Finding Inspiration

Hey guys, sorry for such a late post but I’ve had quite a busy day today and after getting in from work I just wanted to have a break for a bit, chill and watch a movie etc. so that’s what I did and whilst I don’t feel entirely relaxed I am feeling a bit better – however I do think I’m coming down with a bit of a cold.

Anyway, today’s post is about how I find inspiration for all kinds of things and why I think inspiration is important.

I think the current young generation is very prone to just sitting in their rooms all day binge-watching Netflix or YouTube – if you’re lucky, reading a book. And although they can see the nice weather outside they just enjoy the view rather than actually going out and doing something with the time they have available to them, I think this is very sad but I find it true in not only myself but my siblings too. I do love a bit of good inspiration though, but you can find that in the confines of your own bedroom as well – of course inspiration will always spark most when you’re outside exploring the world but I don’t have very much experience in that.

I think one of the key elements to being able to run a successful blog and post regularly is inspiration and it can come in all shapes and sizes. From a blogging point of view you can find post ideas in books, from other blogs, from YouTubers, by searching particular things on Google, I sometimes get inspiration from Tumblr but I think the most important source of inspiration is your own mind – when you think about things that interest you try and decide whether it could be a post, or if something occurs to you which you think is interesting think about whether it could be a post. Of course, you probably get inspired by things you’re not even aware of but I like to think that most of my blog posts have come from me and have been sparked by my own creativity, motivation and ability to be inspired – big-headed, I know! If you’re not willing to find inspiring things then I think you’re going to really struggle with blog post ideas, I may be wrong but that is just my own experience. You can literally make anything in life into a blog post that others may find interesting, did you cook dinner last night? Cool. What was the recipe? Did you have a good day today? Cool. What did you do? Did you just have a sleepover with your best friend? Cool. What are some sleepover essentials you would suggest etc. literally anything can spark inspiration for a post and you don’t even have to seek out that inspiration you just have to have the right state of mind and think about things in a blog-post-writing-way. So if you’re struggling with blog post ideas I really suggest you take a minute to think about the things you’ve done recently and whether they could turn into a post.

The other things, inspiration wise, that I wanted to talk about were things that inspire unexpected things. For example, two of the GCSEs I did this year were Law and Psychology. I decided to study for a Law GCSE because of a TV show called How To Get Away With Murder, which is one of my all time favourite TV shows and if you haven’t already you should totally go and check it out – it’s available on Netflix – you will become completely addicted. But I didn’t expect to watch that TV show and be inspired to earn an entire qualification because of it (I haven’t yet got my results so I may not have got a qualification in it but I’m pretty confident I haven’t failed!) so that was an unexpected way to get inspired for something. I studied for a Psychology GCSE because of my favourite character in a TV show called Bones who was a psychologist and I thought it was cool so I decided to study the subject and learn more about it – I may even go on to study it at A-level!

I think as well as things like that people can be very inspiring – I have a whole long list of inspiring actors, the people closest to me say I just use it as an excuse because I really think they’re good-looking (which some of them are, I’m not gonna lie!) but in actual fact I call them inspirations because they really do inspire me, they inspire me to be the best I can be and to really work hard for what I want because you can’t expect to get things you want with absolutely no work, that just isn’t what happens in life. They inspire me to try different techniques to acting and getting into character and they inspire me to really study up on acting and learn about it as much as I can in as many different ways that I can, for as long as I can because if it’s something you enjoy and want to pursue as a career then you really can achieve it but it takes work. They also inspire me because I know that I am capable of being where they are and being as successful as they are if I just put enough effort into it. They inspire me because they help me realise that I can do anything if I really want it. They help me to keep hope in the things I really want to achieve in life, not just when it comes to acting but in other areas of life as well and by watching their incredible work it helps inspire me to play a character the best that I possibly can.

I also just find just being out of my house very inspiring – especially when it’s sunny! But the world is just such an artistic place in appearance and there are just so many things that can be seen and thought about when observing nature and society. So much to be said about the things people see in their everyday lives and I just love it. I spend hours sometimes just thinking about the lives that other people lead when I pass them on the street and that in itself is a post isn’t it really? The wonderful power of observation is a post all by itself. And a very interesting one at that. I think if we all took two days out of our week say, to even just explore our own town/city and really observe the way it works as a society, even if it’s just going in a café you haven’t been in before and watching the behaviour of the other customers or sitting in an area of the park you wouldn’t normally sit and observing the people around you – maybe even keep a notebook to record what you see – could really help inspire the world and improve the creativity and mind set of the people out there.

I guess what I’m trying to say is – the world is a beautiful and inspiring place, so go out and explore, live a life worth writing about don’t sit indoors reading the blog posts of the people with lives worth writing about. This is also the part when I tell you I’m going to take my own advice and then go straight back to binge-watching 90210 on Netflix. But I am actually considering this as a good idea – I need to live in the moment a lot more than I actually am, so this summer I’m going to start trying to be more spontaneous and see where it gets me – you never know, it might even turn into a blogging series: The spontaneous adventures of an inspired teen! God, I actually LOVE the sound of that! Okay, here’s another example of something inspiring; by writing a post about inspiring things I found inspiration to write more blog posts (and to actually do more with my life!)! Result!

I really hope you enjoyed this post, if you did give it a beautiful golden star! If you aren’t already please click the follow button to read many more posts by moi! Also, feel free to leave a comment with things that inspire you or anything else you feel you want to say on the topic of inspiration – I would leave to read and respond to any comments made!

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Stay inspired!

Inspired Teen 🙂


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