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So, at the very end of last month RosyPop started a competition which I said I would participate in and I said I would participate because I think it’s a really cool idea! Although there is no physical or object prize she has said she will re-blog the winning post and write a nice little something about them on her blog which I think is better than any physical prize that could be given as compliments are always nice to receive and what a great way to receive some free promotion? I won’t even be fussed if I don’t win as it will be a great experience taking part anyway and that’s all that matters.

The rules for this competition are:

  1. Write a post on something big that we might not have an answer to or just a message you want to get across (e.g: destruction of the Earth, religious questions, the nature of humans)
  2. It can be in many formats – you can write it as a poem, a normal post or something else cool.
  3. Tag me in your post so I can read it and yeah! Just enjoy writing it really.

I have decided to write my post on whether we are actually real, this is a very controversial idea and I personally would say that we actually do exist but it really gets you thinking. When I was a bit younger (12-13) and I was going through that weird stage where everything feels not-quite-right and you don’t really know who you are or your place in the world I thought that it might be possible that we didn’t actually exist and I was very interested in philosophy, sitting here now I realise how much I do believe that we actually exist but it’s very interesting to think about.

This idea/concept first came to me when watching an episode of ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ (which is an absolutely GREAT TV show by the way so if you haven’t seen it you should totally go and check it out!), the episode was the 17th episode of the 6th season and it was called ‘Normal Again’. To give you a quick overview in case you don’t already know, ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ is about Buffy being the ‘chosen one’ and it’s her job to fight and kill demons in her hometown of Sunnydale, there is no one else to do this job for her even though she’s only a high school student but she does have the help of her closest friends and her ‘watcher’ – who is kind of like her teacher/mentor/advisor in all things demons – to fight the demons/vampires with. In Season 6 episode 17 – ‘Normal Again’ – the episode is about Buffy potentially having hallucinated everything we have seen throughout the entire 6 seasons and she is actually a patient in a psychiatric ward, so maybe all the characters we’ve come to know and love don’t actually exist and the only real characters throughout the whole TV show that have ever properly existed have been Buffy and her mother – now, I’m not going to tell you what actually happens if you haven’t seen it but either way I thought this was such a great episode and such an amazing twist idea! It was the first thing I had ever seen like it and throughout the whole episode I was like “there’s no way they can make all of this a hallucination” but the thing is they could have done (and maybe they did) and I think it was one of the best, most interesting episodes of anything I have ever seen – no other TV show ever has made me think and contemplate the meaning of life as hard as that episode of ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’.

The episode also frightened me a little because if that was really true in real life than both alternatives of reality are not desirable – you’re either the mentally ill person who is hallucinating all of this, therefore you’re so unwell that you don’t live in the real world but in this made up world that you’ve created or you’ve been created by the mentally ill person in which you literally just do not exist at all and that is the scariest thing. To think that actually you might only have been created in someone’s head and they are really controlling all of your actions, but I then think that can’t be the case because they couldn’t control literally ever person they created 24/7 so I would have to cease to exist when I wasn’t with the person who was hallucinating which is the main thing that made me realise it wasn’t real.

Of course, this idea brings loads of other ideas to the surface as well; if there is a God how do we know that we even really exist and we’re not just a piece in his games? Like pawns on a chess board, the ones that are needed yet easily discarded. Maybe we’re all players in God’s hallucinations, maybe the reason we believe in a God is because really he has created us all in his hallucinations and without him we just would not exist.

Like I said above, although I consider this idea to be immensely interesting – I personally believe that we are real because that seems to be the only thing that makes sense, because I exist 24/7. But I guess I could be the one hallucinating because I only see my friends and family right in front of me but I know they exist when they’re not near or in front of me – for example, my Mum just opened a drawer in her bedroom and I wouldn’t have asked her to do that if I were hallucinating her and my brother or sister always have stories about their days that I couldn’t possibly have thought of myself, so they have to exist when they’re not with me. But don’t you think it’s bizarre thinking of all these people that continue to exist even when you can’t see them? I think it’s particularly interesting when thinking about strangers, if you sit on a bus you are surrounded by other people going to work or going to an exact location of some sort to continue with their day but once they leave the bus we never see them again and I think it’s so weird to think that even though we don’t see them again they still exist and they’re getting on with their lives the same way I am with mine, but to think that once they get off the bus they are going to work or maybe the shops; the hairdressers or maybe a tanning salon; the train station or maybe a car dealership. You just don’t know what they’re going to be doing with their day or what’s going on with their lives, do they have parents? Children? Siblings? Aunts and/or uncles? Boyfriend/girlfriend? Husband/wife? We don’t know what or who is in their lives and I think it’s really interesting that there are 7 billion other people in the world all going through their own lives and yet we never meet or play are part in any of their lives. It’s so weird when you think that there are 7 billion other people who’s main person in their life is themselves, because obviously you’re stuck with your body and your own conscious thoughts for life but because of that it makes it hard to imagine that other people are dealing with the same experience. Anyway, I’m going WAY off topic so I’m going to end this post here.

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