The Best Friend Tag

Greetings, readers. Something is different today. Can you tell what it is? Perhaps the first sentence will shed some light. Even if it is only two words long. Then again, it might not. The title of this post is a more obvious clue.

I am not inspiredteen. That is, I am not the usual writer of this blog. I am her friend, Jamila. Her BEST friend, Jamila. I am hijacking her blog to tell you some stuff about her that you might not otherwise know. Strictly speaking, I am ‘guest posting,’ but I feel that ‘hijacking’ is a more appropriate term. I feel a bit rude, really, forcing my presence on you. I mean, there’s a reason you follow inspiredteen and NOT me. Kudos if by some miracle you happen to follow both of us, but I doubt that is the case as we have not linked to each other in the past.

The reason I am here is to answer some Best Friend Tag questions. These will tell you more about the writer of this blog (Oh, all those juicy details she failed to mention) and about me, Jamila – because who are we without our best friends? 🙂

  • When and where did you meet?

I met inspiredteen at a homeschooling festival when we were 12. She was running a dance workshop that I attended, and to be honest, I did not for a minute imagine that we would stay in contact, let alone become best friends. I thought of her as the leader of a dance workshop rather than someone my own age that I could have a conversation with. Firstly, I assumed she was about two years older than me. Partly because she was taller and partly because, uh, she was running a workshop? I did think it was cool, though, that she was running a workshop even though she was ‘only a bit older than me.’ I eventually found out that she was two months YOUNGER than me, and lost all respect for her. Alright, I didn’t lose all respect for her. But I was surprised that she was so young. Secondly, she was really into One Direction? At the time I was one of those people that hated One Direction, and perhaps thought it was slightly cool to dislike them… Thirdly, inspiredteen and I hardly talked to one another at the camp. I only interacted with her when I turned up for her dance workshops each day. She has since told me that I was the only person who consistently turned up for all the workshops, and that she was relieved to know that I would I would be there each day. She is a good teacher, by the way. If you ever meet her, you must ask her to show you how to do a dance. At the end of the camp, I gave her my e-mail address.

  • Why are they your best friend?

Inspiredteen e-mailed me a couple of days after the camp. It is funny when I look back at our first few e-mails because we knew each other so little. I can go and read the e-mail where I asked her how many siblings she had, or something basic along those lines. I find it funny when we talked about the weather in one e-mail. The thing is, the more we communicated, the more we revealed about ourselves, and bizarrely, the more we found we had in common. Despite having what seemed like the opposite interests, our personalities are not too different. Inspiredteen became the one person I could talk to who I knew would not judge me. She was always empathetic, and above all, interested. I appreciated the fact that she felt she could confide in my as well. Well, she could. We told each other about our daily lives, and our conversations progressed from our hobbies to our life’s ambitions. There is a reason why Inspiredteen has such a name on this blog. She really is an inspiring person to know. She always encourages me to pursue my goals, and she is one the most positive people I know.

  • Is there anything you’d change about your best friend?

Err, her music taste? 🙂 Need I say more?

  • What is the once thing you admire the most about your best friend?

She is a person of conviction. I don’t mean that she’s been convicted of crime. When I say conviction, I mean she knows exactly what she wants and exactly what she believes. It also helps is that I agree with those convictions.

  • What is the one thing that only you and your best friend will understand?


  • How would you describe your best friend’s ideal partner?

Male, cheeky, boyish and sweet. Maybe someone that looks kind of boyband-y, or like an actor (saying no names…) I think she would like to marry someone with similar views/beliefs to her – but then again, don’t we all want to marry someone with similar views to ourselves? To be more specific, I think she would prefer to be with someone who did not smoke or drink, but I know that if she liked someone enough and if she knew that those habits would not get in the way of their relationship, she would still be with them. I think she might have said in the past that she does not have a specific type – i.e. if she likes someone, she likes someone. Probably them being vegan would help.

  • Does your best friend like loud music or music that is at a much more reasonable level?

The latter. But then again, it depends whether the question is asking about music GENRE or music VOLUME. Because I am sure we would all like to listen to our favourite music loudly. Even pop music, which my friend likes. But I have a hunch that the question is referring to genre, and I know that rock music is stereotypically louder than pop music. So given that my friend likes mainly boybands, I would say that she likes music that is at a ‘much more reasonable level.’

