June Favourites 2016

So it’s that time again when I do a monthly favourites post! I have to say I absolutely love doing these posts, there is literally nothing like sharing and talking about the things you’ve been lovin’!

Before I get into the post can we just talk about how crazy it is that it’s already July?!! I have to say I’m very excited for the coming months though as it’s when all of my drama things happen and I just love it all so much!! 🙂

So, with that said, here are my June Favourites for 2016!

I have considerably more favourites than I had last month but I think that’s because I only started keeping track of things in the middle of the month last month.

Anyway… let’s get into it!

TV Shows: The Vampire Diaries – you may or may not know about The Vampire Diaries but it is a TV show about vampires (obviously) and there are also some werewolves and witches in the mix. The show revolves around the main character, Elena Gilbert who is a high school student and two vampire brothers, Stefan and Damon Salvatore. Stefan is currently enrolled at Elena’s high school and it’s not long until Elena develops feelings for him. However, Stefan’s bad brother Damon also has eyes for her and she’s special too; because she looks exactly like a girl they were both in love with hundreds of years ago. ITV2 is currently airing the seventh season every Wednesday at 10-11PM and I am absolutely addicted! This season is full of drama and suspense and they have been doing things in this season that I never ever imagined they would have done in the program so it’s literally impossible to predict! Which is one of the things that makes it so great. I would really suggest going and watching it if you haven’t already. Seasons 1-6 are available on Netflix.

Gossip Girl – I put this in my May Favourites post last month but I finished the last season this month so unfortunately it had to go back in – sorry! I absolutely loved this series and I would highly recommend it! I know it’s one of those typical things that everyone is watching but it’s SO good! If you do start watching it and hate it at the start just keep with it because by season 3 it is completely engrossing and you’re addicted and just can’t get enough! The whole series is available on Netflix.

My final TV series for this month is:

Bad Education – this was recently added to Netflix and I’d wanted to watch it originally when it was first aired on the BBC but I just never got round to it. The episodes are only about 28 minutes long and the seasons are only 6 episodes long so it doesn’t take long to watch and it doesn’t require that much concentration. The series is about a young teacher, teaching history to teenagers and not doing a very good job of it. He’s always getting into trouble and his students are very misbehaved – it’s very funny and just an easy-to-watch comedy really. I would really suggest watching this after a long day when you just want to sit down and relax and not pay too much attention to something. The first two seasons are available to watch on Netflix.

Film: My favourite film of the month was Chalet Girl which actually came out in 2011 but I only watched it in June. The cast was really great, I really love Felicity Jones and Ed Westwick. The film was really funny and kind of natural, it was cheesy but not over-the-top cheesy and I felt like you could really relate to Felicity Jones’ character as she seemed to be just a normal teen trying to earn a bit of money whilst at the same time being incredibly clumsy – which is kind of me, just I’m not earning any money… I would highly recommend this film, it would be great for a sleepover! Chalet Girl is available on Netflix.

Book/s: Girl Online: On Tour By Zoe Sugg (Zoella) – I read the first novel and thought that it was a bit over-the-top in the romance department and there wasn’t enough going on in the other departments but then I read the second novel and I was in love, it was so much better and I loved it from start to finish! The characters developed much more, there was a lot more going on, the storyline was really interesting and fun to read about and overall it just seemed a lot more realistic. I would really suggest you read it over the summer as it would be a great summer read. It’s also very relatable if you’re a blogger as the main character is also a blogger and part of the story is how she deals with juggling school, friends, relationships and blogging and how she deals with hate and people on the internet.

The Art Of Being Normal By Lisa Williamson – I mentioned this book in my Let’s Talk… Transphobia post and I mentioned it because it’s an absolutely incredible book! It’s very rare to find a book that deals with issues such as transphobia but this book does it so well and I feel like it really helps you develop an understanding of what it must be like and how it must feel. Leaving the transgender part of the book aside for a moment, the story is really good, the characters are great and it’s an enjoyable book from start to finish. I really suggest you read this book as it’s very insightful and helpful when trying to understand what it must be like for transgender people.

Beauty: Collection CreamPuff Lip Cream | Shade – Fairy Cake 3 – I’ve had this lip cream for about four years now and I never really used it but recently I saw it lying there so decided to wear it and I’ve been obsessively wearing it ever since. It’s a very obvious colour and it stays on your lips and holds it’s colour very well, the only thing is because it’s a matte finish lip cream if your lips are already dry when you put it on it can make them look even drier so make sure to only wear it when your lips are soft and moisturised.

Makeup Revolution Lipstick | Shade – Dazzle – this is another lip product I’ve been wearing a lot this month, my sister bought it for me for Christmas and I’ve been in love with it ever since. It’s a very dark and bold pink colour, which is my favourite colour and it feels really soft and creamy when it’s actually on your lips, it holds it’s colour for a very long time and it was only £1! Oddly, it also smells really nice!

Original Source Mango Shower Gel – mango is one of my favourite smells of all time and so I bought this shower gel when I saw it in the shops the other day. Not only does it smell gorgeous it’s also an amazing bright orange colour and it makes you feel very summery when you wash yourself with it. To me there is nothing like a lovely summery scent to get you in the mood for summer, I think the smell of summer is a very comforting smell and also a smell that makes you feel motivated and energetic so this shower gel is good for both morning and night time showers as on the one hand it motivates and energises you and on the other hand it’s a very comforting smell that is good for getting ready for bed.

