Bloggers Are So Nice

Hey guys, so today I have decided to do a post about other bloggers! I know you read the title and were thinking I was going to do a long big-headed post about how amazing I am and how you could only dream of meeting such a nice person like me in the future – or even me myself! Well, I’m not going to do that… instead I’m going to talk about how nice other bloggers are!

I speak a lot on my blog about my blog and why I started it and fears and anxieties I had about starting it and one of my biggest fears about starting a blog was all the criticisms and hate I would receive. Let’s not pretend that cyberbullying and hate doesn’t happen because it does and it’s absolutely awful and people should be a lot more aware of it than they are, but anyway, you always read or watch success stories of people that have started blogs or started YouTube channels or something and they talk about how they handled all of the hate and criticising comments. As a person who is very confident and positive but who also gets upset, stressed, irritated and frustrated very easily if I got mean comments I think I would find it very difficult to handle and would find myself very quickly feeling less confident and less positive and afraid to upload posts on my blog anymore. I don’t know if it’s only once you’re hugely successful that hate messages happen as I haven’t received any yet – and I hope I never do – although it is still a fear I have, especially if my followers continue to grow at the speed they have been over the past couple of months (although I’m not trying to discourage followers so follow, follow, follow!).

Ever since starting this blog however, I have found that every blogger that has commented on my post or I’ve commented on theirs has been really amazingly lovely and friendly in a way that I had never expected! Bloggers on WordPress are actually willing to start conversations with you and don’t just reply to your comments with one line thank yous but try and write a more personal response (I try and do this too but fail miserably!), they are also very kind and helpful if you ever message them with a question or if you write a post about something that’s bothering you; they are always there to give you support and I just think that’s absolutely incredible and so beyond anything I ever expected! The blogging community is just such a great one and it’s almost like we’re all friends here and everyone is welcome with no judgement from others and it’s one of the best feelings in the world.

I have noticed since getting into blogging and following particular tags that if there is ever a new blogger that joins the blogosphere and writes their First Post everyone is instantly there to welcome them to the blogosphere and follow them and I just think that’s so nice! I found it very motivational and exciting when everyone was messaging just to say that they were looking forward to reading my future posts and to welcome me to the blogosphere, to the bloggers writing the comment it’s probably nothing and something they’ve done loads of times for loads of new bloggers but to the individual it’s so nice to instantly get feedback even when you’ve only written you’re first ever post and you’re just getting to grips with how to even use the software and how to blog in a way that people find interesting and what to blog about and how to tag things correctly (something I’m still not sure I’ve got the hang of) etc. but that’s another thing that bloggers are incredibly nice about! When you’re just starting out with blogging and don’t really know what to write or the audience you’re hoping to get you just write and try and make the best posts you can and hope people like them and I have found that bloggers are very supportive in the comments and I always have lovely people that comment and tell me how relatable my post was or how I inspired them to write a post of their own and they’re also just leaving generally nice comments telling me how much they love my blog etc. and I’m not writing this to show off, I’m writing this to further prove my point that bloggers are absolutely wonderful (as long as they’re not secretly creepy paedophilic 40-year-old men!).

Bloggers are also very willing to promote your blog or give you a shout-out without you even having to ask because either they get inspired by something you’ve written and replicate it of sorts or they nominate you, they might even do a post about their favourite bloggers and list you as one of them and it’s always really lovely when someone does that for you and you not even asking or hinting that you would like them to. It’s just a nice thing that I’ve realised the blogosphere do, they look out for each other and promote each other like crazy without bloggers begging them in the comments to mention them in one of their posts.

I think the nicest thing bloggers do, or the nicest thing in my opinion is when you need advice or voice a worry about something. For example… I left a comment on a post called 7 Tips For The First Day Of High School | DashOfMakeup telling the blogger how much I had enjoyed the post and how helpful I had found it given that I will hopefully be going to “high school”/sixth form next year and am absolutely terrified as not only will it be my first day of sixth form but it will be my first day of school EVER and I won’t even know how school works and the rules etc. and I voiced these concerns to DashOfMakeup in the comments and she replied telling me not to worry and that everything would be fine and if I had any further questions to e-mail her. And I know this might sound like a little insignificant thing to most of you, to me it was this absolutely incredibly kind gesture that I never expected to come from a blogger before I started actually blogging, obviously once I started a blog it became obvious pretty quickly how lovely everyone was and what a great community this was to be a part of but the fact that someone was willing to reassure and advise me in this way was just so lovely and I guess I’ve had a long week and a really nice simple act of kindness got to me a little bit more than it usually would!

I really hope you enjoyed this post! If you share my love for the blogging community AKA the blogosphere and were also pleasantly surprised by the kindness given out by all the bloggers within the blogosphere please leave a comment and spread the love! Also, please don’t feel pressured after this post to be extra nice or make an extra special effort to leave comments on my posts – just keep doing what you’re doing!

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5 Shows To Binge Watch

Hey guys, today I have decided to do another ‘5 things’ post just because I really enjoyed doing it yesterday and although I tend to include a lot of words in my posts they’re not all that challenging to write because I don’t have to put too much thought into them. Now I’m not trying to say I’m being lazy and not valuing these posts as highly as I value other posts of mine but I just don’t have the time or energy at the moment to write posts about the more important topics I want to discuss in the future on this blog.

Anyway, today’s post is going to be about 5 TV shows that I consider to be TOTALLY binge-watch-worthy. In fact, I could also title this post ‘my top 5 fav shows’ because I actually think they are! Just so you’re warned in advance they are pretty typical TV shows for a teen girl but I love them anyway and thought it might make an interesting post! Enjoy!

