2016 Expectation VS Reality

I have a whole notebook full of things to write blog posts about and now that my ‘Let’s Talk’ series is over I knew I was going to have to pick that notebook up and pick a post, however, sitting here scrolling through my laptop and the news I thought of an entirely new post that wasn’t written down in my notebook and that was this post that you’re reading right now – 2016 expectations vs reality.


You know when every new year stars you convince yourself that this year is ‘the’ year, the year that everything changes and your life turns into a teen romantic comedy – I don’t know if you guys get this but this is me at the start of every year. Anyway, I started this year thinking that I would get loads of amazing things done, I would tick things off my bucket list, I’d spend loads of time with friends, I ‘d save up loads of money, I’d get a boyfriend, I’d turn 16 (which still hasn’t happened yet, by the way) and everything would be great. You know, just like your normal typical teen movie. Obviously it’s a movie for a reason and it’s because it’s fictional i.e not real. But I always imagine that actually they do portray real life you’ve just got to get to a stage in your life where it’s your reality rather than fantasy but of course it will never happen because although films and TV shows portray real life they enhance everything so it’s way cooler and more exciting than real life because a film or TV show about real life in exactly the way it really is would be incredibly boring! For example, all I’ve done today is carry a huge amount of books to a charity shop, sat in the opticians, looked at face masks in shops, popped in a supermarket, had lunch and now I’m sat here writing this post – it doesn’t make the greatest film or documentary does it? If someone decided to make some kind of documentary about ‘life as a teen blogger’ it would be pretty dull… But I always imagine that people in movies are living secret lives that only they hold the key to living but I imagined that this year would be the year that I started living the life of a movie character. When I would have loads of friends, be going on shopping sprees all the time, I would be the girl everyone had a crush on, I would be fit and energetic the entire time, you know that kind of thing.


In reality my life has remained pretty much the same – I still don’t have a boyfriend, I still don’t have lots of money, I still don’t have lots of friends, I am probably even less fit than I was when I started the year and as far as I can tell no one has a crush on me. I have spent my months revising for exams and ever since they finished on the 09th of June I haven’t seemed to have a single break from chores and tasks around the house and it seems that every time I get to sit down for longer than about ten minutes something pops up that needs me attention, this is getting very annoying. My vision of hanging out with loads of friends all the time has not happened as one of them lives miles and miles away from me and is always on holiday or camping and doesn’t have a schedule she can fit me into at the moment and my other friend is still busy with school stuff so just doesn’t have the time either. We voted to leave the EU which was not in my list of ‘perfect things to happen in 2016’ and that’s left me feeling really miserable and fed up. Everywhere you go there is a TV showing the news and it’s never good news, every time you pick up your laptop there is a new headline waiting there to destroy your life. The weather has been absolutely appalling and when I envisioned a perfect year/summer it did not involve repeated thunder storms to scare the life out of you and so much rain you consider it time to start building an arc. I haven’t got more make-up or better at applying the make-up I do own, I still haven’t managed to dye my hair pink and my clothes still aren’t really the clothes I want them to be. When I made an agreement with myself to start running everyday I didn’t consider how lazy/busy I was going to be or the freak weather so that hasn’t been happening either.

This probably sounds like a really moany post but I just think it’s so true and I’m sure some of you out there are feeling just the same as I am about the year. I’m just not having a great day, you know when you wake up (probably on the wrong side of the bed) and instantly everything that happens throughout the day just annoys you? That’s how I’m feeling today, just everything is getting on my nerves… staff in shops, random strangers in the street that repeatedly stop in front of me and never move, long minutes spent in the opticians, annoying hunts for face masks in which at the end you still haven’t purchased a face mask, no time to do the things you really want to do because you’re too occupied with all the things you don’t want to be doing (except writing this post of course!), my house is just covered in stuff from various bedrooms because my entire household decided to have a massive clear out and dump everything in the living room and I know it’s going to sound really stupid and silly but to top it all off, tomorrow I’m not going to get to watch the brand new episode of The Vampire Diaries because my Mum has people over and she says “just watch it on a device that isn’t the television” but our television is way bigger than any other TV-watching device in the house so it’s just not the same and last week’s episode was really dramatic and I’ve been waiting all week to see the new episode and now I can’t.

I’m so sorry about this post and how boring/depressing it must have been to read and not the funny/cheerful post you were probably expecting (hey, you could make a expectation vs reality of this post! Haha! Desperate attempt at trying to be funny). Anyway, I’m going to end this post here before it gets too long and filled with boring things about my life that you don’t want to know – also I have to get back to all of that stuff I should be doing *sigh*

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Inspired Teen 🙂


4 thoughts on “2016 Expectation VS Reality

  1. I think I’m going to have to make a post like this because, just like you, my 2016 has been the complete opposite of what I expected. Also, boys are stupid and you’re too good for all of them 😉

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