Everything Has A Story

Hey guys, look at me posting two blog posts in two days! Quite unusual for me this month…

Today’s post is going to be about how everything has a long story to tell, this post came to me as I work in a second hand bookshop – which apparently is very inspiring to me as I am always thinking of new blog posts whilst working there – and I was looking at all of the books and wondering who had owned them before they came to our shop and why they were now in our shop, for example, had they been donated by someone because the person hadn’t enjoyed the book? Because they had now grown out of the book? Because they were moving to a smaller place than they currently lived and couldn’t take all of their books with them? Or where they the books of someone who had died and they’d been donated by a friend or relative of that person? There is a never ending list of reasons as to how a book could have come to our store and I think it’s really interesting to think about it.

A few years ago I was standing at a bus stop in London with my siblings and some friends and I saw this woman and I don’t know why it was her in particular or why it was that specific moment that got me thinking about things but when I was stood at the bus stop I looked at this woman and I wondered what she was doing for the rest of the day and what her life was like – not in some kind of creepy stalker way – but it suddenly hit me that everyone we walk past in the street has a life where they centre in it, I think I’ve briefly talked about this before in a previous post/s but I just think it’s really interesting to think about; I like things that realy challenge my thinking and this was one of those things, I must walk past hundreds and hundreds of people when I’m out and about – maybe even thousands if I’m in London and every single one of them continue with their lives after you walk past them and you don’t even remember what any of them look like two minutes after you walk past them and they probably don’t remember you either but the majority of those people are still out there going about their lives and you don’t even know about it, you don’t know if they have a good and easy life or if they’re miserable and have a really hard life, you don’t know and you never will.

I just really enjoy thinking about how everything tells a story of some kind and how things have come in contact with so many different people who all have different experiences, interests and memories, for example, think of shop bought vegetables or fruit – I know it’s kind of a weird example – but they’ve probably been planted, picked, packaged, travelled, unpacked and bought all by different people. The person that planted the first seed probably isn’t the person that then picked the fruit or vegetable, the person that picked the thing probably isn’t going to be the same person that washes and the person that washes it probably isn’t going to be the same person that packages it and I know lots of things like this are done by machines now but they still need some sort of human interaction and then they might need to be put on a plane and then put into a van/lorry and taken to a shop, then they need to be unpacked and put out in the shop and then people buy them and maybe they don’t even eat the thing they buy, maybe they’re buying it for a party or shopping for a friend or family member that can’t shop for themselves. So as you can see by the time we actually see a vegetable or fruit in a shop it’s already been through so much and there are so many people that have come in contact with that specific thing and we don’t think about things like this because actually if we analysed everything we came in contact with this hard we would never be able to think about important things that actually need to dominate our thoughts.

I think one of the most interesting things is houses or hotel rooms. I have lived in the same house since I was about two or three and one day – possibly in the next three years – I might move out to go to University, now my family still plan on living here but maybe one day when my siblings and I have all moved out my Mum will move somewhere else too and to think that we will be leaving behind this house that is full of so many moments and memories, I mean this house has seen me and my siblings completely grow up, it’s had passed and current friends sleep over in it, it’s accomadated various pets and boyfriends and girlfriends, I’ve cried in this house, I’m smiled in this house, I’ve laughed in this house, I’ve had almost all my birthdays in this house, I’ve decorated and re-decorated my room a number of times to accomadate for my growing personality and interests, I revised for my exams in this house, I started this blog in my house, there’s just so much stuff in this house that I don’t want to ever leave behind and there were people that lived here way before me and maybe they created the same moments and memories that they didn’t want to leave behind.

I really hope this post makes sense and got you thinking because it’s really got me thinking and it’s really helped me to appreciate literally everything in life and writing this post has really made me see that everyone has a story to tell and we don’t know what that story is so we should never judge people, we don’t know what that person has been through or what their state of mind is and how do we know that our comments won’t hurt them more than we ever could have thought they would, I’m not the kind of person that judges or says horrible things to people anyway but I think the people that do say horrible things have a deeper reason for it than just trying to be mean and we should try and understand that they might be using it as a defence mechanism and I think it’s really important that if people are bullying you, you try and think that it’s not actually about you and it’s about them, obviously this doesn’t make it okay or right and of course it’s going to affect you and there’s nothing you can do about that but by trying to thinking about the real reason behind their behaviour whilst it won’t stop their behaviour and it will still upset you it might make you feel a little better to realise that and make the connection between their behaviour and their own lives.

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That’s all for now!

Inspired Teen 🙂


4 thoughts on “Everything Has A Story

    1. Aww I’m so glad someone else thinks the same way I do, I was worried I was going to publish the post and people were going to think “she is such a weirdo, what’s she even talking about?!!” But I’m glad that’s not the case! Thank you so much!! I will check out the link and do the award today as I don’t have anything specifically planned for today’s post!! Aww I’m so honoured!! 🙂


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