1. Nashvilleif you read my all time favourites post then you might already know that this is my favourite TV show! You’re also probably thinking that if it’s my favourite TV show of course I think it’s going to be totally binge-watch-worthy but actually that’s not true, there are plenty of TV shows I enjoy that I can only watch in short bursts because I either find them too complicated or too emotionally challenging to watch loads of all at one time. Just to give you some background, Nashville is about two country singers who are rivals/arch-enemies and as successful country singers they are both always competing for awards and No.1 in the charts etc. but as the show goes on and the more seasons there are the programme develops a lot more and there ends up being a much bigger cast all having equally important storylines, my Mum sometimes calls it a soap but I don’t actually think it’s like that at all – yes, it’s very dramatic but it’s never over-the-top dramatic in the way of things like EastEnders and Coronation Street and I fully accept that they are both very successful soaps but they are also incredibly over-the-top shows where people behave dramatically for reasons that don’t necessarily require quite so much drama. I also consider soaps to be of poorer acting quality than other TV shows but the acting in this, in my opinion, is very good! I didn’t like country music when I started watching the show and I still don’t try and find new country music but I am quite often listening to the Nashville soundtrack on Spotify. But it’s not all about the music and there is lots of drama that isn’t even about the music business. Another reason it made it into my binge-watching list is because I actually did start watching it by binge-watching it with my Mum, we started on a really hot summer’s day when it was way too hot to do anything else and we just watched it and watched it for about three days until we finished the first season and then we immediately went and bought the second. Since then and since the release of the third season there has been lots more binge-watching happening of this show because I absolutely love it and no matter how many times you’ve seen it, it’s always thrilling and exciting to watch.

2. Teen WolfI remember putting this in my May favourites post a couple of months ago (or maybe it was my June favourites) Anyway, I’m not going to lie and say I watched this because of it’s storyline, I actually started watching it because of one of the leading actors, Dylan O’Brien but it is also just my kind of programme, anything with vampires or werewolves you can count me in! But this programme exceeded my expectations, I don’t know if this improves with time but for the first two seasons and definitely the first you can see that they haven’t had all that much money to put into special effects or anything like that because to be honest the werewolves look like werewolves on TV in the 90s rather than werewolves on TV in 2016 (although the programme debuted in 2011), but if you can get past the special effects and properly take notice of the incredible acting, the chemistry between the actors and the relatability of the characters then you actually realise that it’s a really great TV show. I really suggest you go and watch this show which is available on both UK and American Netflix. I started watching this TV show last month after my final exam, specifically saved for after my final exam when I could reward myself and both season 1 and 2 are only 12 episodes long so it’s not all that hard to get through them very quickly but I got instantly hooked and just wanted to get to know the characters more and find out where the story was going. From the very first episode there is an overarching storyline that you’re just desperately waiting to solve. It’s really funny and there are some characters that are very sarcastic (coming from a very sarcastic family I can completely relate!), but not only that it also has the ability to be dead serious and really emotional in truly admirable ways.

3. Gossip GirlI told you it was a typical list! To be honest when I started watching Gossip Girl I wasn’t properly clear on what it was about nor was I clear on whether it sounded like something I was actually interested in watching, especially given that the picture provided on Netflix was of the entire cast lying in bed together in dresses and suits and it just didn’t seem like my kind of thing but I decided to watch it because it was one of those TV shows that everyone was always raving about in the way that people do – so I decided to watch it as it was free and I didn’t really see any reason not to. Again, I found this programme very surprising and much better than I ever expected it to be! Having watched a few cast interviews I know that some of the things they did were considered to be slightly pushing it and they were very good at reaching the limit of what they were actually allowed to do. I found that for the first couple of seasons I was really struggling my way through but once I reached season 3 I was properly addicted and obsessed, I was in love with all of the characters and could either relate to them, be really jealous of then or hate them with a passion which is much how the characters in the programme felt about each other. The storylines were really good and very interesting to watch and you were constantly hooked and desperately wanting to know what was going to happen next. I am so very happy that I started watching it and kept going with it for the first few seasons until it really got going. Also, it’s got a very big blogger storyline and so is very relatable in that aspect and also I found it to be very motivating and in fact it helped me decide to get a blog when I did.

4. The Vampire Diaries – I thought The Vampire Diaries sounded really cool before I was even old enough to watch it and after my obsession with Twilight I considered this to be my next step, but please don’t view it as the new Twilight because it’s so much better than that! With an amazing cast and amazing storylines this show is a must watch! Again the characters are incredibly relatable and the show just has you incredibly hooked. Obviously there is the typical vampire/human romance and there’s a constant will they won’t they thing going on between characters and there’s also the opportunity to be on a certain ‘team’ in the love triangle which I always love in programmes like this to be honest, it’s part of the pleasure of watching it! Another reason why I like it is because it’s not a typical girly programme, they add the violence and the action in as well so I don’t watch it thinking of how sexist it is because it’s not. There are very strong female leads with strong feminine messages, there are also gay characters which always makes me restore a little bit more faith back into humanity. But it does have some ‘more girly’ bits but it just really adds something to it and you’ve got to always have a few girly moments in programmes like this. Go and watch it if you haven’t already, I promise it won’t let you down! There’s something in it for everybody and it is completely binge-worthy and addictive!