  • What does your best friend think about the most?

Me, of course… Well… I suppose she thinks about the future, which is the same thing that I think about the most. She is going to be a movie actress. She also thinks about the people she loves a lot.

  • Describe your best friend in one word.


  • Three things your friend doesn’t know about you:
  1. I’m part Lithuanian
  2. I often pretend to be an invisible baby hamster when I’m around my sister
  3. My name means ‘beautiful’

If you have any questions, please ask us in the comments! Thank you for putting up with me. It was really nice to meet you and have a chance to post here. If you liked this post, please say hello to me! I mean, literally introduce yourself. If you want to get to know me better, follow my blog Thisizapen. And do tell me how you came across it 🙂

All the best,



5 Fun Ways To Get Fit

Hey guys, sorry for the massive delay in today’s post, I’ve had a friend round all day.

I decided that for today’s post I would do something that was fairly simple and quick to write but something that will hopefully help and inspire you guys to do something that is really important and that is to remain fit. For many years I’ve been convincing myself that one day I will get fit and it will be great and I will feel amazing – obviously as with everything I procrastinate and procrastinate until it never happens. But the other day I finally got my act together and actually started exercising and doing things that will help improve my fitness and even though it’s only been two weeks I’ve already noticed a slight difference – I guess the annoying thing is that it does take quite a while to notice a huge difference and it can be frustrating when you’re working your ass off and not seeing immediate results, but don’t worry those results will come. Apparently it takes 4 weeks for you to notice a change in your body, 8 weeks for close friends and family to notice a change in your body and 12 weeks for the rest of the world to notice how healthy and fit you are. So it is a long wait, but I’m sure it will be well worth it.

Anyway, today I am going to share with you 5 fun (and easy) ways to get fit!

1. Do It With A Friend

I haven’t made too much of a habit out of doing this but that’s mainly because I don’t have all that many friends that live close to me that it’s easy to go and exercise with. However, today I went for a run with my best friend and it was really great – not only was it very motivational because I had someone that meant a lot to me beside me and encouraging me to keep going but also because I knew that what she was doing was the same as what I was doing, what I mean by this is that she was also improving her fitness and the perfectionist that I am I knew that I couldn’t stand it if there was a chance that she would end up fitter than me after this run through putting in more effort (I mean I learnt our complicated wifi password off by heart just because my brother had…)

2. Dance Your Way To Fitness

I don’t necessarily mean pay for expensive dancing lessons, but literally any amount of dancing you can do – even if it’s only dancing round your room – will help burn calories and exercise your muscles. Although I am with a dance group that I dance with every week I also do many other things that involve dance, for example, I am in a musical and that involves very intensive dance sessions which are very tiring but very good for your body. There are also opportunities to do it for free at home that don’t involve dancing round your room, for example you could look up a dance routine tutorial on YouTube or you could play Just Dance on an Nintendo Wii which is quite a popular pass time for me and my sister.

3. Yoga Sessions

Whilst yoga can be quite damaging if you are doing it incorrectly there are some simple yoga postures that aren’t damaging and are fairly impossible to get wrong. There are also a number of ways of learning about yoga postures; you could get a yoga book, there are many yoga apps, also, again, you could try looking up a YouTube tutorial. There’s also calming music you could listen to whilst doing it to help you relax more. The best thing with yoga is whilst it’s stretching and toning your body it’s also relieving stress and tension and making your body feel really light and wonderful. I tend to use yoga as my kind of warm-down session after a workout.

4. Set Yourself A Reward

I personally think that the feeling you get after working out is enough of a reward in itself but at the same time I think that sometimes, especially if it’s the right kind of day, you just really aren’t in the mood to work out; I would say, particularly on these days, that setting yourself a reward would really help motivate you. Whether the reward is that you’ll get a take-away for dinner or eat a chocolate bar, or even spend the rest of the day binge-watching your favourite TV show, as long as it motivates you enough to exercise I think it’s worth setting a reward. After all, rewards motivate people to do lots of things. Just make sure that your reward is never something like ‘I’ll exercise today and not do it tomorrow’ because if you get into the habit of doing that your fitness will seriously suffer.

