Lets Talk… EU Referendum

Today is the day people have been anticipating for months – the EU Referendum, the stupid decision David Cameron made that will change our country forever no matter the out come. It will destroy David Cameron’s reputation and possibly even his career. It may also force a general election which I really hope it does because not only does this referendum let down the country but the government have done things everyday since being re-elected that have gone against what people want and people are losing faith in the Conservative party.

One thing that I’ve noticed whilst reading through people’s blog posts in the last few days is that everyone in the blogosphere seems to be asking people to vote remain and I want to do the same. All the young people I know are asking people to vote remain and I think young people’s opinions are the opinions people should really be listening to because we are the future generation and the future leaders of this country and yet because of the current leaders of this country we don’t have the right to vote at 16. If all the young people in the UK are saying vote remain then I suggest people who are unsure on how to vote listen to the youths of this country and vote remain because we don’t want to have our future decided by people who aren’t voting in our best interests.

I don’t know who was watching the BBC Debate on the EU Referendum the other day but I was and there was lots of fighting and arguments going on between the sides but I found that the people voting remain were actually the people with some good arguments, if I were desperately trying to decide how to vote the people on the vote leave side wouldn’t have given me any help at all! They had no arguments, they got pointlessly annoyed because they had no arguments and the only thing they appeared able to say was “vote leave and take back control” when we haven’t actually lost any control. One of the governments plans if we leave the EU is to stop being part of the European Convention of Human Rights, which means people will stop having the rights that they have now. People will be allowed to discriminate against you based on race, sex, gender, sexuality, age, ability and I think that is absolutely outrageous! Why do we live in a world where someone would want to get rid of the very thing that protects hundreds of thousands of people everyday and gives them the ability to have jobs? It’s a lie that it was lessen the refugees trying to get into our country – basically everything people are telling you about the pros of leaving the EU is a lie. Not only that but they can’t tell us what will actually happen when we do leave the EU, what action they will actually take and the effects it will have on our country. One thing that is for sure that everyone currently living here that came from a different part of Europe will be sent back there.

Leaving the EU will affect children’s education as the opportunity to study abroad will lessen as lots of the places children go to study abroad is within Europe, studying abroad is something that I think would be really insightful and helpful when learning as learning the thing in a different culture is always very valuable.

Answer me this, how is living in a world where we have no alias and no one wants to trade with us or work with us to make a change a way of “taking back control”?. We may not have the European court overruling the UK courts anymore but we will have very little to control as we’ll be a very tiny country with not a lot of power and no support from other countries.

It may be too late to change your vote now as you may have already voted but if you still haven’t and you’re looking for a sign to help you make your final decision then this is it, please vote remain! The referendum was a stupid decision made by the government and David Cameron in an attempt to sort out his own internal party externally and to sort out all of the conflict and disagreement there is within his own party but in order to do that he has destroyed an entire society and an entire economy. Yesterday it was said that he cried on TV because he realised the devastating impact of his actions, and they truly will be devastating if we vote to leave and I am so scared of what will happen. I don’t want my life to be changed because of this, I don’t want my entire life placed in the hands of hundreds of thousands of pieces of paper with crosses on them all voting against what I want, all voting to slowly destroy the country that I currently live in. Once this decision has been made there’s no going back; there’s no opportunity for mistakes, there’s no way to make it right once it’s wrong – not this time. If we leave the EU today and everyone that votes leave realises what a mistake it was then that’s it, there is nothing that can be done about it and no way to get back in – if we’re out, we’re out. If you’re not sure what to vote then please do some research, find out the statistics for yourselves and don’t let a funny blond-haired man lie about the facts to you and believe them, this isn’t a time for you to be lazy and just go with the flow, to just go with what you feel everyone else is going with because it will be a disaster, vote for what you truly believe in. Vote for what you believe is right for the young people of this country who are all pleading you vote remain but don’t have loud enough voices that anyone will listen! Vote remain because it’s what I would do for you. Vote remain so we don’t have to be ashamed of our own country. Vote remain so we can be proud.

That’s all for now!

Inspired Teen 🙂



8 thoughts on “Lets Talk… EU Referendum

  1. THANK YOU!!! Honestly I only know two people who are our age who want to vote Leave. It’s OUR future and if we can’t vote, we can at least TELL people to vote. Your points are so valid and I love them.

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    1. You are SO welcome!! I really enjoyed making this post and have been desperately waiting to write it for ages!! 🙂 It’s so annoying, it’s like teens are completely invisible when it comes to times of voting when really it should be people listening to the people too young to vote as they seem to know better than the people actually voting!

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      1. I haven’t seen all that much coverage or debates on the subject because I always seem to be busy when there’s a debate on TV but the BBC Debate I watched the other day – the remain side seemed pretty convincing to me but I guess I was already on their side so I’m probably not a great judge.

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