5. How To Get Away With Murder – I have raved about this programme quite a lot on my blog already but I’m going to rave about it again. Personally I don’t think the characters are all that likeable or all that relatable or I don’t find them relatable at least. But amazingly in this TV show it doesn’t seem to matter because there is so much going on that you don’t even properly think about it. How To Get Away With Murder is about 5 law students who end up getting stuck in the middle of a murder. Every episode has it’s own stand alone case but it’s also got an overarching mystery going on and I just absolutely love it. From the first episode I was completely hooked and addicted and I have re-watched it about 5 times since the original watching of it and it doesn’t matter how many times I watch it there are still some unexpected things that happen or not unexpected but things that still have you on the edge of your seat and that make your heart beat a little faster. Not only is it just a truly great TV show but it’s also really interesting and educational, or it was to me, it really developed an interest in law within me that I then pursued and I’m so glad I did because I found it so interesting so definitely consider giving it a try!

And that’s it for this post, if you have seen any of the programmes mentioned above or you’re going to go and check them out after reading this post then please let me know in the comments, as always I love reading and responding!

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5 Things We Should But Don’t Do

Hey guys, again I am so sorry for such a lack of posting this month! I promise I will get back on top of it in August… she says as she remembers she’s busy everyday until the 15th… but I will! Also, there are so many exciting things happening in August that I’m sure I’ll want to write about! It’s been so long and I’ve really missed writing posts so don’t worry that I’ve got bored and I’m going to stop doing it because that is so far from the truth! It’s just been very hard to actually muster up some energy in this never ending heat and going out in this weather saps every bit of energy from my body and my brain isn’t awake enough to write a post after that. Also, I’ve just been insanely busy (but in a good way).

Today’s post is one that I thought of earlier and it’s 5 things people tell us will improve our health that we say we’re going to do and then never do. I really hope you can relate to it and I know some of the things in this list you probably do or maybe you do all of it – if you do then good for you! But I’m sure at some point in your life you’ve said you will do it but haven’t for ages and ages until the day you finally decided to get your act together.

Anyway, here goes!

1. Get plenty of sleep – now I don’t know about any of you but I am always reading on advice pages, magazine pages, blog posts, Tumblr posts that one of the best things you can do for your health and to stay energised is to get plenty of sleep which is about 8 hours, I always say that I’m going to start having earlier nights so I can get enough sleep and also hopefully wake up earlier so I can get more done in my day, however, this never happens. Life always just gets in the way and then not only do I go to bed incredibly late but I also have to get up early. For example, during term time I am so busy with after-school activities that run late into the night that I usually don’t get into bed until about 11 and once in bed I usually use my laptop or read a book for about half an hour to and hour by which time it’s 11:30 or midnight and I can only get approximately 8 hours sleep but of course once I’ve put down my book or stopped using my laptop there’s the actual time it takes to fall asleep which can sometimes be a further half an hour if you’re really restless and have a lot on your mind. There’s also the possibility that you will wake up in the middle of night in random bursts of feeling completely wide awake and having to try and force yourself to go back to sleep. Or when you accidentally forget to turn your phone on silent and get woken up by some stupid company e-mailing you. Anyway, getting enough sleep never actually happens so I am always slightly sleep deprived.

2. Drink lots of water – Again, I don’t know about you but I am always reading this as health advice and it’s definitely important but I’m sure I’m not the only person that struggles to drink plenty of water, because if I were then there wouldn’t be loads of advice pages telling you to drink more water. I really struggle to drink enough water, obviously I drink water but I find it really hard to motivate myself to drink when I don’t actually feel thirsty. I also find it hard to drink water when I haven’t been exercising or using up my energy very much that day, for example, if I have a lazy day in bed with all the windows open and a fan on my body doesn’t get hot enough to need constant water and I’m not using up any energy requiring me to drink water to gain it again. It’s so weird though because it’s something that’s really necessary for our bodies and yet it’s so hard to provide it in the right amount. Please leave any advice on how to actually motivate yourself to drink more water in the comments, if you have any advice of course!

3. Turn off electric devices at least an hour before bed – This is always something I’m reading and I actually did it for about three days sometime last week and I don’t think I was doing it for long enough to properly notice the difference in my night routine but I did find that disconnecting from any kind of electric device an hour before bed made me a lot more productive before bed if nothing else, I always claim I don’t have time for specific things but it’s not actually true I just prioritise my time wrongly, for example, in those three days when I dedicated about an hour and a half before bed to doing something screen free I read an entire book and wrote about 10 pages of my journal which is something I hadn’t done in a long time and both reading and writing in my journal are really important to me but I just get too distracted with screens to actually do those things. Obviously if screens are important to you still use them, for example, this blog is very important to me and so is watching YouTube and I just find Google very useful so I’m not about to give up on technology but I did enjoy my very brief nights without screens, however I didn’t keep it up which is how it ended up on this list.

4. Workout 3-4 times a week – Haha! Now this one is definitely something I procrastinate with a lot and I always think of stupid excuses such as; I’m really tired today, I don’t have a sports bra, I don’t have the right clothes, I don’t know where to go, etc. but I do actually want to do this I just can’t be bothered and on days when I think “Oh maybe I should go for a run” I decide to do it another day and then it just never happens. And I know what I wrote is ‘workout’ but I consider running to fit into that category somewhere. I also want to do yoga and things like sit-ups and press-ups but there’s nowhere in my house big enough for things like that, I can’t afford a gym membership and there is no way I am doing those things in the park, it’s embarrassing enough going running let alone a whole workout routine! But working out is definitely something that is adviced you do often that people tell themselves they’re going to do eventually but just no today. Another excuse I use often is that I’m still ‘very young’ and that most people my age aren’t going running everyday, doing yoga for 15-30 minutes or doing sit-ups and press-ups everyday. That’s what I tell myself to make me feel better.

