Necessity To Write Posts

Hey guys, it feels like so long since I’ve written a proper blog post for you all but as you know from my daily updates life has just been getting in the way, yesterday I was out from 9AM until 6PM and then we had guests over and my laptop decided to do 3 hour updates that took FOREVER so I couldn’t write on my laptop and there was nothing else good enough.

My original post was going to be about reaching 100 followers but I looked today and discovered that I no longer have 100 followers so I don’t know if I mistakenly thought I had 100 followers yesterday or since yesterday someone has unfollowed me, either way, writing a post about reaching 100 followers now seems a bit too fake I guess; so instead I decided to write a post about how we think it’s necessary to always write blog posts.

Before I even started a blog but when I wanted to I was always reading advice books and blogging tips online and they always said that you had to keep posting content to keep people interested and if you weren’t posting regularly then people wouldn’t choose to follow you, they would unfollow you and they wouldn’t maintain any interest in your blog – now I don’t know if this is true or not because personally I don’t care if someone posts every day or every year, if they’re writing is good and I enjoy reading their posts who cares how often they post? I think the real issue is posting too much. I wouldn’t unfollow someone for posting too little, but I would unfollow someone for posting too much. You know those people on twitter (and I’m probably guilty of this too) that just retweet a thousand tweets a minute so the only thing on your timeline is retweets from someone you follow? I think people that write lots of posts all in one day are a bit like that, because if you post too much the only posts at the top of that person’s reader are going to be your posts and if they have favourite bloggers that they always keep an eye out for new posts then they might be annoyed if you’re taking up their entire reader – I would say two posts a day is the absolute maximum.

Anyway, through reading blog posts for awhile now I have realised that lots of people get stressed and upset when they don’t get to write a post, for many reasons, some people might not want to miss a day (or a week, or a month, or a year) that they would usually blog because of their followers, or just because of who they are as a person, or because of the stupid calendar you get on WordPress where it colours in all the days that you post and I hate not having a coloured in square. Recently I have been really stressed about my lack of posting in the last couple days, yes, I have written a post everyday but two (? Three?) of them have just been daily blog type things where I’ve explained why there won’t be a blog post over actually writing a proper blog post and it’s really annoyed me as I know they’re not very interesting, but I absolutely love this blog and just blogging in general and I hate when I don’t get the opportunity to do it and I feel like it’s necessary for the sake of my followers that I write interesting things everyday because I love it too much to only write a post a week or a couple of times a week so I went for daily blogging but obviously there are always those couple of days when you literally don’t get a single moment from the second you wake up to the second you go to sleep where writing a blog post is a possibility.

I don’t know if my followers would actually get bored and unfollow me because of my lack of posts but I don’t want to wait and find out! I just feel like if they enjoy reading what you write you have to keep encouraging them to continue enjoying what you write and I think if they go to the trouble of following, liking and commenting on your posts the least you can do is provide them with some new content – now I’m not trying to say that everyone should be a daily blogger and people that aren’t are letting down and boring their followers because that is so not true! I’m sure people that post once a week feel the exact same as I do about not blogging at a time their “supposed” to although I imagine it must be even worse for them because not having time in a whole week to write a blog post must be so much more stressful!

I don’t think it is necessary to blog because of your followers, I guess if you’re doing it as a career or earning money from it like all of the successful YouTubers there are you do have a duty to post new things regularly but I think that blogging should be for the person that is blogging rather than for the people that are reading the blog and getting stressed out about it kind of destroys the point of having a blog a little bit I feel and I know this is really hypocritical because I have literally just said that I get stressed out about it too but I think if people unfollow you just because you haven’t managed to find the time to blog in awhile then it’s their lose and not yours – obviously if they unfollow you because your content changes or you write something that really strongly offends them and they unfollow you then that is a completely different matter – but everyone should understand that people have lives that exist outside of the blogging world and sometimes that life just gets too busy and hectic or maybe even just too much and people need to take some time out from their lives including blogging and I think everyone should understand that people can’t blog when they usually do sometimes even if they really want to.

I guess this post is kind of an apology post as well as other things because of my lack of blogging but I just wanted to get this out there are explain how it can be hard to find the time to blog and how people should be respectful and supportive of other bloggers no matter how often they write, also that sometimes people just don’t have the motivation, inspiration or feel up to it for whatever reason and I just hope that everyone understands that and anyone reading this who also gets stressed about not posting when they think they should just don’t worry about it – nobody’s perfect.

I really hope you enjoyed and could relate to this post, if you did please give it a like and if you aren’t already then go ahead and follow me! Feel free to leave any comments on this post or my blog in general down below!

That’s all for now!

Inspired Teen 🙂


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