5. Do It Outside

I know I have been talking a lot about being able to exercise inside and for free but I really think working out outside every now and then is really good for your mental, as well as your physical, health. If you go outside the sun provides you with vitamins which are good for your skin and hair. I find that being outside and, although it may sound gross, sweating a lot really helps in reducing my spots. Whether you go into your back garden and do some yoga or go for a run at your local park, being able to workout whilst experiencing the fresh air and the sun (if there is any) will really help motivate you and then at the end of the workout you will be left feeling more satisfied, knowing that not only did you workout but you also got some fresh air whilst doing it. It could even be a little walk around the park if that’s all you felt like doing. Any exercise is good exercise.

Just remember to never over do it. Your body still needs to rest ever once in a while.

I really hope you enjoyed this post! Thank you for reading! Make sure to give it a like and if you aren’t already, follow me!

All feedback and comments are welcome (although I tend to prefer the nice ones 🙂 )

That’s all for now!

Inspired Teen 🙂


It’s Been Too Long

Hey guys, it has been so long since I have posted something for you guys and I can only apologise! I have been so insanely busy and I know everyone else has too! The truth is I’ve just had a lot of things going on and loads of opportunities that I haven’t really been able to say no to (but in a good way). It used to be the case that I found the summer really boring and often could never find anything to do and never met up with friends even though I planned to and it was always really hot and back then I was too young to take a moment and make it great so I just wasted my summer away indoors moaning about how it was too hot and how I wanted ice cream and squash. To be honest with you, I am actually really proud of how this summer has turned out. I will review my summer bucket list in September and write a post about how I did when it came to ticking things off. I haven’t actually read back on my summer bucket list since writing it so hopefully there isn’t something that I’ve mentally forgotten to actually do. I guess we’ll find out. I also have to do an August Favourites post but because I’ve been so busy I feel like there won’t be quite as many things on there that I want to talk about.

So, let me spend a little time talking about my summer and what I have been up to recently. So at the start of the month I was rehearsing for a play I was in, and rehearsals were really tiring and taking up quite a lot of my time – I didn’t have a big part or anything but I still had to be there during the rehearsals that lasted for about 5 hours everyday. I kept finding that once I got home literally all I wanted to do was go to bed and watch Netflix or read my book.

A couple of weeks into August I started doing work experience at my local theatre and this involved turning up at 10:30 and then helping with a production they were putting on with 5-10 year-olds which meant it was very exhausting and very loud a lot of the time. After my work experience finished at 3:30 I then got a small break and afterwards went and rehearsed for my play from 4:3o – 8:30, got home had dinner and went to bed. This was pretty much my life Monday to Friday. Then Saturday I actually had my performance and was in the theatre from 10AM until the end of the performance at about 9PM, obviously you can imagine that I just wanted to sleep after that too. During that week I also had an audition for my drama group’s yearly musical. So it was a hectic week but I’m not complaining because it was great experience and I absolutely loved it. I wouldn’t change that week even if I had the choice. But there was always this slightly lingering stress that I didn’t get the opportunity to blog as I really do love it and feel so privileaged that I live in a society where I can actually start a blog for free and have the ability to talk about literally any topic without the fear of criticism etc.

After my performance on that Saturday I had a week before I started rehearsals for the musical. I basically did nothing for a couple of days and then it was my brother’s 18th birthday and we had people round and I made two birthday cakes and they took quite a long time as I made a double-layered oreo cake with oreo buttercream icing (I will post the recipe and pictures on here at a later date.) and I had never made that cake before so it took a while and I wanted it to look absolutely perfect so spent ages doing the icing and making it look right. After my brother’s 18th birthday weekend I had drama rehearsals everyday from 10:30-3:30 and it was very intensive and involved loads of dancing and singing and in the heat we’ve been having in the UK recently it just added to how exhausting it was especially as the windows aren’t very useful as they open directly onto another building and we weren’t really allowed the fans on during rehearsals because they’re too loud and nothing can be heard over them. I always came back from rehearsals and committed my time to lying on the sofa in an exhausted heap. I know lots of this is sounding like I actually had the opportunity to blog but it’s very hard to be motivated and think of good posts to write when it’s really hot and you can hardly keep your eyes open – I’m sure most of you understand this.