5. Eat more fruit and veg and less junk food – Junk food is something we are all guilty of eating at some stage in our lives and by junk food I mean chips, burgers, hot dogs, pizza, chicken nuggets, ice cream, chocolate, etc. and we all sometimes eat a little too much of it. Obviously it varies how bad it is and how much of it there is. For example, and just so you know I’m not trying to be all big-headed and I’m not trying to say I’m better than anyone else or showing off but vegan burgers, ice cream, pizza etc. is healthier than the non-vegan equivalents because the non-vegan versions have more fat in them than the vegan options so whilst me eating 8 burgers is probably healthy than a non-vegan eating 8 burgers it still isn’t the best thing to do to my body and although it’s healthier it still makes me feel bad and disgusting mentally for eating so much. I have admittedly been consuming more fruit lately as I have been making fruit milkshakes for a while now which has involved lots of different fruits and has been making me feel really good and it’s with no added sugar (let me know in the comments if you would like some amazing milkshake recipes!) but I don’t eat enough fruit and veg and I know this. There are some days when I eat quite a lot and I feel really good about myself, for example, the other day for lunch I had wholemeal bread with red pepper hummus and salad and I felt really healthy and proud of myself especially as I bought wholemeal bread instead of white bread which I prefer but it’s worse for you. So I’m slowly working my way towards it but the other thing is that at the moment I am not entirely in control of what I eat as I don’t pay for my food and mainly don’t cook or prepare my own food either but as I get older and become more in control of these things I will definitely change the way I eat a bit more. I’m not saying my Mum disapproves of how I eat or doesn’t want me eating certain things but there are other people in the family so she buys food for everyone and it’s not always possible to buy literally everything I might want as there are other people to consider and some of the food I just couldn’t eat fast enough before it went mouldy and rotten. So I always say I will eat better but I find it very hard to actually work towards that goal.

I really hope you enjoyed this post and could relate to it at least a little bit if not a lot! If you want to see more posts like this then please leave a comment down below of what specific topic I could focus on for my 5 things posts. I’m not saying it’s going to be a series but if you’re interested in seeing more posts like this I would be very happy to write them as it’s been great fun! Please leave any comments you have about this post and how relatable it was to you down below. If you enjoyed this post make sure to give it a like and follow me if you aren’t already!

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Liebster Award #2 (2016)

Hey guys, so today I found out that the wonderful SprinklesandSparklesx nominated me for the Liebster Award! I was incredibly honoured as I absolutely love SprinkleandSparklesx blog and I highly recommend that you go and check out her blog because it is truly one of a kind and one of my favourite blogs to read! You can check out her Liebster Award post here and the Liebster Award I did earlier on in the year here.

Without further ado let’s get into the post!

The Rules:

  • Thank the person who nominated you
  • Tell your followers 11 facts about yourself
  • Answer the 11 questions from your nominator
  • Nominate 11 blogs with under 200 followers
  • Leave 11 of your own questions for the people you nominate

11 Facts About Me:

  1. My first ever concert was seeing One Direction in London while they toured their second album Take Me Home
  2. I really want to play guitar and I have little random moments when I play it quite a lot followed by a year where I don’t play it at all
  3. When I was younger I wrote in my diary that I wanted to be a dog walker or Hannah Montana
  4. I really like the idea of vlogging and starting a YouTube channel but I’m too scared to try
  5. I have a gold certificate in figure skating i.e jumps and spins
  6. When I get a dog it’s going to be a Finnish Spitz and I’m going to call him Bradley
  7. I really like Christmas because it brings people together and gives everyone the same purpose for one short month. I also think it’s just one of the prettiest times of year.
  8. Looking at childhood photos makes me more sad than happy.
  9. When I was 5 I used to have nightmares about drowning all of the time, consistently until I was about 6 or 7, it never affected me until a few years ago when I randomly developed a huge fear of water and anything relating to it e.g. boats, swimming pools etc.
  10. I only recently switched to a touch screen phone, before then I had never had one.
  11. Sometimes I think being a boy would be so much more convenient.

11 Questions:

What is your first ever memory?

I thought my first ever memory was of moving house and buying a pack of Harry Potter stickers to put in my sticker book when I was about three or four and I now realise that my first ever memory is of seeing/meeting my little sister for the first time. I don’t remember a huge amount but I remember standing in the doorway of the hospital room with my brother beside me being really excited and then when we went into the room the bed was on the left and my Mum was on it and I can’t remember if my Mum was holding my little sister or whether my little sister had been put in one of those little plastic beds that you get that are attached to the wall and I remember going over and having a big family reunion/cuddle on the bed with my Mum, Dad and my brother and I remember walking over to the plastic bed thing and looking down on my new baby sleeping sister.

What made you get a blog?

