At One With Nature

Hey guys, I feel like I am always starting my blog posts of with an apology at the moment – I have been terrible at posting this month and I am truly sorry! I will try and get back on top of it, I don’t even have a proper excuse as I have loads of ideas for posts; I guess my life has just been kind of busy at the moment which is unusual for the summer time as usually I end up doing nothing!

So today is Sunday and as you may have seen on my summer bucket list I am trying to use Sunday’s more productively, last week I used my Sunday more productively by doing loads of gardening and this week, given that it’s so humid and I feel like I’m slowly suffocating from the heat I decided I’m going to use it to catch up on all the blog related things that I should have done ages and ages ago – such as send in my guest post to L, if you’re reading this L I am so sorry for being so rubbish!!

Anyway, I as usual, had a different post planned for today but then something happened and now I’m going to write something else!

Yesterday I had a really productive day (even though it wasn’t Sunday!), my family were away for the day so I was all alone, I had work in the morning but after that I either had to stay in the house on my own for the rest of the day – which usually makes me feel really uncomfortable and quite anxious or I could make the most of the amazing day that I had as the weather was absolutely lovely! So after I finished work I went to the library to return some books and take some books out, then I walked back into town and tried on some clothes, then I went to the shops and bought some hay for my rabbit and once I got home I made myself some lunch and instead of immediately turning on the TV or using my laptop I got out one of the library books I had borrowed and started reading that instead! The most amazing thing is after lunch, instead of hanging around my house all day like I usually do I actually picked up my camera and walked to the big park which is quite close to where I live – it’s about one mile away from my house – and then I walked around the park taking photos.

I don’t know about anyone else but sometimes when I’m outside nothing looks properly real, it looks either too bright or too dim and I don’t really see things as being properly touchable objects but more seeing things through a TV screen or a window but yesterday when I was walking home from buying the hay for my rabbit I found that the weather was just so perfect and lovely that everything for the first time in ages actually looked properly real! And I looked up at the sky and it was so strikingly blue, it was absolutely amazing and just being out put a smile on my face and that’s why I decided to go to the park after getting home from work.

I think the world is such a big and beautiful place and we don’t spend enough time appreciating and enjoying the outside, enjoying what nature can provide for us rather than sitting in doors staring at computer screen or watching TV having them tell us what the world is really like! I think whilst electronic devices are amazing and so useful, don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t get rid of my laptop or my phone for anything but I do feel like sometimes they contribute to antisocialism and encourage us not to actually get out and about in the world, I decided yesterday to forget about the TV and forget about my computer – even my blog as difficult as it was  – and actually go out into the world and experience nature and life in it’s most natural and original form because let’s face it, 100 hundred years ago none of the stuff that we are now so used to even existed and if it did exist it didn’t exist on quite the same scale as we are used to now, I fear for the children of the future who aren’t going to grow up in the way that I did and I think it’s really sad to think of the way they are going to grow up – it will no longer be about playing hide and seek or ‘IT’ in the park but it will be more about tweeting each other and taking Instagram photos and I just can’t imagine how our current day and age is stimulating children in the way that they need to be able to mature and grow as people.

I think it is a good thing to on occasion leave your devices at home, turn off your phone notifications, take out your headphones and just go for a walk out in the world, the only thing interrupting your peace being your own thoughts and you may be thinking that you do all of these things to avoid your own thoughts and I understand where you’re coming from as I too quite often do things to avoid my thoughts, for example, I always watch TV now whilst going to sleep because I get too distracted by my own thoughts to actually ever fall asleep but I think it’s important to sometimes face your thoughts because once you’ve tackled that thought it won’t dominate your mind anymore, for example, the thing that dominates my thoughts most is worrying about death and I think it is much more bearable thinking about death when you’re out and about walking in a lovely park in the sunshine surrounded by happy dogs and laughing children than it is to think about when you’re in the dark of your room all alone and everyone else in your house is asleep and everything’s dead silent (no pun intended).

Not only is being out and getting some fresh air really good for your mental health it’s really good for your physical health as well! In small amounts it’s really good for your skin and I find that the spots on my face reduce a lot when I’ve been out more, it encourages you to drink more water which is good for you, it helps exercise and move you body which is also good for your physical health, the vitamins provided by the sun are good for your hair, there’s a limitless list of why going outside every once in awhile is incredibly good for you! I also think it’s best to make use of the nice weather whilst it lasts because before long it will be horrible and raining again (or it will be in England!) and that’s very depressing to go out in. I also find that going out and having a walk, getting a bit of exercise and burning off steam is incredibly good for my motivation and concentration when I get back home, it encourages me to write blog posts or do something productive instead of sit around watching TV. When I was revising for exams I went for a half an hour to an hour walk every morning because I found that if I had been for a walk before sitting down to revise I actually remembered the information much better and revised much harder and got a lot more done.

I guess the point of this post is to really make the best of the weather and to think of all the great benefits that come with going out and enjoying the world, even if it’s the same town that you’ve lived in for your entire life like I have there is always something to be enjoyed when you step out of your front door. Once you turn old you will have years to waste sitting in a rocking chair watching TV so make the most of the outside while you still can, you’re not young forever and you never know what could happen to prevent you from being able to do things that you currently take for granted.

I really hope you understand where I’m coming from in this post, if you do then please leave a comment down below as I love reading and responding to your comments!

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That’s all for now!

Inspired Teen 🙂



9 thoughts on “At One With Nature

      1. Hahaha, that was literally me, but I needed to pick up an elective and all the other ones were things like Art and PE (which I absolutely suck at hahaha). So I guess I’m only really studying it because I needed to choose another sub. I am wanting to get into Nutrition and Dietetics after school, though aha. How about you? What are your plans? 🙂 xx


  1. Spending time outside is great but I always seem to make up an excuse to not go outside but when I’m actually wondering around in the fresh air I love it. I liked how you were so direct on the subject of death because most people tend to ignore this subject and don’t want people to know that they think about it. Loved this post ❤

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    1. That’s exactly me! Which is why I decided not to make up and excuse and to actually go outside and I’m so glad that I did!! Thank you, I think lying to yourself and other people about death doesn’t actually solve the issue so it’s best to just talk about it and this is coming from someone who has had panic attacks in the middle of the night due to thinking about death too much!

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