It’s Been Too Long

Hey guys, it has been so long since I have posted something for you guys and I can only apologise! I have been so insanely busy and I know everyone else has too! The truth is I’ve just had a lot of things going on and loads of opportunities that I haven’t really been able to say no to (but in a good way). It used to be the case that I found the summer really boring and often could never find anything to do and never met up with friends even though I planned to and it was always really hot and back then I was too young to take a moment and make it great so I just wasted my summer away indoors moaning about how it was too hot and how I wanted ice cream and squash. To be honest with you, I am actually really proud of how this summer has turned out. I will review my summer bucket list in September and write a post about how I did when it came to ticking things off. I haven’t actually read back on my summer bucket list since writing it so hopefully there isn’t something that I’ve mentally forgotten to actually do. I guess we’ll find out. I also have to do an August Favourites post but because I’ve been so busy I feel like there won’t be quite as many things on there that I want to talk about.

So, let me spend a little time talking about my summer and what I have been up to recently. So at the start of the month I was rehearsing for a play I was in, and rehearsals were really tiring and taking up quite a lot of my time – I didn’t have a big part or anything but I still had to be there during the rehearsals that lasted for about 5 hours everyday. I kept finding that once I got home literally all I wanted to do was go to bed and watch Netflix or read my book.

A couple of weeks into August I started doing work experience at my local theatre and this involved turning up at 10:30 and then helping with a production they were putting on with 5-10 year-olds which meant it was very exhausting and very loud a lot of the time. After my work experience finished at 3:30 I then got a small break and afterwards went and rehearsed for my play from 4:3o – 8:30, got home had dinner and went to bed. This was pretty much my life Monday to Friday. Then Saturday I actually had my performance and was in the theatre from 10AM until the end of the performance at about 9PM, obviously you can imagine that I just wanted to sleep after that too. During that week I also had an audition for my drama group’s yearly musical. So it was a hectic week but I’m not complaining because it was great experience and I absolutely loved it. I wouldn’t change that week even if I had the choice. But there was always this slightly lingering stress that I didn’t get the opportunity to blog as I really do love it and feel so privileaged that I live in a society where I can actually start a blog for free and have the ability to talk about literally any topic without the fear of criticism etc.

After my performance on that Saturday I had a week before I started rehearsals for the musical. I basically did nothing for a couple of days and then it was my brother’s 18th birthday and we had people round and I made two birthday cakes and they took quite a long time as I made a double-layered oreo cake with oreo buttercream icing (I will post the recipe and pictures on here at a later date.) and I had never made that cake before so it took a while and I wanted it to look absolutely perfect so spent ages doing the icing and making it look right. After my brother’s 18th birthday weekend I had drama rehearsals everyday from 10:30-3:30 and it was very intensive and involved loads of dancing and singing and in the heat we’ve been having in the UK recently it just added to how exhausting it was especially as the windows aren’t very useful as they open directly onto another building and we weren’t really allowed the fans on during rehearsals because they’re too loud and nothing can be heard over them. I always came back from rehearsals and committed my time to lying on the sofa in an exhausted heap. I know lots of this is sounding like I actually had the opportunity to blog but it’s very hard to be motivated and think of good posts to write when it’s really hot and you can hardly keep your eyes open – I’m sure most of you understand this.

I feel like my time away from blogging has been a really positive one because when I started I never expected much to come of it but very quickly my followers started to build and I was committing to writing a post a day and I was getting great feedback but then the more followers you get the more pressure there is to not only write as often as you’ve promised but to also write to the same standard all the time and publish a post at the same time everyday and it can become quite daunting. I am in no way complaining about my follower number or the amount of amazing feedback I’m getting, I just really feel like I needed that time away from blogging to properly take in everything that has happened on my blog in only two short months and to be able sort out a few other things in my life. And now I’m back, I’m not planning on making huge changes to my blog or anything but I can now come to it with a new sense of motivation and desire to succeed with it and I can hopefully kind of push the stress and pressure out of my mind and I am also going to start scheduling posts as much as I can whenever I get the opportunity so I post more often – so watch this space!

And lastly I would just like thank all of you who have continued to follow me, even during my absence, you have no idea how much that means to me or how great it is to be part of such a wonderful and supportive community. I promise that I will post more regularly from now on – hopefully.

That’s all for now!

Inspired Teen 🙂



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