I’ve always been a very talkative opinionated person and I’ve also always loved to write. I used to write fiction and reviews and then when I discovered that my best friend has a blog I was jealous and I wanted to get one too, I had already had a vague interest and had been writing blog posts as word documents on my laptop for quite awhile entertaining the idea of getting a blog and never really having the courage to ask my Mum if I could have one, also over time I just became a bit more experienced with computers and designing websites and whilst the appearance of my blog isn’t all that great I had the confidence that I could design one that was good enough and I felt I had enough time to start and maintain a blog. Also sometime last year I started watching YouTubers and I loved what they did and how they documented their lives and there was no way I was getting a YouTube channel so blogging was really second best, although I believe that it’s actually better but don’t tell YouTube! It also just felt like the right time. I feel like I haven’t properly answered the questions, in short I got a blog because I love to write and read about experiences in life and advice. I enjoy writing so much and I wanted to get some feedback and I also just wanted to have the experience of sharing something with others that they appreciate and may benefit them in some way. But I mainly did it for me, because I wanted to know that I was capable of starting and maintaining a blog and hopefully having it be quite popular (I view 107 followers as quite popular!).

If you had £1000 right now, what is the first thing you would buy and why?

A camera. The reason I say this is because I have been thinking about what I want for my birthday and I’ve been contemplating asking for a good camera with a moveable screen and a good microphone, I want this because A) I’m very into the idea of filmmaking (obviously short films with only a small camera) and I would also like to experiment with making vlogs or videos even if I never put them anywhere, especially vlogs as they would just be nice to watch back – although I would also need some gear to go with it all such as memory sticks and SD cards etc. but it’s only because I’ve been thinking about buying a camera quite a bit recently that I say a camera and obviously I wouldn’t spend it all on a camera I would probably buy some gear and put the rest in my bank account for a later date.

What is your biggest achievement?

I don’t know what my biggest achievement is, firstly I don’t want to sound too big-headed and also there have been quite a few things I have achieved that I would consider to be big achievements. I guess my biggest achievement is already having a life plan. I know lots of people my age don’t but I have a life plan and one that I really love so that is definitely a good thing. I guess it’s probably only my biggest achievement if I actually complete and succeed with that life plan right?

Who is your favourite band?

My favourite band is The Vamps. It used to be One Direction and then I discovered The Vamps and One Direction were laying low a little and so The Vamps quickly took over. I’ve seen them live three times now. Once in Brighton and twice in London and they were brilliant all three times! I love all of their songs and all of them are unique and different from the other. If there’s ever a time that I jam out more than usual it’s when I’m listening to The Vamps, I sing their songs at the absolute top of my lungs and nothing’s going to shut me up! If you don’t know who they are or haven’t listened to any of their stuff then I really suggest you go and check them out (you can thank me later!).

Do you have any guilty pleasures?

Um… not particularly. Sometimes I love a good action/superhero movie. Sometimes I will randomly buy a couple of bars of dark chocolate (because most of them are vegan, but you must always check) and eat both of them in one sitting just because I can. I would say the last two are probably binge watching The Vampire Diaries or watching The Maze Runner for the 100th time. I don’t know, are these good answers? I don’t think I really have any guilty pleasures.

What is your favourite holiday destination?

There aren’t really any traditional places we’ve been to on holiday that we keep going back to and I haven’t been on any holidays in particularly exotic or exciting locations, obviously I enjoyed and loved the holidays but I don’t go on holiday to Spain every year or something. I would probably say my favourite holiday location is the Lake District maybe as it was just so green and lovely and there’s only a small town so it’s not like there’s loads of busy shoppers or traffic. I also went on holiday back in April to this really lovely location where there was a lake directly in front of the log cabin that we were staying in and by directly in front I mean there was a small bit of decking that you could sit on and then the lake directly beneath and in front of you, now I don’t really like being near water but I can’t deny the beauty of the location. However, it was only the land that belonged to the people that were letting us stay in the log cabin that was beautiful but we didn’t leave so I can’t judge the town or the surrounding areas but the land that we stayed on was absolutely beautiful! I got some amazing photos which I might share at a later date.

Do you prefer reading books or watching movies?

I don’t know if this is a kind of “do you prefer the book to the movie version” or a general which do I prefer so I’m going to answer both. I usually prefer the book version if it came first as it’s usually more informative and I feel you can get to know the characters a lot more as you can be in their internal thoughts etc. and there’s just so much movies have to miss out to make it short enough. I do tend to watch movies in general more though but I don’t think that means I prefer them it’s just easier to sit down and watch a film when you’ve had a long day and you’re tired than it is to sit down and read a book in my opinion, but I think I like them both in different ways and I take something different away from each of them. I feel like there’s a lot more to admire with films but sometimes I feel more connected to a book. Obviously as an aspiring actress I can take quite a lot away from a film and in some ways watching TV can be kind of like studying as well as enjoyment.

What is your favourite shop?

This is so hard because I have favourite shops for different categories of things. For example I always go in Superdrug when I’m in town because I love looking at all the make-up and I would always go in there over Boots but for clothes I would usually go in Primark over say, H&M (although I was in there today and they had some absolutely lovely dresses that I really wish I could have bought!) And there’s also this second-hand DVD store in my town centre that I go in all the time and am always buying things from because they sell really cheap DVDs and they have loads of them! You can always find something good in there! You can also trade in stuff you have that you no longer want for money or vouchers wish is really good.

Do you prefer a day at the beach or a day by the pool?

I don’t really like either. I have aquaphobia so I don’t really spend all that much time around water, nor do I wish too but I would probably say pool as I don’t like sand at beaches as it gets stuck in your hair and in your shoes and I goes in your eyes if there’s wind and I just don’t really like the sand although your hair looks amazing after you’ve been by the sea I’ll give you that. But I think being by a pool is just so much more refreshing and you feel comfortable that whatever happens weather wise you can find shelter and be warm.