I feel like my time away from blogging has been a really positive one because when I started I never expected much to come of it but very quickly my followers started to build and I was committing to writing a post a day and I was getting great feedback but then the more followers you get the more pressure there is to not only write as often as you’ve promised but to also write to the same standard all the time and publish a post at the same time everyday and it can become quite daunting. I am in no way complaining about my follower number or the amount of amazing feedback I’m getting, I just really feel like I needed that time away from blogging to properly take in everything that has happened on my blog in only two short months and to be able sort out a few other things in my life. And now I’m back, I’m not planning on making huge changes to my blog or anything but I can now come to it with a new sense of motivation and desire to succeed with it and I can hopefully kind of push the stress and pressure out of my mind and I am also going to start scheduling posts as much as I can whenever I get the opportunity so I post more often – so watch this space!

And lastly I would just like thank all of you who have continued to follow me, even during my absence, you have no idea how much that means to me or how great it is to be part of such a wonderful and supportive community. I promise that I will post more regularly from now on – hopefully.

That’s all for now!

Inspired Teen 🙂


Periods Are Hell

Hey guys, sorry it’s been quite a while, I’m always insanely busy with loads of commitments in the summer but hopefully things will be quietening down soon – and by soon I mean in about 5 years… haha! Joking! *Goes and cries in a corner because she’s not actually joking*.

Anyway, in case you haven’t figured out from the title of this post I am going to be talking about periods, and yes, by periods I mean the women’s menstrual cycle. And yes, it’s going to be kind of gross and might make some of you feel uncomfortable but it’s a way of life.

I always wonder how guys think about periods, I don’t know if that sounds weird but it probably just seems so weird and alien to them, it’s kind of unimaginable if you haven’t personally experienced it to think that five days, once a month for almost your entire life you have blood gushing out of your body. I know I thought it was pretty unrealistic when my Mum first told me about it when I was about 8-9. Then it actually happened and it wasn’t quite as dramatic as I thought it would be.

I always get really awkward and embarrassed thinking about my period and the thought that anyone might find out I was on my period. When I’m on my period I get really ill, and I mean really ill. Sometimes I spend the entire day screwed up in a ball on my bed, vomiting. It’s really not nice. Anyway… the next day or whenever if someone asks me how I’ve been I’ll say I was ill but in a kind of vague way and then I have to come up with really stupid lies if they ever try and push the illness any further because I don’t want it to get too embarrassing for me or for them. But the thing is, it’s just a way of life for all women and people should be more open to speak about it and it shouldn’t be awkward.

I have this fear that one day I’m going to get a boyfriend and have to cancel a date or something because I’m on my period and feeling really ill and he won’t understand and will be really annoyed and won’t understand how painful it really is to go through. He’ll think I’m just making a big deal out of something that isn’t a big deal. Obviously,  if this did ever happen I would break up with him because he obviously wouldn’t be a very nice person to have as a boyfriend.

I was watching a YouTube video earlier and the person was talking about how when they were younger they couldn’t wait to start their period (before I continue, I just want you all to know that the video wasn’t only about periods) because they thought it would make them seem grown up and womanly. My old friend also had this exact experience and I remember her getting really annoyed whenever me or our other best friend were on our period because she felt like she was missing out or wasn’t properly a teenager or something yet and I was always telling her to embrace the time she had with no period because when it actually came she would be wishing it away instantly, of course my words didn’t change how she felt and eventually she got her period and I remember her texting me and saying “I am a woman. I am a real woman now.” and at first I was like “What the hell, why wasn’t she a real woman before and what’s changed?” and then I realised. Anyway, everyone feels and thinks differently about periods and everyone has different experiences when they’re actually on their period. Some people feel nothing at all, others get really ill and some are in the middle of those two.

As I’ve grown up, my experience with periods has changed slightly. The first few months of having it I felt little or no pain at all and never really understood what all the fuss was about, I think two years after I started I had surgery and ever since the surgery I’ve had other experiences with my period. Now when I’m on my period, but only sometimes, I will be really sick as explained above on the first day of my period and all the other days I’ll be completely fine. No pain at all.