The Body Shop – Vanilla Vanille | eau de toilette – this perfume was a hand-me-down from someone but I have been wearing it a lot lately. Vanilla is another one of my favourite scents as I think it’s just a very lovely sweet scent that makes you feel all warm and happy and reminds you of soft delicate cupcakes and it’s also a really lovely summery scent. I never feel like I am complete for the day until I put on a bit of my Body Shop vanilla perfume, the good thing is if you don’t shower everyday – which I don’t, I shower every other day – then the perfume lasts longer than a day so you don’t need to reapply it, it’s also quite strong with only one spritz so you don’t need to use loads of it up in one go. It smells much nicer than body spray which I also have in vanilla scent because it just smells more expensive, real and sophisticated I guess. Yes, it is on the pricey side but if you’re a fan of perfumes it is definitely one to put on a wish list.

MUA nail polish | Shade – Top coat/Clear – I absolutely love MUA’s make-up, it’s not only really cheap but it’s also really good. I know a clear coat isn’t very interesting but I think it’s kind of essential if you want long lasting nail polish and luckily enough I bought this nail polish in a sale where it was reduced to 50p which was very exciting!! It works really well and really helps preserve the colour underneath it, it works as a solo nail polish without another colour as well. It’s non-gloopy and it’s really lovely and shiny once dry however it does take quite a while to be completely dry and is very good at deceiving you into thinking it’s dry when really it’s not.

MUA nail polish | Shade – Whitewash – I have an absolute love for white nail polish, there is just something so neat and sophisticated about it. I feel it can look both really professional and really relaxed and chilled at the same time. I had never had a white nail polish until last month and since buying it I have just been completely in love. The same as above applies to this nail polish – it’s cheap, non-gloopy, lovely and shiny when dry but takes a while to actually dry. If you’re looking for a white nail polish – or any nail polish for that matter, I really suggest you use this company as their range of colours is amazing and all of the colours are so pretty and just to-die-for.

Song: I have become absolutely obsessed with the song With You from Ghost: The musical. I don’t remember who it was but someone did it on Britain’s Got Talent and ever since I’ve had the original on repeat and have been singing it at the top of my voice – which probably hasn’t made the neighbours very grateful, haha! I really suggest you go and listen to this song (let me know what you think in the comments!).

Album: This is going back quite a few years now but I have been completely addicted to + by Ed Sheeran because it’s so original and it’s got so many beautiful slow songs on there that are really emotional and then it’s got some high beat ones with a bit of rap in them which is cool too! I just love how it’s all acoustic-y and it’s he’s old stuff and not his new stuff, I feel like his new stuff is conforming to expectations and society a bit more than his old stuff that felt much more original. Go and listen to this album if you haven’t already!

Food: I have found a new love in making cupcakes! I just love making them and icing them – and of course eating them! I’ve always wished I did more cooking/baking and I still need to do a bit more cooking of savoury stuff but I’ve become quite good at making cakes, I feel anyway. I have been making my cupcakes from a vegan recipe book called – Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World | Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Terry Hope Romer. We had this book sitting on our shelves for years and then the other day I decided to pick it up and have a look through it and low and behold, there was an entire world of amazing vegan cupcakes just waiting to be made! The recipes are non-complicated, the ingredients aren’t that expensive and they don’t take long to make and cook. I would highly recommend this book for anyone vegan, interested in cupcake making, or someone who has a friend who is vegan and also loves cupcakes!

Last but not least we get onto…


Connor Franta – I have been watching so many videos by Connor this month, not just the new ones but also ones from years ago – I’m not a stalker by the way – because I’m fairly new to this whole world of YouTube/YouTubers so I haven’t seen all the videos that everyone else has seen and I’m trying to catch up! I love how Connor does funny and really relatable videos but he can also do really serious advice type videos and he seems to have such original ideas as loads of videos by him are not only really cool but they’re something I haven’t seen other YouTubers do before and things I never would have thought to do – which makes it even more interesting. I also see quite a lot of myself in Connor as he seems to be one of those people that do really awkward funny things and wants to speak out and be more sociable but when they’re out in public they just kind of close up and don’t say much but when they’re comfortable they are absolutely insanely fun to be around, I don’t know if Connor’s actually like that but that’s the conclusion I have come to after things he’s said and the videos he does etc.

Aspyn Ovard – I adore Aspyn and all of her videos! They’re not only really relatable but they’re also really funny and useful. Aspyn does beauty, lifestyle and travel videos mostly and they’re all just so cool! I find Aspyn’s videos very motivating and inspiring and they make me want to work harder on my blog, travel the world and be healthy basically – all of which are good things! I really suggest you go and check out her videos!

Okay then, those are all of my June Favourites – this post went on literally forever so I hope you are still here reading the end of this post! If you enjoyed it please give it a like and if you aren’t already, follow me!

If you have any suggestions of things I might want to check out for next month’s favourites post (July) please leave your suggestions in the comments, send them to me on twitter or e-mail them to me – aninspiredteen@gmail.com

That’s all for now!

Inspired Teen 🙂












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