If you had one wish, what would you wish for?

That I had more wishes… haha! Typical! No, I was joking, I think I would wish… to have the perfect life, for everything I’ve got planned to work out okay and to always be happy no matter what happens. Obviously not literally, like if my Mum died horribly say, I wouldn’t want to constantly have a smile on my face or something but I mean that no matter what happens I always end up happy in the end even if it takes quite a long recovery time.

11 Questions For Those I Nominate:

  1.  What is a big realisation you’ve come to in life?
  2. What does your dream life look like?
  3. If someone turned up at your door and said you were going on an adventure to anywhere of you choice, where would you go?
  4. What’s the biggest achievement you’re most proud of?
  5. If you could swap lives with anyone for a day, who would it be and why?
  6. What’s a TV show or film that you wish were real, including all the characters and why?
  7. What are three things you hope to have achieved by the end of 2016?
  8. What person or pet do you wish were still alive?
  9. Who’s your biggest inspiration and why?
  10. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given and why?
  11. If you could choose an age and remain that age forever what age would it be and why?

*NOTE*: All of the questions above are questions I asked in my previous liebster award, not because I’m too lazy to think of new questions but because I am truly interested in your answers to these ones.

So here we are, at the end of another wonderful Liebster Award! I am so honoured to have been able to do two in only a few short months!

Before I officially end this post, I would just like to let all my readers know that I haven’t been blogging over the past couple of days because actually I’ve been trying to write this one for three days now and the WordPress website has just not been working for me at all lately, so I honestly apologise but it has just not been possible for me to write any posts lately because the website hasn’t been working.

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Everything Has A Story

Hey guys, look at me posting two blog posts in two days! Quite unusual for me this month…

Today’s post is going to be about how everything has a long story to tell, this post came to me as I work in a second hand bookshop – which apparently is very inspiring to me as I am always thinking of new blog posts whilst working there – and I was looking at all of the books and wondering who had owned them before they came to our shop and why they were now in our shop, for example, had they been donated by someone because the person hadn’t enjoyed the book? Because they had now grown out of the book? Because they were moving to a smaller place than they currently lived and couldn’t take all of their books with them? Or where they the books of someone who had died and they’d been donated by a friend or relative of that person? There is a never ending list of reasons as to how a book could have come to our store and I think it’s really interesting to think about it.

A few years ago I was standing at a bus stop in London with my siblings and some friends and I saw this woman and I don’t know why it was her in particular or why it was that specific moment that got me thinking about things but when I was stood at the bus stop I looked at this woman and I wondered what she was doing for the rest of the day and what her life was like – not in some kind of creepy stalker way – but it suddenly hit me that everyone we walk past in the street has a life where they centre in it, I think I’ve briefly talked about this before in a previous post/s but I just think it’s really interesting to think about; I like things that realy challenge my thinking and this was one of those things, I must walk past hundreds and hundreds of people when I’m out and about – maybe even thousands if I’m in London and every single one of them continue with their lives after you walk past them and you don’t even remember what any of them look like two minutes after you walk past them and they probably don’t remember you either but the majority of those people are still out there going about their lives and you don’t even know about it, you don’t know if they have a good and easy life or if they’re miserable and have a really hard life, you don’t know and you never will.

I just really enjoy thinking about how everything tells a story of some kind and how things have come in contact with so many different people who all have different experiences, interests and memories, for example, think of shop bought vegetables or fruit – I know it’s kind of a weird example – but they’ve probably been planted, picked, packaged, travelled, unpacked and bought all by different people. The person that planted the first seed probably isn’t the person that then picked the fruit or vegetable, the person that picked the thing probably isn’t going to be the same person that washes and the person that washes it probably isn’t going to be the same person that packages it and I know lots of things like this are done by machines now but they still need some sort of human interaction and then they might need to be put on a plane and then put into a van/lorry and taken to a shop, then they need to be unpacked and put out in the shop and then people buy them and maybe they don’t even eat the thing they buy, maybe they’re buying it for a party or shopping for a friend or family member that can’t shop for themselves. So as you can see by the time we actually see a vegetable or fruit in a shop it’s already been through so much and there are so many people that have come in contact with that specific thing and we don’t think about things like this because actually if we analysed everything we came in contact with this hard we would never be able to think about important things that actually need to dominate our thoughts.

I think one of the most interesting things is houses or hotel rooms. I have lived in the same house since I was about two or three and one day – possibly in the next three years – I might move out to go to University, now my family still plan on living here but maybe one day when my siblings and I have all moved out my Mum will move somewhere else too and to think that we will be leaving behind this house that is full of so many moments and memories, I mean this house has seen me and my siblings completely grow up, it’s had passed and current friends sleep over in it, it’s accomadated various pets and boyfriends and girlfriends, I’ve cried in this house, I’m smiled in this house, I’ve laughed in this house, I’ve had almost all my birthdays in this house, I’ve decorated and re-decorated my room a number of times to accomadate for my growing personality and interests, I revised for my exams in this house, I started this blog in my house, there’s just so much stuff in this house that I don’t want to ever leave behind and there were people that lived here way before me and maybe they created the same moments and memories that they didn’t want to leave behind.