Another experience I have is if I do feel pain but it’s not bad enough to sentence me to bed with a sick bowl then I have pains every day until it ends and the last experience I have, which I have been getting more recently is hormones. I have been getting so hormonal with my periods lately and honestly, it’s worse than the pain. My hormones start a few weeks before my period does and then end about a week after my period has ended. Having heightened hormones is literally the worst thing ever. You may have realised from reading other blog posts of mine that I am a very paranoid person and I have a lot of fears so when my hormones are heightened all of this is heightened too. I also get really paranoid about people dying in accidents or murders etc. and so when I’m feeling really hormonal these fears getting even worse and I get really stressed or really panicked if I don’t hear from someone I care about in a time that I consider to be too long. Something else that I think about a lot and that is worsened by my hormones is life, not in a depressive way but just in a curious, life-is-so-mind-blowing way and thinking about death and how crazy the concept of death is and how bizarre it is that one day I’ll move out and one day I’ll be forty. These thoughts always really stress me out at the best of times and to have them become even worse when I’m on my period makes it particularly hard to deal with.

I would say the worst thing that happens due to hormones has to be how reality is altered, I don’t know if others get this and I didn’t used to but for the past few periods, I’ve found that reality looks a bit funny for a while and it’s almost like I’m viewing the entire world through a glass window or I’m in a bubble and life kind of continues around me, not taking any notice that I’m there. It’s like I’m part of reality but I’m not properly at one with it, I don’t feel properly connected to the people around me and they laugh and talk and I try and interact but it’s always like I’m not quite connecting or interacting with them in the same way. This really gets to me because I’m so paranoid and when something scary like that happens, for a while it’s hard to realise that it’s because of your period and it’s because of your hormones and it’s not because something’s happened to you that’s made you become like this, almost like your brain’s been altered in some way and reality just doesn’t look the same anymore. I don’t know if this sounds completely insane but it happens, and then it goes away after my period does. But it’s honestly the worst experience in the world. Comment down below if you get this experience too (or don’t if you’re not comfortable with talking about it).

I guess what I’m trying to say with this post, although I know I went a little off topic, is that we should all be aware that this is what happens to women and we shouldn’t be afraid to talk about it, men shouldn’t want to not talk about it either because it’s just nature. Without periods the world would be way too over-populated with humans. And not in a good way. I think it’s really important that we take into consideration all the different effects having your period can have on people, I hate it when people always say that a woman is in a bad mood because it’s “that time of the month”, maybe it is, maybe it isn’t but the point is they say it like she just uses it as an excuse to be grumpy when actually it’s a miracle women continue on in the way they do when they’re on their period with everything that they go through. We don’t use it as an excuse and in fact it’s only men that say things like that anyway. I get really quite angry when I’m hormonal and I also get frustrated so easily, it’s like even the tiniest little thing makes me so frustrated I want to punch a wall and it’s really stressful to deal with and I can see how it affects my family as well and it makes me so sad when I can see I’m being horrible to them for no reason but I don’t really know how to stop it. The truth is I’m not even angry, inside I’m falling apart and I feel really lonely. But what you always have to remember is that everything you feel when you’re on your period is all an illusion and that it will get better very soon.

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Beauty Dominates Our Thoughts

Hey guys, today’s post is going to be about something that I think lots of people can relate to, or most girls can relate to anyway.

I got inspired to do this post by many other bloggers who are all blogging about this topic and I wanted to join in the discussion and voice my own opinions and experiences with the subject.

Growing up, maybe without even realising it, we have people telling us how we should look or how we should aspire to look, how tall we should be, what we should wear, how much make-up to wear and how to style our hair, how much we should wear etc. I never really realised this until I got a bit older, that without knowing it people were telling me how I should look to be considered beautiful. When I was younger I loved shows like High School Musical and Hannah Montana and I didn’t realise that without knowing it they were creating stereotypical girls for me to aspire to. Which I in fact did, and started wanting to wear make-up at a very young age and getting really upset when my Mum wouldn’t let me – thinking back to it now it probably didn’t look as good as I thought it did and probably resembled more a child dressing up than a grown-up wearing make-up.

