July Favourites (2016)

Hey guys, I hope you’re all well. Also, I’ve just realised that I start every post with a ‘hey guys’? Does that offend any of you? Do you see it as sexist, or is it okay, let me know in the comments!

Anyway, it’s that time of the month again – my favourite time of the month – my favourites post! I am always inclined to call it my favourites video because I mostly watch favourites videos on YouTube but then I remember that this isn’t YouTube… not that I’m complaining.

Let’s get right into it!

I have a very strange collection of things in this monthly favourites post because I didn’t really get all that much reading or TV watching time and I also didn’t really experiment with any new make-up but I will try and do more of all those things this month to make a more interesting post!


Pretty Little Liars – this is a pretty classic programme to mention in a favourites post and it’s something that everyone watches (or most people watch) and it recently started it’s 7th and final season. Unfortunately this season hasn’t been quite as good as some of the other seasons but it’s still a programme that I’ve absolutely loved throughout it’s duration and I thought I had to mention it in this post. Also it’s got some of the best relationship and plot twists that you will have ever seen!

90210 – For those of you who don’t know, this programme is a bit like Gossip Girl only less addictive, less dramatic and less good. However, I was binge-watching it quite a lot at the start of the month and was really enjoying it, I watched the entire first season and then just kind of stopped but I do need to get back to it and I will – after I’ve finished binge-watching Teen Wolf (again!)

The X-Files – This is quite old now and I don’t know how popular it is with people of my age or how many people have heard of it but I’ve always been very interested and excited by programmes about the supernatural or the paranormal and this definitely fits into both of those categories. It is quite outdated for special effects but if you can get past that it’s a very interesting and thought-provoking series. I have been watching it with my Mum and really enjoying it.


I don’t tend to watch films all that much lately as I have been getting very into TV shows a lot more and finding I enjoy TV shows better because you can understand the characters in a wider way (I do plan on writing a post about this in the future so keep an eye out!), anyway, the films I’ve watched and enjoyed were:

The Fundamentals Of Caring – I watched this immediately after reading a blogger’s review on it and I thought it sounded amazing (also it had Selena Gomez in who was like my childhood idol, I loved her so much!), so I went straight onto Netflix and hit the play button (unfortunately, it’s a Netflix original so if you don’t have Netflix you can’t watch it… sorry!). This film was funny and just very interesting. It’s hard to explain how I liked it and why but it was unlike anything else I have ever watched and explored different themes to the films I normally watch and it just felt really honest and real. You know when you watch a film and you’re just convinced that it’s not lying to you? That it’s trying to portray reality in the best way it knows how? Well it felt like that. And I love films like that.

Love, Wedding, Marriage – I bought this a couple of months ago after finding it in a second-hand DVD store and was really happy as I had been wanting it for years and years! I found it very pleasantly surprising and really, really enjoyed it! With me there are two ways a rom-com can go – I either think they’re absolutely amazing and I can re-watch them over and over again or I think they’re really boring, cheesy and dull and I wished I had never seen them, this film was the former and it really pleasantly surprised me because normal if I finally get to watch or read something I’ve wanted to for ages I’m really disappointed because I’ve outgrown the thing and it’s no longer good. When I first wanted to watch/read it at the age of 10 or whatever I would have loved it but when I get round to it I no longer love it – that wasn’t the case with this film, I really suggest you hunt it down and watch it because it’s really funny and just really awesome! It’s a perfect rom-com for a sleepover (or date night, if you’re lucky enough to actually have a boyfriend, lucky enough to have a date night and lucky enough to have a boyfriend who wants to watch rom-com’s on date night).


I don’t know if this sounds really pathetic or something but basically for the entire month I’ve had two songs on repeat – I also listened to an album that I’ll include in this list – because they are just amazing songs!

Treat You Better By Shawn Mendes – I don’t really know how to talk about songs in a reviewing kind of way but I loved Shawn Mendes before this song and I loved him even more after hearing this song and I just knew it was going to be something I had on repeat. It’s also a domestic violence awareness raising song which makes it even better – go check it out!

Ruin By Shawn Mendes – Again, a truly amazing song! Shawn Mendes just sings in such a captivating way and his voice is absolutely gorgeous! This song is truly beautiful and has very impressive vocals.

Konk By The Kooks – I am completely in love with this album! I’ve only listened to it a couple of times but I love every second of every song. It puts me in a really happy, cheerful mood and it just makes me feel productive and energetic.


MoreZoella  – I know everyone likes Zoella for her beauty and fashion videos but I have an interest in people’s lives, not in a creepy stalker way but I just like learning about other cultures and other ways of life. And seeing changes I can make to my own life for the better. I also find it kind of motivating watching vlogs and seeing people doing interesting and exciting things – it makes me want to do interesting and exciting things too! Zoella’s vlogs are always really interesting and she’s very honest and relatable in them and although she’s probably altering how she behaves off camera slightly it’s nice to see a side of her that isn’t recommending make-up or teaching us the latest hairstyle, although I do love those videos.

Marcus Butler – I’ve been watching a lot of Marcus’ videos this month because I watched one or two and they were really funny and relatable and he has a way of saying what other people should be saying or are afraid of saying and talking about issues that guys might not necessarily talk about but doing it in a way that is really funny but in a really good way! I think Marcus’ videos are really unique and he always puts an interesting and personal twist on videos which have been done before.


The One Dollar Horse By Lauren St John – I read this book after a friend’s recommendation. I always had this little niggling feeling that I should read it and the book was so pretty visually but because I’m not a horsey person I was always put off it. After my friend said it was really good and she wasn’t a horsey person I thought I would give it a try and I was really pleasantly surprised and I absolutely loved it! You don’t have to be a horsey person to love this book and it has actually encouraged me to take up horse riding again in the future, as I had a few lessons and then stopped.

How Hard Can Love Be By Holly Bourne – I finally got this book out of the library after wanting to read it for ages and it was such an amazing book! Amber, the main character, was such an interesting and exciting character to get to know and the rest of the characters were so intriguing as well! The book was an absolute pleasure and joy to read and at first you might get slightly alarmed by how long it is and there were parts of me that kept looking at how much more of the book I had left to read and filling up with dread or wanting it to just be over but I enjoyed every second, the only reason I ever wanted it to be over is because I have so many exciting books out of the library at the moment and there’s just not enough time in my life to read them all!


So I did have some things to mention in this section but it turns out that Collection don’t make the products I was going to talk about anymore as I’ve had the products for years! Sorry about that!

That concludes the end of this post! I really hoped you enjoyed it, to see what I’ve liked in previous months click here and here!

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That’s all for now!

Inspired Teen 🙂





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