Why I Choose Blogging

Hey guys, so this title can have many meanings but the alternative was making it very long – what this post is going to be about is why I choose to blog over writing fiction.

I have always been driven to write, ever since I could really. I also love to read, until recently I have always had a book in my hand but it’s become harder to read now as I’m so busy so usually I end up watching TV or YouTube videos, or of course, blogging. When I was about 6 I was always writing stories, I remember writing this Doctor Who fanfiction in this little notebook and then having my Mum type it up on the computer for me. I also wrote a story about evil bats once. So, basically I’ve always been writing.

When I was about twelve as well as writing fiction I started reviewing books and I really enjoyed that, although I don’t do it so much now. I should really get back to it – let me know in the comments if you would be interested in reading reviews on this blog!

A couple of years ago I decided that I was finally going to do it and write a full-length novel; it was tough, stressful and I definitely lost motivation quite a few times during the process – and I still haven’t fully edited it but I did it. I wrote a full-length novel and it was absolutely exhilarating finally having people read and comment on it. It took me a year but admittedly I spent months at a time not even touching the document. It was really cool making up an entire world and creating characters – obviously I have always been writing fiction but this was different; firstly I was older and had more experience with both reality and fiction and secondly, I was more committed and I actually wanted to write something and actually finish it. So the characters were given more time to develop than the usual few chapters that I wrote before giving up on the story entirely. Of course, I still love writing fiction and there’s something truly magical about creating your own characters and having people read and fall in love with a world that you have created completely from your own mind, unfortunately I don’t do it as often now but I do really want to get back into it at some point.

Because I’ve always loved writing, when blogs became quite a big thing and I was aware of them I was always eager to start one, however, when I was younger it was less ideal for me to start a blog and I probably would have filled it with a load of rubbish about Hannah Montana that no one was interested in and that I would find really embarrassing in the future so I waited a while – and there was always the permission of my Mum looming over me. Recently (two months ago) I decided to finally make the leap and start a blog, by this time I was watching a number of YouTube videos and vlogs and I kind of knew the things people were interested in seeing, of course there are lots of popular YouTube videos that aren’t actually easy to put into a blog post, I wasn’t reading that many blogs as I didn’t really have access to them or know how to find them but I knew what I wanted my blog to be like because of the YouTube videos I was watching and my own preferences. Starting a blog has honestly been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I keep a journal which is a way of getting personal thoughts and feelings down but I feel like, a blog is a bit like an online journal but it’s better than that because you can interact with others and share experience and advice and in return get experience and advice from others. There’s also awards, tags, challenges, collabs and guest posts which are great fun!

Having a blog is different to writing fiction because you can be yourself as much as possible whilst keeping your anonymity. I see writing fiction a bit like acting (because I’m an actor) – you’re creating a world that doesn’t previously exist and you’re not being yourself (because you’re writing characters into existence that aren’t real), and then there’s not acting, there’s living, where you’re being yourself and talking about your true thoughts and feelings, voicing your own opinions and talking about your interests. I think blogging is in some ways easier I guess, as it’s literally just voicing your own thoughts on the internet whereas when writing fiction you have to really think about characters and their personalities, making sure they’re not too much like characters that other people have already written and then creating a world and story completely unique that no one else has ever done before and it can be very stressful. There’s also the time commitment to consider, writing a novel can take months or more likely, years; writing a blog post takes an 1-2 hours maximum, so not only is it fun but it’s also reasonably quick.

I like how with a blog you can talk about many different issues but with a fictitious book you have to try and stick to the storyline as much as possible and sometimes it can be hard to properly discuss topics and get your views and facts across. I have talked about so many different issues within this blog and it’s been really nice to not only write things that I find interesting but also to see what kind of things other people are doing and take inspiration from that. I find the inspiration part of blogging very cool and a key element to why I enjoy it so much, there’s also very little judgement when it comes to blogging and people don’t really mind if you write blog posts very similar to theirs because they actually take pleasure from the fact that you’ve been inspired by something they’ve written and then they enjoy reading your own thoughts and opinions on the matter; with books I find it can be very hard to try and take inspiration from other books or TV/films because you’re scared of stealing their ideas or being labelled as someone that just copies other people’s ideas and so I find I quite often lack inspiring things when it comes to writing fiction and my imagination isn’t really good enough to create the amazing worlds that people like Suzanne Collins (The Hunger Games), Veronica Roth (Divergent) and James Dashner (The Maze Runner) create, my brain just doesn’t have that much of an imagination but I really wish it did.

I find that blogs not only can be very fun to read and write but they can also be very informative and easy to share and find facts, for example, the EU referendum has just happened and almost every blogger I follow was writing posts about it sharing their opinions, thoughts, facts and advice on what to do when it came to voting.

One of the reasons I don’t write fiction anymore is because I’m so dedicated and concentrated on keeping this blog running, I’m also extremely busy. I’m a very talkative person once I feel comfortable and people actually get to know me and I’m also very interested in sharing my thoughts and opinions on things so obviously keeping a blog is very good for me! There is also nothing like getting a comment or a follow as it’s immediate feedback on your work whereas with books you either have to first find a publisher to take you on or you have to self-publish but then people might never write any feedback on it and if they do it won’t be personal to you because the person doesn’t feel like they know you, whereas, on a blog you can make friends and you feel like you know the person a little bit – or a lot.

I really hope you enjoyed this post, if you did please give it a like and go and follow me if you aren’t already. Feel free to leave any comments down below, I love reading and responding to them!

You can get in touch with me in the comments, via twitter or e-mail me – aninspiredteen@gmail.com

That’s all for now!

Inspired Teen 🙂



6 thoughts on “Why I Choose Blogging

    1. Aww cool! Thank you for your feedback, I’ll hopefully try and do some but ultimately I’m happy with what I’m posting at the moment – maybe reviews can be a backup for when I don’t have any other post ideas left, haha! Or when I’m really busy and just need something easy! 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much!! I’ve tried to choose both but at the moment blogging is just more important and easier! 🙂 But I agree with the being able to express yourself in a different way! Thank you so much for your comment 🙂

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