I can’t remember how old I was but from a relatively young age – maybe 12 – I was comparing myself with other girls, both older and the same age as me. There are very few people I look at that I think I’m prettier than, although of course it doesn’t actually matter who’s the prettiest. I was comparing size, voice, hair, eye colour, teeth, breast size, style, eyebrows, how nice their make-up looked, literally everything that was possible to compare I compared and I still do to this day and it not only makes me feel really bad about myself but it makes me annoyed that I think it matters and that I have to compare myself with everyone that I meet.

Not only do we compare ourselves to people all the time but we compare ourselves to people that are taken completely out of context, such as models, singers and movie stars – those people don’t look how they look in real-life, they’re exaggerated, edited versions of themselves. If it’s a model they’ve had they’re photo taken about a million times and had it airbrushed and edited so that there isn’t a single flaw on their entire body. If it’s a movie star then they’ve been filmed at the right angle, with the right lighting and a tone of make-up on! And they’ve filmed scene after scene until it looks right. If you’re a singer you most likely don’t spend your entire life parading around stages in your underwear with perfect curls and amazing eye make-up, that’s just for show. But as a person who feels very self-conscious I can’t help but feel that I have to compare myself to these people even though they are appearing in a way that is out-of-character with who they are and not how they typically look in their daily lives.

I don’t know if I think about these things more than the typical girl because I want to go into a very competitive profession and like it or not, a lot of acting roles are cast on the basis of looking the part rather than being able to act the part and I think that’s really depressing and upsetting and puts a wide range of incredibly talented people at a disadvantage but it’s just a fact. So if I compare myself to the actresses that I see in TV and film then I can determine how likely it is that I will ever end up in a situation like theirs. Where I can be in an incredible show with other insanely talented people and be successful, sometimes I think it’s possible because everyone is always telling me I’m beautiful and that I should become a model (which is totally not going to happen!), so hopefully casting agents will think that too.

The thing that frustrates me the most is it’s a completely pointless thing to spend any time thinking about, obsessing over how someone has blue eyes and you don’t isn’t going to make you have blue eyes. Wishing you were taller isn’t going to make you any taller. So it’s a completely pointless exercise and yet I’m doing it 24/7. Whether it’s by looking at other people in the street or watching TV, I am constantly comparing myself to the people that I see. It also greatly affects your enjoyment of life I feel, having to compare/compete with every person you see that is of the same gender as you. And it’s not even for things such as acting, but I look at my crush and think he’s never going to be interested in me because I’m not pretty enough or I’m too tall or any other crazy example that might mean he wouldn’t want to go out with me and it’s absolutely crazy! Why do these things have to matter so much in our society?

I don’t know about others but even when I’m not comparing myself to other girls physically by seeing them in front of me, whenever I go shopping or I’m deciding what to wear, how to do my make-up and what style to put my hair in I always think of the type of girls you see on Tumblr and compare what I’m planning on wearing with what they wear in photos and I accepted a long time ago that I was never going to be Tumblr girl perfect, and it still gets to me a little bit every once in a while. I always try and push it out of my head and tell myself I’m being ridiculous but everyone secretly aspires to be as pretty as a Tumblr girl because they’re just so pretty and cool.

I really hope you enjoyed this post, if you have any comments please leave them down below – I tend to write lots of posts that are open for discussion, whether you’re for or against my opinion don’t feel shy about leaving a comment! All opinions are welcome and I always appreciate it when people have taken the time to leave a comment!

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July Favourites (2016)

Hey guys, I hope you’re all well. Also, I’ve just realised that I start every post with a ‘hey guys’? Does that offend any of you? Do you see it as sexist, or is it okay, let me know in the comments!

Anyway, it’s that time of the month again – my favourite time of the month – my favourites post! I am always inclined to call it my favourites video because I mostly watch favourites videos on YouTube but then I remember that this isn’t YouTube… not that I’m complaining.

Let’s get right into it!

I have a very strange collection of things in this monthly favourites post because I didn’t really get all that much reading or TV watching time and I also didn’t really experiment with any new make-up but I will try and do more of all those things this month to make a more interesting post!


