Eternal Life

Hey guys, so I briefly touched on this topic in yesterday’s post but I thought a fuller, more detailed post would be interesting to write. This post is basically going to be about what it says in the title – eternal life, but don’t worry I’m not about to announce that I’m a vampire, I just want to talk about what it would mean if people really could live eternally.

I’m a very big fan of vampire novels/films/TV shows and I used to think living eternally would be absolutely amazing and I used to want it more than anything – not to be a vampire because that would just be too messes up but to just be able to live forever paused at the exact same age would be just what I wanted, this desire to be able to live eternally paused at one age was brought on by my huge fear of dying/getting old – vampires seemed to solve both these problems for me so that’s the life I wanted for myself.

Both those fears still exist inside me but I no longer see eternal life as the solution. Obviously I would get to live forever but what about everybody else? Some people I know might not want to live forever in which case I would have to see them die, if my friends aged and I didn’t eventually they would all day and then I would have to make new friends and then they would die too and I think the pain that would cause a person, having to go through that all the time would just drive them crazy. I also think eventually people come to terms with death and I guess even welcome it a little bit so it won’t always be like this for me, I won’t always have this fear – or I hope not! People eventually must feel done with their lives and ready to die. I think if I could live for all of eternity I would A) eventually get really bored and B) get really frustrated and angry at every person that existed because after three hundred years or something you’re probably going to be the smartest person alive, especially if you can just keep doing university courses or something like that so I think everyone else’s stupidity would annoy me – this is sounding kind of big-headed and I don’t think I could ever be the smartest person in the world but if you’ve been around for hundreds of years eventually you’re going to get curious and want to pursue interests and once you’ve learnt all there is about that interest you’ll pursue another but eventually you’ll probably have to pursue things that weren’t originally interests so you can try and entertain yourself. I hope this is making sense and you kind of understand, I also hope you don’t think I’m crazy for writing this post.

I am so worried that my life is too short – at the same time I think life is incredibly long – I worry that maybe I won’t get to do everything I want with my life in the time I have left to me, I have so many things on my bucket list and I’m worried I won’t be able to achieve them all and there are probably more things to go on that bucket list because I’m not even 16 yet and it’s already that long, presumably it will only get bigger! There is an infinite amount of opportunities out there in the world to do and experience and I would love to have the freedom to do literally anything I wanted for as long as possible without having to worry about time, you would never have to worry about not being able to complete a bucket list because you would have all the time in the world.

Obviously I don’t think eternity could ever really be eternal because eventually something is going to happen that means you can no longer keep existing, for example, the world could end and then as an eternally living person you would probably have to go with it – I  don’t think I would want to stick around for the end of the world as it would be absolutely terrifying. I also wouldn’t like to grow up and see what humanity becomes, I know that the human race is a great one but it is also a very, very bad one that is currently destroying the planet and it’s really easy to see the effects of climate change now let alone in hundreds of years time, I can’t imagine what the human race will continue to do with it – presumably they will keep creating things that destroy the environment and the planet will continue to be populated by rubbish and objects and cows and of course, people.

My conclusion is that eternal life would be cool at the start but I think it would wear off very quickly, especially when your parents started dying and your friends and your siblings. You would have to continuously move around the world so people didn’t figure out that you never aged. You would eventually get annoyed and angry with everything and everyone. It would be cool to see how humans developed for a short period of time but then that would wear off too and I think pretty quickly you would wish you were just normal and aged and died like everyone else, but of course then you have to face oblivion which is the scariest thought in the whole world and I don’t ever want to experience it – but it’s going to happen, I’m not going to get too much into oblivion though because honestly it makes me really stressed and panicky and it’s really not good for me thinking about it.

I hope you liked this post and didn’t think it was too weird and/or random. If you ever wanted to be eternal (or still do) let me know in the comments as it would be cool to know I’m not the only one – I love reading and responding to the comments people post on my blog!

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Inspired Teen 🙂


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