New Phone! 

Hey guys, so I am actually writing this on my brand new phone – pretty cool right? I don’t usually write posts on a phone and I’m not about to make a habit out of it but I thought I would write this post on here just because I can 🙂 

I’ve had a phone since I was about nine years old. My first phone was a really tiny pink phone that couldn’t do anything other than texting and phone calls, then I got a Samsung that was one of those push up phones with a keypad behind the screen if you know what I mean, after that phone I’ve always had a BlackBerry and to be honest for the period of time that I had them – five years maybe? I’ve been completely obsessed with and in love with them because I just love them so much, however we all know Blackberries have basically been bust for a good couple of years now and their features are some what limited – by limited I mean they basically do absolutely nothing that current day teens actually want, I can hardly get Twitter to work let alone anything else! So after a long hard think I finally decided to get a new phone; I got a new Samsung Galaxy J1 and I’ve oly had it for a few hours and already I am in love with it, I know most of you probably have iPhones so to you this phone probably seems really rubbish but to me this is like a whole new telephone world! I’ve never had a touch screen phone or a phone that could have all the apps I now have on my phone so it’s incredibly exciting for me!

I also managed to get this phone completely free with my contract and I’m so happy I decided to make the switch after all these years! I already know I’m not going to regret my decision! 

Anyway, this was really just a post to talk about my new phone and to test out the new keyboard on it as I haven’t had much opportunity and what better way than to write a blog post for you guys?

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That’s all for now!

Inspired Teen 🙂 


14 thoughts on “New Phone! 

      1. I mean, I got it out of choice, because it’s cool and I never had one when they were in, but I didn’t realize it literally cannot do anything other than text or call (and now I’m stuck with it 🙂 ).

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      2. Yeah, I have an iPad mini, and I do like my phone, I think. (At least, I like that I’m not too attached to it- although judging from the amount of time I spend on this site I haven’t really gotten away from the computer in days. *shrugs*)

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      3. That’s alright then. Yeah, that is a definite benefit to having a phone that doesn’t do anything, I was convinced I wasn’t going to be addicted to my phone when I got a new one yet I’ve been glued to it all day – i’m hoping the newness of it wears off soon so i’m not quite so attached!! I don’t think it’s too bad being addicted to WordPress, at least it’s a more productive type of site 🙂

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