5 Fun Ways To Get Fit

Hey guys, sorry for the massive delay in today’s post, I’ve had a friend round all day.

I decided that for today’s post I would do something that was fairly simple and quick to write but something that will hopefully help and inspire you guys to do something that is really important and that is to remain fit. For many years I’ve been convincing myself that one day I will get fit and it will be great and I will feel amazing – obviously as with everything I procrastinate and procrastinate until it never happens. But the other day I finally got my act together and actually started exercising and doing things that will help improve my fitness and even though it’s only been two weeks I’ve already noticed a slight difference – I guess the annoying thing is that it does take quite a while to notice a huge difference and it can be frustrating when you’re working your ass off and not seeing immediate results, but don’t worry those results will come. Apparently it takes 4 weeks for you to notice a change in your body, 8 weeks for close friends and family to notice a change in your body and 12 weeks for the rest of the world to notice how healthy and fit you are. So it is a long wait, but I’m sure it will be well worth it.

Anyway, today I am going to share with you 5 fun (and easy) ways to get fit!

1. Do It With A Friend

I haven’t made too much of a habit out of doing this but that’s mainly because I don’t have all that many friends that live close to me that it’s easy to go and exercise with. However, today I went for a run with my best friend and it was really great – not only was it very motivational because I had someone that meant a lot to me beside me and encouraging me to keep going but also because I knew that what she was doing was the same as what I was doing, what I mean by this is that she was also improving her fitness and the perfectionist that I am I knew that I couldn’t stand it if there was a chance that she would end up fitter than me after this run through putting in more effort (I mean I learnt our complicated wifi password off by heart just because my brother had…)

2. Dance Your Way To Fitness

I don’t necessarily mean pay for expensive dancing lessons, but literally any amount of dancing you can do – even if it’s only dancing round your room – will help burn calories and exercise your muscles. Although I am with a dance group that I dance with every week I also do many other things that involve dance, for example, I am in a musical and that involves very intensive dance sessions which are very tiring but very good for your body. There are also opportunities to do it for free at home that don’t involve dancing round your room, for example you could look up a dance routine tutorial on YouTube or you could play Just Dance on an Nintendo Wii which is quite a popular pass time for me and my sister.

3. Yoga Sessions

Whilst yoga can be quite damaging if you are doing it incorrectly there are some simple yoga postures that aren’t damaging and are fairly impossible to get wrong. There are also a number of ways of learning about yoga postures; you could get a yoga book, there are many yoga apps, also, again, you could try looking up a YouTube tutorial. There’s also calming music you could listen to whilst doing it to help you relax more. The best thing with yoga is whilst it’s stretching and toning your body it’s also relieving stress and tension and making your body feel really light and wonderful. I tend to use yoga as my kind of warm-down session after a workout.

4. Set Yourself A Reward

I personally think that the feeling you get after working out is enough of a reward in itself but at the same time I think that sometimes, especially if it’s the right kind of day, you just really aren’t in the mood to work out; I would say, particularly on these days, that setting yourself a reward would really help motivate you. Whether the reward is that you’ll get a take-away for dinner or eat a chocolate bar, or even spend the rest of the day binge-watching your favourite TV show, as long as it motivates you enough to exercise I think it’s worth setting a reward. After all, rewards motivate people to do lots of things. Just make sure that your reward is never something like ‘I’ll exercise today and not do it tomorrow’ because if you get into the habit of doing that your fitness will seriously suffer.

5. Do It Outside

I know I have been talking a lot about being able to exercise inside and for free but I really think working out outside every now and then is really good for your mental, as well as your physical, health. If you go outside the sun provides you with vitamins which are good for your skin and hair. I find that being outside and, although it may sound gross, sweating a lot really helps in reducing my spots. Whether you go into your back garden and do some yoga or go for a run at your local park, being able to workout whilst experiencing the fresh air and the sun (if there is any) will really help motivate you and then at the end of the workout you will be left feeling more satisfied, knowing that not only did you workout but you also got some fresh air whilst doing it. It could even be a little walk around the park if that’s all you felt like doing. Any exercise is good exercise.

Just remember to never over do it. Your body still needs to rest ever once in a while.

I really hope you enjoyed this post! Thank you for reading! Make sure to give it a like and if you aren’t already, follow me!

All feedback and comments are welcome (although I tend to prefer the nice ones 🙂 )

That’s all for now!

Inspired Teen 🙂



4 thoughts on “5 Fun Ways To Get Fit

  1. It’s always hard to start exercising, isn’t it? I think that’s definitely the worst part! For me, exercising is always easiest when I remind myself that progress is more important than perfection! That and drinking water, because I always forget 🙂

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    1. It is hard but I find that it’s well worth it in the end! Yes, I agree. I don’t think there is a true way to perfect working out, you’ve just got to do it and eventually you will see results. Haha! I’m terrible when it comes to drinking water. I think the worst part for me is not being able to see the results immediately because without that you slowly start thinking ‘what’s the point in me doing this if I can’t see anything different?’ and that kind of takes away your motivational a little bit. Thank you for your comment 🙂

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