I really hope this post makes sense and got you thinking because it’s really got me thinking and it’s really helped me to appreciate literally everything in life and writing this post has really made me see that everyone has a story to tell and we don’t know what that story is so we should never judge people, we don’t know what that person has been through or what their state of mind is and how do we know that our comments won’t hurt them more than we ever could have thought they would, I’m not the kind of person that judges or says horrible things to people anyway but I think the people that do say horrible things have a deeper reason for it than just trying to be mean and we should try and understand that they might be using it as a defence mechanism and I think it’s really important that if people are bullying you, you try and think that it’s not actually about you and it’s about them, obviously this doesn’t make it okay or right and of course it’s going to affect you and there’s nothing you can do about that but by trying to thinking about the real reason behind their behaviour whilst it won’t stop their behaviour and it will still upset you it might make you feel a little better to realise that and make the connection between their behaviour and their own lives.

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At One With Nature

Hey guys, I feel like I am always starting my blog posts of with an apology at the moment – I have been terrible at posting this month and I am truly sorry! I will try and get back on top of it, I don’t even have a proper excuse as I have loads of ideas for posts; I guess my life has just been kind of busy at the moment which is unusual for the summer time as usually I end up doing nothing!

So today is Sunday and as you may have seen on my summer bucket list I am trying to use Sunday’s more productively, last week I used my Sunday more productively by doing loads of gardening and this week, given that it’s so humid and I feel like I’m slowly suffocating from the heat I decided I’m going to use it to catch up on all the blog related things that I should have done ages and ages ago – such as send in my guest post to L, if you’re reading this L I am so sorry for being so rubbish!!

Anyway, I as usual, had a different post planned for today but then something happened and now I’m going to write something else!

Yesterday I had a really productive day (even though it wasn’t Sunday!), my family were away for the day so I was all alone, I had work in the morning but after that I either had to stay in the house on my own for the rest of the day – which usually makes me feel really uncomfortable and quite anxious or I could make the most of the amazing day that I had as the weather was absolutely lovely! So after I finished work I went to the library to return some books and take some books out, then I walked back into town and tried on some clothes, then I went to the shops and bought some hay for my rabbit and once I got home I made myself some lunch and instead of immediately turning on the TV or using my laptop I got out one of the library books I had borrowed and started reading that instead! The most amazing thing is after lunch, instead of hanging around my house all day like I usually do I actually picked up my camera and walked to the big park which is quite close to where I live – it’s about one mile away from my house – and then I walked around the park taking photos.

I don’t know about anyone else but sometimes when I’m outside nothing looks properly real, it looks either too bright or too dim and I don’t really see things as being properly touchable objects but more seeing things through a TV screen or a window but yesterday when I was walking home from buying the hay for my rabbit I found that the weather was just so perfect and lovely that everything for the first time in ages actually looked properly real! And I looked up at the sky and it was so strikingly blue, it was absolutely amazing and just being out put a smile on my face and that’s why I decided to go to the park after getting home from work.

I think the world is such a big and beautiful place and we don’t spend enough time appreciating and enjoying the outside, enjoying what nature can provide for us rather than sitting in doors staring at computer screen or watching TV having them tell us what the world is really like! I think whilst electronic devices are amazing and so useful, don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t get rid of my laptop or my phone for anything but I do feel like sometimes they contribute to antisocialism and encourage us not to actually get out and about in the world, I decided yesterday to forget about the TV and forget about my computer – even my blog as difficult as it was  – and actually go out into the world and experience nature and life in it’s most natural and original form because let’s face it, 100 hundred years ago none of the stuff that we are now so used to even existed and if it did exist it didn’t exist on quite the same scale as we are used to now, I fear for the children of the future who aren’t going to grow up in the way that I did and I think it’s really sad to think of the way they are going to grow up – it will no longer be about playing hide and seek or ‘IT’ in the park but it will be more about tweeting each other and taking Instagram photos and I just can’t imagine how our current day and age is stimulating children in the way that they need to be able to mature and grow as people.

I think it is a good thing to on occasion leave your devices at home, turn off your phone notifications, take out your headphones and just go for a walk out in the world, the only thing interrupting your peace being your own thoughts and you may be thinking that you do all of these things to avoid your own thoughts and I understand where you’re coming from as I too quite often do things to avoid my thoughts, for example, I always watch TV now whilst going to sleep because I get too distracted by my own thoughts to actually ever fall asleep but I think it’s important to sometimes face your thoughts because once you’ve tackled that thought it won’t dominate your mind anymore, for example, the thing that dominates my thoughts most is worrying about death and I think it is much more bearable thinking about death when you’re out and about walking in a lovely park in the sunshine surrounded by happy dogs and laughing children than it is to think about when you’re in the dark of your room all alone and everyone else in your house is asleep and everything’s dead silent (no pun intended).

Not only is being out and getting some fresh air really good for your mental health it’s really good for your physical health as well! In small amounts it’s really good for your skin and I find that the spots on my face reduce a lot when I’ve been out more, it encourages you to drink more water which is good for you, it helps exercise and move you body which is also good for your physical health, the vitamins provided by the sun are good for your hair, there’s a limitless list of why going outside every once in awhile is incredibly good for you! I also think it’s best to make use of the nice weather whilst it lasts because before long it will be horrible and raining again (or it will be in England!) and that’s very depressing to go out in. I also find that going out and having a walk, getting a bit of exercise and burning off steam is incredibly good for my motivation and concentration when I get back home, it encourages me to write blog posts or do something productive instead of sit around watching TV. When I was revising for exams I went for a half an hour to an hour walk every morning because I found that if I had been for a walk before sitting down to revise I actually remembered the information much better and revised much harder and got a lot more done.

