Life’s More Than Materials & Objects

Hey guys, sorry again for such a late post but it’s just one of those few days when you literally just want to lie in bed all day – I always say that Sundays are the days where I get loads of stuff done because I literally have the entire day to do things but of course I spend my day doing literally zero things but I make a pledge here, right now, to start trying to use my Sundays more wisely – I will add that to my summer bucket list after writing this post! Promise! ❤

Anyway, the other day I was sat in my living room and I think I was searching Amazon or something and I realised that I spend so much time thinking about materials and objects and how I don’t have enough money to afford these materials and objects that I really feel it’s getting in the way of what’s really important in my life, the things that really lead to true happiness – such as friends, family, love, pets, nature etc. I spend way too much time thinking about what I’m going to put on this year’s birthday or Christmas list. Or the thing I’m next going to spend my pocket money on (because I don’t yet have a job…).

I have decided to share this post and realisation with you in the hopes that it will lead you to feel happier and empty your mind from all of the junk capitalism fills it with. You don’t need to have hundreds of clothes, lipsticks or DVDs to be happy. Sometimes I read blog posts or watch videos and I really envy the people making them because they have better clothes than me or more make-up than me and I get really annoyed because I don’t have any money to buy these things and when I do have money and then I spend it I always feel really bad for not saving it – it’s a lose-lose situation either way. I feel like I’m not cool unless I have these things that other people seem to have and it makes me really miserable that I don’t have these things but that’s stupid, why do I have to be unhappy with my own stuff because of the stuff that other people own. It’s so silly.

I quite fancy being a minimalist but I also fancy having loads of stuff and showing it off in the way that I’ve already talked about. I feel like being a minimalist would just be so liberating and I would feel less stressed, more at peace and able to just relax without having all of this stuff filling up not only physical space but my mental space as well but it’s just so hard to get rid of stuff because you just never know when you might need it again which is why I feel like I have so much stuff just filling up my space all the time but no ability to get rid of it because I just can’t stand to get rid of my stuff in case I need it.

Of course I am also a really big fan of collecting a lot of stuff – for example I have almost 100 DVDs and I absolutely love it! It makes me really happy when I look at my shelf and see all of my DVDs because I know that not only do they look really cool and impressive (in my opinion) but they are also all just really great movies! I like having lots of nail polishes, lots of books and lots of CDs. So you can see how my personality kind of conflicts with itself which is very annoying! I think it will be better when I move out and my house isn’t also full up of stuff belonging to three other people – of course I plan to live with another person one day but not three other people very different from me with stuff I wouldn’t have in my own house. I think it’s partly due to the fact that not only is my room full of loads of stuff but my entire house is full of stuff too and only a tiny, tiny percentage of all the stuff in my house is actually mine.

I think people take objects way too seriously but they also consider the stuff way too disposable – I’m talking about people that just throw perfectly good objects away rather than taking them to a charity shop, passing them on to friends or family members or selling them on. People also dispose of electrical items too readily, people get rid of and throw away perfectly working phones in order to get the newer edition of the same phone and I think it’s just completely ridiculous, obviously it’s important that you have a phone that’s working so replace it if it’s too slow or no longer does what you want it too but I don’t think people should be replacing phones just because they have the money to or because they want the newest edition of something – that isn’t a reason to get a new phone and certainly not a reason to throw it out and contribute to the destruction of the world.

I think people are forgetting what it really means to live. Hundreds of years ago, people didn’t have objects to obsess over so they had to find other ways to entertain themselves, now I’m not literally saying cut all objects and materials out of your life because obviously they can bring great joy to your life and I’m definitely not about to get rid of this laptop because how would I blog then? And blogging is very important to me. I also love books and am not about to stop reading them now. But I think it’s very important to just think about how life isn’t only about objects, even thinking about it and having it in your mind can make an impact on the way you behave and view life and I think that is a good thing. I would also think about trying to clear your mind of all the materials and objects you want to buy in the future and just spend even a week trying to live without looking at things to buy (maybe it will even help you save some money!). I think people need to think more about the people in their lives and spending time with them – objects are always available, people aren’t. People can leave, people can drift away, people can die so why not make the best of the time you have with them? Believe it or not there is also an entire world out there full of great opportunities just waiting for you to try and experience! So get out and experience some of the world that exists outside of your object-full bedroom. Try and learn a new skill or start a new activity. I just feel like there’s so much more to life! I feel like I am missing so much of what the world has to offer by obsessing over all these objects and materials that the world is constantly telling me I want to buy.

So here I am, at the end of this post and I am going to make a pledge (whatever that is!) to try and spend less time thinking about materials and objects and more time really working towards what I want out of life and spending time with the people that matter to me because when I grow old I want to be able to look back on a life full of great memories and opportunities, not one spent sitting in my bedroom fantasising about purchasing more materials and objects.

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Inspired Teen 🙂




13 thoughts on “Life’s More Than Materials & Objects

  1. Absolutely loved this post! extremely true: I think you just wrote out some things that we’re all thinking ad doing, but not properly considering. This might even have changed my way of thinking slightly :-] XX

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  2. I appreciate the stuff I have and the people that surround me. There’s nothing wrong with wanting pretty things but it’s not okay to place too much value on them.
    An easy way to know what really matters is to think “If everything I owned was inside a house that’s on fire, what would I save first?”
    For me… it’d probably be my laptop. Or my phone. Or both. Yeah, both works.

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    1. I definitely appreciate the stuff I have and of course the people around me. But I do wonder sometimes if I appreciate the stuff around me too much, and whether I’m holding onto things I really don’t need that are actually causing me more stress than comfort and I just need to let that stuff go sometimes. Haha! Those are good choices! I would pick up all of my journals that I’ve been keeping throughout my life and my laptop + charger – my cats as well if they seemed to be stuck but my Mum always tells me that my cats could find their own way out, they’re both very old now though so I don’t know if that’s actually true. Thank you for your comment 🙂


      1. No, no, only things. No living beings. But yeah, cats are rather wily.
        I think there’s a difference between placing value on something and overrating the thing.
        Like, you wouldn’t leave your laptop any old place your journals near water but then you wouldn’t dedicate shrines to them either.

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  3. Honestly I love this so much. I’m the type of girl who doesn’t attach TOO much to material things? Like I know life is more than buying the latest and trendiest things. It’s lovely to see this all written down

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    1. Thank you! I try not to, but there are just some things that mean more than other things pointlessly and it’s not relevant that it should mean anything. For example, I have about three sets of One Direction pyjamas I have been holding onto for about four years just because I used to be a huge fan of them and I basically lived in those pyjamas for a period. But I need to move on and let materials go sometimes. It is isn’t it? Thank you so much for such a lovely comment! 🙂

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