The Respect Award

Hey guys, so I decided to do this as I don’t have much time today and I just wanted something really quick and easy to do before I spend the evening in London, sorry if it’s not very interesting… I saw Elm do this on her blog and I thought it was really cool so I decided I was going to do it for you guys today! I hope you enjoy it!


The Rules:

1. Paste the award picture in your post.
2. Answer the questions.

The Questions:

What is respect and what does it mean to you?
Respect is very important to me and I think respecting people is the thing that keeps humans humane and keeps the world spinning in the right direction. Respect is when you treat everyone the same no matter who they are inside or out. It’s when you find out that someone has family issues or maybe doesn’t have the easy life you once thought but yet you continue to treat them the same even with that new-found knowledge. Respect is when you love someone so much that you always try and make things right between the two of you no matter what it takes, respect is when you are willing to give up something you really want in order for the other person to do what they really want to do – another word for this is compromise but to me it also takes an awful lot of respect because let’s face it, everyone is a little bit selfish and sometimes there are things that you just want SO much that you will go to any lengths in order to get it but if something else pops up that is more important for another person and they can’t do it unless you give up what you want to do then I think that’s respect, you respect them enough to think it’s worth giving up what you want in order for them to get what they want. I, for example, quite often give up things I want for other people because I’m a very selfless person (if I do say so myself) and I always think other people’s happiness is more important than my own and I will go out of my way to be nice and make others happy. But, if I don’t respect the person I’m doing this for then I wouldn’t give up what I wanted for them because I wouldn’t think it was worth giving up what I wanted for that person. My conclusion is that respect is when you love someone enough that you will be completely selfless for that person. It’s respecting other people’s opinions, for example, I personally don’t do things my mum doesn’t want me doing out of respect to her and respecting her opinion and if she feels strongly that I shouldn’t be doing something I respect her opinion and that prevents me from doing it. I think respect is another word for love.

Who do you respect the most?
I respect so many people so I don’t really know how to single out a specific person, but I really respect my mum and my best friend. But I respect everybody that’s really close to me. I respect my mum because she’s always right and she knows loads of important and interesting things and she’s always willing to have a good debate on basically any topic. I also love and respect how sarcastic she is. I really respect her opinions and views and she does so much for me day-after-day and she will always do things for me no matter how out of her way it is or how much time it takes to do it and I really respect her for doing that for me. I respect my best friend because she doesn’t judge me, this month is our third year anniversary and in the entire three years I have known her she hasn’t judged me about anything even once and I just love her and respect her for it so much! And I hope I respect and don’t judge her in the same way. She’s always up for a long conversation about literally anything, even if she doesn’t have an interest in it and she’s always willing to listen to me talk about something I’m very passionate about and she fakes interest which I love and respect her for too. I respect her for all of her interests and how she will literally spend hours researching any topic in the world and I think that is so respectful because you can literally ask her anything and she will go and find out the information for you. I respect her for her honesty because as far as I know she has never lied to me and I think having a friend that doesn’t lie to you is the most respectable thing there is because I know I can count on her to tell me the truth about literally anything.

Which bloggers have earned your respect?
LifeWithDannielle has earned my respect hugely because ever since I started blogging a month ago when I was really scared no one would like my posts or read them she was always liking my posts and writing comments that really kept me motivated and showed me that there was at least one person out there who was enjoying what I was writing and that (among other things) is what has made me continue my blogging adventure and I don’t see it ending any time soon! Her blog is so fun and all her posts are so awesome! So if you don’t already follow her or aren’t familiar with her blog, go and check it out here –

Elm has really earned my respect as well and I know she did this award originally so I’m not expecting her to do it again but she has also always been there on my blog, liking the posts I write and commenting. She really helped me feel like I had a place in the blogosphere and helped me feel welcome so I really respect and appreciate her for that! Her posts are always really engaging and unique so go over to her blog and check out her posts  –

But most importantly every blogger that I follow and every blogger that follows me has my complete and utter respect because without all of you and without all your continuous support and respect my blog would be nowhere and I would basically be writing posts to myself that no one read, in fact I probably would have given up and labelled this blog as a lost cause but I haven’t done that because of all of you. Everyone that I follow is a complete and continuing inspiration and I love reading through all of your new posts everyday and getting motivated for my day! Thank you to each and every one of you – I sound like I’m saying goodbye or something… haha! I’m not saying goodbye, I’m here for good – or at least a very long time!

I really hope you enjoyed this post – if you did please give it a like, if you aren’t already then you can follow me and if you feel like doing this award then feel free and leave a link in the comments once your post is published so I can read it!

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That’s all for now!

Inspired Teen 🙂





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