I guess the point of this post is to really make the best of the weather and to think of all the great benefits that come with going out and enjoying the world, even if it’s the same town that you’ve lived in for your entire life like I have there is always something to be enjoyed when you step out of your front door. Once you turn old you will have years to waste sitting in a rocking chair watching TV so make the most of the outside while you still can, you’re not young forever and you never know what could happen to prevent you from being able to do things that you currently take for granted.

I really hope you understand where I’m coming from in this post, if you do then please leave a comment down below as I love reading and responding to your comments!

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Hey guys, sorry I didn’t post yesterday, I was having a slightly bad day and I was also absolutely exhausted and slept for lots of the day! I don’t know what’s wrong with me!

Anyway, today I’m going to write a post about soulmates and fate and whether I believe in either of those things, funnily enough I was thinking of writing a post about this and then my best friend asked me yesterday on the phone if I believed in it and given that I was properly thinking about it I thought now was the perfect time to write a post about it!

I consider soulmates and fate to be kind of magical and mythic and both of those things I don’t tend to believe in but over the years things have happened and it’s made me think that maybe I do believe in it a little bit – or at least I like to think I do. I don’t believe in God but I like to think that some things are meant to happen, but only the good things. You quite often see quotes on the internet saying things like “don’t worry if your life is bad now because God has big plans for you” or something like that and it’s supposed to help you get through the bad time in your life but I like to think that certain things are meant to happen and maybe bad things happen for a short period of time for a much bigger outcome but I don’t ever consider bad things that happen to be fate.

I never used to believe in soulmates because I knew that people got into relationships and then broke up and had best friends that eventually drifted apart so I thought if there was such a thing as a soulmate then this wouldn’t happen. But then three years ago I met my best friend and it wasn’t an instant connection like you read about in books and we haven’t been insepearable ever since but we got each others contact details and even though she lives quite far away from me and I’ve only seen her about six or seven times in three years we’re still best friends and we understand each other in a way no one else ever has and it’s really wonderful having a friend like her but anyway, the point is, I’ve had loads of best friends – I’ve never really gone through a period of my life where I haven’t had someone that I’ve called a best friend – but with my best friend now it’s completely different, we have a better friendship than any other friendship I’ve ever had and when we say we’re going to be best friends forever I actually believe it in a way that I haven’t believed it with any of my other friends, I just know it to be true rather than hope it is true. I don’t know if our friendship is so different from others I’ve had because we’re older and as people mature they have different friendships and relationships with people or because we really are, in some form, soulmates.

I’ve never had a boyfriend so I can’t comment on feeling some kind of soulmate connection to them but I guess the same thing must be true of boyfriends that are true of all my past best friends, I hope to only ever have one boyfriend but if I do go through multiple boyfriends I guess I’ll have a nice time with them and they’ll be important to me but I think eventually I will meet a guy that I get on with better than any of the other guys that I’ve gone out with and maybe I would consider it fate that I had met that particular guy.

I know a handful of people who have got together and married and are still together now and happily married and I find those people very inspiring, they are so lucky that they have met someone who they really can spend the rest of their lives with. My Mum’s best friend – who’s been her best friend since they were 13 – has a girlfriend and they have been together for I think just over 20 years now and I find them a very inspiring couple because although they have the occasional bicker they are a really lovely couple and you can see how much they love and care for one another and I just hope that one day I will be lucky enough to meet someone that makes me feel like that and that I can spend so many years with.

I know I’m not properly talking about whether I believe in soulmates because I actually don’t know, I don’t tend to believe mythical things like this but life’s kind of dull if you don’t believe in something slightly out-of-the-ordinary isn’t it? I think I’m leaning more towards there is such a thing as a soulmate than that there isn’t, but I don’t think soulmates have to mean what they mean in cheesy romance novels I think a soulmate can be your best friend or even your sister, it doesn’t have to be a love interest to qualify as a soulmate in my opinion, just someone who knows you better than anyone else and who you know will always be there for you until the day you die, who supports you no matter what, I think that’s what a soulmate is. You might not have experienced what I have with my best friend, but if you have then you know what I’m talking about, if you haven’t then you will know what I’m talking about when you finally feel it. Although, the other thing is I don’t necessarily believe that everyone does meet their soulmate, but I also don’t think you should go looking for them in the way of fictitious stories either. If you are supposed to meet then fate will find a way of making you meet.

I think I also believe that fate exists, using the example of my best friend again, we met at a home-educated camp and my family only went to the camp because of our best friends of the time, so I think it was kind of fate that I was home-educated and then kind of fate that we met those friends that convinced us to go to the camp and kind of fate that my best friend attended the workshop I was running and then kind of fate that I got her e-mail address and we’ve kept in contact ever since. My best friend and I have had a few discussions where we’ve talked about whether we think we would have met if one or both of us hadn’t attended that camp the year that we did (because neither of us have attended again), and I think I’ve always said that the answer is yes, but I guess it’s impossible that one or both of us wouldn’t have attended because it was fate that made us attend in the first place.

I’m making this post sound way more crazy than I actually mean it too, I’m basically just rambling on pointlessly about nothing in particular! I think it’s a very interesting concept thinking about soulmates and fate. Here’s a question, do you consider believing in soulmates and fate as being linked to religion? Because I’m not religious but still kind of believe in soulmates and fate.

Anyway, I’ve really enjoyed writing this post and I hope you have enjoyed reading it! If you have any opinions or thoughts on soulmates and fate please leave a comment as I would love to know your thoughts on the whole idea, I also love responding to comments!

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