Beauty Dominates Our Thoughts

Hey guys, today’s post is going to be about something that I think lots of people can relate to, or most girls can relate to anyway.

I got inspired to do this post by many other bloggers who are all blogging about this topic and I wanted to join in the discussion and voice my own opinions and experiences with the subject.

Growing up, maybe without even realising it, we have people telling us how we should look or how we should aspire to look, how tall we should be, what we should wear, how much make-up to wear and how to style our hair, how much we should wear etc. I never really realised this until I got a bit older, that without knowing it people were telling me how I should look to be considered beautiful. When I was younger I loved shows like High School Musical and Hannah Montana and I didn’t realise that without knowing it they were creating stereotypical girls for me to aspire to. Which I in fact did, and started wanting to wear make-up at a very young age and getting really upset when my Mum wouldn’t let me – thinking back to it now it probably didn’t look as good as I thought it did and probably resembled more a child dressing up than a grown-up wearing make-up.

I can’t remember how old I was but from a relatively young age – maybe 12 – I was comparing myself with other girls, both older and the same age as me. There are very few people I look at that I think I’m prettier than, although of course it doesn’t actually matter who’s the prettiest. I was comparing size, voice, hair, eye colour, teeth, breast size, style, eyebrows, how nice their make-up looked, literally everything that was possible to compare I compared and I still do to this day and it not only makes me feel really bad about myself but it makes me annoyed that I think it matters and that I have to compare myself with everyone that I meet.

Not only do we compare ourselves to people all the time but we compare ourselves to people that are taken completely out of context, such as models, singers and movie stars – those people don’t look how they look in real-life, they’re exaggerated, edited versions of themselves. If it’s a model they’ve had they’re photo taken about a million times and had it airbrushed and edited so that there isn’t a single flaw on their entire body. If it’s a movie star then they’ve been filmed at the right angle, with the right lighting and a tone of make-up on! And they’ve filmed scene after scene until it looks right. If you’re a singer you most likely don’t spend your entire life parading around stages in your underwear with perfect curls and amazing eye make-up, that’s just for show. But as a person who feels very self-conscious I can’t help but feel that I have to compare myself to these people even though they are appearing in a way that is out-of-character with who they are and not how they typically look in their daily lives.

I don’t know if I think about these things more than the typical girl because I want to go into a very competitive profession and like it or not, a lot of acting roles are cast on the basis of looking the part rather than being able to act the part and I think that’s really depressing and upsetting and puts a wide range of incredibly talented people at a disadvantage but it’s just a fact. So if I compare myself to the actresses that I see in TV and film then I can determine how likely it is that I will ever end up in a situation like theirs. Where I can be in an incredible show with other insanely talented people and be successful, sometimes I think it’s possible because everyone is always telling me I’m beautiful and that I should become a model (which is totally not going to happen!), so hopefully casting agents will think that too.

The thing that frustrates me the most is it’s a completely pointless thing to spend any time thinking about, obsessing over how someone has blue eyes and you don’t isn’t going to make you have blue eyes. Wishing you were taller isn’t going to make you any taller. So it’s a completely pointless exercise and yet I’m doing it 24/7. Whether it’s by looking at other people in the street or watching TV, I am constantly comparing myself to the people that I see. It also greatly affects your enjoyment of life I feel, having to compare/compete with every person you see that is of the same gender as you. And it’s not even for things such as acting, but I look at my crush and think he’s never going to be interested in me because I’m not pretty enough or I’m too tall or any other crazy example that might mean he wouldn’t want to go out with me and it’s absolutely crazy! Why do these things have to matter so much in our society?

I don’t know about others but even when I’m not comparing myself to other girls physically by seeing them in front of me, whenever I go shopping or I’m deciding what to wear, how to do my make-up and what style to put my hair in I always think of the type of girls you see on Tumblr and compare what I’m planning on wearing with what they wear in photos and I accepted a long time ago that I was never going to be Tumblr girl perfect, and it still gets to me a little bit every once in a while. I always try and push it out of my head and tell myself I’m being ridiculous but everyone secretly aspires to be as pretty as a Tumblr girl because they’re just so pretty and cool.

I really hope you enjoyed this post, if you have any comments please leave them down below – I tend to write lots of posts that are open for discussion, whether you’re for or against my opinion don’t feel shy about leaving a comment! All opinions are welcome and I always appreciate it when people have taken the time to leave a comment!

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That’s all for now!

Inspired Teen 🙂


4 thoughts on “Beauty Dominates Our Thoughts

  1. This was great! I find myself comparing myself to other people all the time; I am generally positive when it comes to my body but it is still hard when you are surrounded by people telling you what you should strive to be. Thanks for this post!

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    1. Hey! Sorry it’s taken me so long to reply, my phone has obviously stopped notifying me of WordPress notifications… :/ It’s so good to hear that you’re positive when it comes to your body – that is a great achievement! You’re welcome! Thanks for the lovely comment 🙂

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  2. So I was just going to skin read this because I was in a rush, but once I finished the first sentence I was hooked! What you said is so true. A lot of the time I do realise that I’m comparing myself with impossible appearances, but I don’t stop. It’s just too easy to when that’s something society encourages. I try so hard, but I honestly don’t know how to accept myself. I really don’tttt

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    1. Aww! I don’t know whether I should be really flattered or apologising for the fact that I distracted you while you were in a rush – haha! Exactly! It’s what society expects of us and so we comply, but for the worst in my opinion! And don’t worry about it, I know exactly how you feel. You just have to make sure it doesn’t get to you too much 🙂


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