Pretty Little Liars – this is a pretty classic programme to mention in a favourites post and it’s something that everyone watches (or most people watch) and it recently started it’s 7th and final season. Unfortunately this season hasn’t been quite as good as some of the other seasons but it’s still a programme that I’ve absolutely loved throughout it’s duration and I thought I had to mention it in this post. Also it’s got some of the best relationship and plot twists that you will have ever seen!

90210 – For those of you who don’t know, this programme is a bit like Gossip Girl only less addictive, less dramatic and less good. However, I was binge-watching it quite a lot at the start of the month and was really enjoying it, I watched the entire first season and then just kind of stopped but I do need to get back to it and I will – after I’ve finished binge-watching Teen Wolf (again!)

The X-Files – This is quite old now and I don’t know how popular it is with people of my age or how many people have heard of it but I’ve always been very interested and excited by programmes about the supernatural or the paranormal and this definitely fits into both of those categories. It is quite outdated for special effects but if you can get past that it’s a very interesting and thought-provoking series. I have been watching it with my Mum and really enjoying it.


I don’t tend to watch films all that much lately as I have been getting very into TV shows a lot more and finding I enjoy TV shows better because you can understand the characters in a wider way (I do plan on writing a post about this in the future so keep an eye out!), anyway, the films I’ve watched and enjoyed were:

The Fundamentals Of Caring – I watched this immediately after reading a blogger’s review on it and I thought it sounded amazing (also it had Selena Gomez in who was like my childhood idol, I loved her so much!), so I went straight onto Netflix and hit the play button (unfortunately, it’s a Netflix original so if you don’t have Netflix you can’t watch it… sorry!). This film was funny and just very interesting. It’s hard to explain how I liked it and why but it was unlike anything else I have ever watched and explored different themes to the films I normally watch and it just felt really honest and real. You know when you watch a film and you’re just convinced that it’s not lying to you? That it’s trying to portray reality in the best way it knows how? Well it felt like that. And I love films like that.

Love, Wedding, Marriage – I bought this a couple of months ago after finding it in a second-hand DVD store and was really happy as I had been wanting it for years and years! I found it very pleasantly surprising and really, really enjoyed it! With me there are two ways a rom-com can go – I either think they’re absolutely amazing and I can re-watch them over and over again or I think they’re really boring, cheesy and dull and I wished I had never seen them, this film was the former and it really pleasantly surprised me because normal if I finally get to watch or read something I’ve wanted to for ages I’m really disappointed because I’ve outgrown the thing and it’s no longer good. When I first wanted to watch/read it at the age of 10 or whatever I would have loved it but when I get round to it I no longer love it – that wasn’t the case with this film, I really suggest you hunt it down and watch it because it’s really funny and just really awesome! It’s a perfect rom-com for a sleepover (or date night, if you’re lucky enough to actually have a boyfriend, lucky enough to have a date night and lucky enough to have a boyfriend who wants to watch rom-com’s on date night).


I don’t know if this sounds really pathetic or something but basically for the entire month I’ve had two songs on repeat – I also listened to an album that I’ll include in this list – because they are just amazing songs!

Treat You Better By Shawn Mendes – I don’t really know how to talk about songs in a reviewing kind of way but I loved Shawn Mendes before this song and I loved him even more after hearing this song and I just knew it was going to be something I had on repeat. It’s also a domestic violence awareness raising song which makes it even better – go check it out!

Ruin By Shawn Mendes – Again, a truly amazing song! Shawn Mendes just sings in such a captivating way and his voice is absolutely gorgeous! This song is truly beautiful and has very impressive vocals.

Konk By The Kooks – I am completely in love with this album! I’ve only listened to it a couple of times but I love every second of every song. It puts me in a really happy, cheerful mood and it just makes me feel productive and energetic.


MoreZoella  – I know everyone likes Zoella for her beauty and fashion videos but I have an interest in people’s lives, not in a creepy stalker way but I just like learning about other cultures and other ways of life. And seeing changes I can make to my own life for the better. I also find it kind of motivating watching vlogs and seeing people doing interesting and exciting things – it makes me want to do interesting and exciting things too! Zoella’s vlogs are always really interesting and she’s very honest and relatable in them and although she’s probably altering how she behaves off camera slightly it’s nice to see a side of her that isn’t recommending make-up or teaching us the latest hairstyle, although I do love those videos.

