. The person making this argument, when telling them the statistic said that it didn’t matter and that all foreign people are criminals and I’ll realise it one day if I’m ever attacked by a foreign person, I just said that in actual fact I would just hate that particular foreign person and not generalise their behaviour onto the entire rest of the world. Their view that all foreigners are criminals does not stop them from going on holiday abroad so I don’t really know how that works out…

There is currently an estimated 126,000 refugees living in the UK and David Cameron has been willing to take in another 20,000 in the next five years, that will bring the total to 146,000. In 2010, 198,000 people left the UK to start a new life in a different country. So there are actually more British people leaving the UK than there are foreign people coming into the UK.

Another argument made was that we don’t have the space or resources for all of the refugees, I also did some research into this. There a 7 billon people in the world and we grow enough food to feed 10 billion people, this means there is definitely enough food to feed everyone – including the refugees – but the big issue here is money.

I did some research into houses in the UK as well and found that on the 14th September 2015 Empty Homes launched a report that said there are over 200,000 homes that have been unoccupied for over six months in England and over 610,000 totally empty homes. The estimated number of empty homes in England has now gone up to 635,000. As you can see that is in fact enough houses to home every 146,000 refugees bearing in mind some of them will be families. Crisis have some statistics on homelessness and I know this isn’t really relevant but it further proves my point so bear with me, Crisis statistics claim that 3,569 people slept rough in England on any one night in 2015 but statistics also claim that 7,581 people slept rough in London alone throughout 2014/2015 so it’s obvious that the statistics are not completely accurate. In England: 112,330 households applied for homelessness assistance in 2014/2015. In Scotland: Just over 35,000 households applied for homelessness assistance in 2014/2015. In Wales: 14,160 households applied for homelessness assistance in 2014/2015. So, if you calculate all of this together, you take the 635,000 empty homes we have here in England and give each refugee both already living here and the 20,000 that will be living here in the next five years a home you will have 489,000 houses left. You then take the 3,569 people who slept rough in England on any one night and give them all houses – 485,431 houses left. You then take the 7,581 people who slept rough in London and give them houses – 477,085 houses left. You then take the 112,330 households in England that applied for homelessness assistance and give them all houses – 365,052 houses left. You then take the 35,00 households in Scotland that applied for homelessness assistance and give them all houses – 330,052 houses left. You then take the 14,160 households in Wales that applied for homelessness assistance and give them all houses – 316,036 houses left. So, when you actually look at facts you’ll find that we can provide houses for everyone in the UK that needs a house and still have 316,036 houses left. So don’t tell me that we don’t have enough homes or resources for all of these people because that would be a lie.

This post has gone on for a very long time so I’m going to end it here, if you enjoyed this post please give it a like and follow me unless you already are then thank you so much! Please leave any comments you have relating to this post below as I would love to read them! I will not approve any racist comments.

Lastly, if you have any ideas for a tag, challenge, series or posts that I could do in the future please feel free to let me know in the comments, via twitter or e-mail them to me – aninspiredteen@gmail.com

That’s all for now!

Inspired Teen 🙂


5 thoughts on “Lets Talk… Racism&Refugees

    1. Aww thank you! I’m glad you like them 🙂 It’s just so terrible! I don’t understand why people can’t just see people as people, I know I say this a lot but it’s because it’s so bewildering to me! I haven’t no, what are they? 🙂

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  1. This was really interesting, I hate the fact that everyone’s main argument seems to be refugees for either side. I think it is wrong to not want to help people seek safety. If these refugees were higher class and rich there would be no question of it but people believe that because they have nothing they don’t matter. It’s so wrong!
    Also the fact that people think that casual racism is ok baffles me. There is nothing casual about it! How do so many people seem to have this superiority complex? It drives me insane.

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    1. I know, it’s craziness! And both sides say that racism will be decreased if we vote for the side they are supporting. It’s craziness!! Exactly, and all these stories a few months ago about refugees with iPhones, people don’t seem to understand that these people are perfectly healthy but they’re fleeing death because their country is currently at war, why does their phone have anything to do with it? Especially when people casually make racist jokes and then quickly say they were joking when someone objects to the comment they make – it annoys me so much! If they are joking they shouldn’t say it and if they aren’t joking they still shouldn’t say it! Urgh! I just don’t understand why people can hate other people so much when they are so clearly just like us. It’s ridiculous!

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