Marcus Butler – I’ve been watching a lot of Marcus’ videos this month because I watched one or two and they were really funny and relatable and he has a way of saying what other people should be saying or are afraid of saying and talking about issues that guys might not necessarily talk about but doing it in a way that is really funny but in a really good way! I think Marcus’ videos are really unique and he always puts an interesting and personal twist on videos which have been done before.


The One Dollar Horse By Lauren St John – I read this book after a friend’s recommendation. I always had this little niggling feeling that I should read it and the book was so pretty visually but because I’m not a horsey person I was always put off it. After my friend said it was really good and she wasn’t a horsey person I thought I would give it a try and I was really pleasantly surprised and I absolutely loved it! You don’t have to be a horsey person to love this book and it has actually encouraged me to take up horse riding again in the future, as I had a few lessons and then stopped.

How Hard Can Love Be By Holly Bourne – I finally got this book out of the library after wanting to read it for ages and it was such an amazing book! Amber, the main character, was such an interesting and exciting character to get to know and the rest of the characters were so intriguing as well! The book was an absolute pleasure and joy to read and at first you might get slightly alarmed by how long it is and there were parts of me that kept looking at how much more of the book I had left to read and filling up with dread or wanting it to just be over but I enjoyed every second, the only reason I ever wanted it to be over is because I have so many exciting books out of the library at the moment and there’s just not enough time in my life to read them all!


So I did have some things to mention in this section but it turns out that Collection don’t make the products I was going to talk about anymore as I’ve had the products for years! Sorry about that!

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Life Update #1

Hey guys, so this post is probably going to be really short as it’s late and I need my sleep as I promised myself that this year I would work towards a happier, healthier me… blah, blah, blah you’ve heard all these kinds of things before.

Anyway, I thought I would just give you a short post explaining a little bit about what’s been going on in my life lately and why I haven’t been posting as much as I normally do or as much as I would like to. As I’ve said before, I do have tons of ideas kept in a notebook that keeps getting updated everyday but it’s just finding the time to actually write the posts. I don’t really want to become one of those bloggers who has the potential to write some really amazing posts and actually writes posts that could be amazing but are actually just decent because they couldn’t or didn’t commit enough time to it. Now I’m not saying that people are lazy as I know how busy life gets, I’m just saying for me personally, as a blogger, I would rather wait until I had the time to write an incredible post than try and make time in my day for it only to have it turn out half the quality. But I am hoping to start a bit of a Blogging Tips series this month where I will talk more about my thoughts on good blogging skills/tips etc. in an attempt not to sound big-headed as I in no way am (and I hope I don’t come across that way!).

Last month (July) was actually a pretty exciting month! I had some great time with a few friends both in person and over the phone. I seem to have become much less socially awkward around people I don’t know all that well this summer and have been spending quite a lot of time getting to know people which has made me really proud of myself.

I started rehearsals for my youth theatre’s summer play and that’s going really well! I learnt all of my lines this morning and I am just really enjoying being in the show. The play isn’t the best one we’ve ever done and I don’t really understand it all that much but it’s still fun and it gives me an opportunity to socialise during the summer which I didn’t used to get all that much and I really hate being socially isolated in the summer. I used to hate the summer exactly because of this fact and since joining my youth theatre I look forward to it continuously after summer ends and before it starts again. It’s going to be a great show! I can’t wait until I get to see a full run through. This year I don’t have all that many lines and not as many as I usually get (again, not trying to sound big-headed) but I actually really enjoy the parts I have and I think I’ve been learning a lot more about acting from having smaller parts, as crazy as it seems. I guess it’s because I only have a very limited amount of time to actually enjoy being on stage doing what I love, so I put a bit more effort into it.

Another exciting thing that is going to be happening in my life very soon is that I’m going to be making my own short film, which is something I’ve never done before and I have absolutely zero experience in it but it’s for course work and is something I really want to do. It’s going to be a lot of hard work and effort especially given that there are lots of other units within the course which are going to be difficult, but hopefully it will all be worth it and I’ll have an amazing film and a qualification at the end of it! Very exciting!

Tomorrow I’m going to be posting my July Favourites post so keep an eye out for that! Also, let me know in the comments if you would like to see more Life Update posts!

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