The Best Friend Tag

Greetings, readers. Something is different today. Can you tell what it is? Perhaps the first sentence will shed some light. Even if it is only two words long. Then again, it might not. The title of this post is a more obvious clue.

I am not inspiredteen. That is, I am not the usual writer of this blog. I am her friend, Jamila. Her BEST friend, Jamila. I am hijacking her blog to tell you some stuff about her that you might not otherwise know. Strictly speaking, I am ‘guest posting,’ but I feel that ‘hijacking’ is a more appropriate term. I feel a bit rude, really, forcing my presence on you. I mean, there’s a reason you follow inspiredteen and NOT me. Kudos if by some miracle you happen to follow both of us, but I doubt that is the case as we have not linked to each other in the past.

The reason I am here is to answer some Best Friend Tag questions. These will tell you more about the writer of this blog (Oh, all those juicy details she failed to mention) and about me, Jamila – because who are we without our best friends? 🙂

  • When and where did you meet?

I met inspiredteen at a homeschooling festival when we were 12. She was running a dance workshop that I attended, and to be honest, I did not for a minute imagine that we would stay in contact, let alone become best friends. I thought of her as the leader of a dance workshop rather than someone my own age that I could have a conversation with. Firstly, I assumed she was about two years older than me. Partly because she was taller and partly because, uh, she was running a workshop? I did think it was cool, though, that she was running a workshop even though she was ‘only a bit older than me.’ I eventually found out that she was two months YOUNGER than me, and lost all respect for her. Alright, I didn’t lose all respect for her. But I was surprised that she was so young. Secondly, she was really into One Direction? At the time I was one of those people that hated One Direction, and perhaps thought it was slightly cool to dislike them… Thirdly, inspiredteen and I hardly talked to one another at the camp. I only interacted with her when I turned up for her dance workshops each day. She has since told me that I was the only person who consistently turned up for all the workshops, and that she was relieved to know that I would I would be there each day. She is a good teacher, by the way. If you ever meet her, you must ask her to show you how to do a dance. At the end of the camp, I gave her my e-mail address.

  • Why are they your best friend?

Inspiredteen e-mailed me a couple of days after the camp. It is funny when I look back at our first few e-mails because we knew each other so little. I can go and read the e-mail where I asked her how many siblings she had, or something basic along those lines. I find it funny when we talked about the weather in one e-mail. The thing is, the more we communicated, the more we revealed about ourselves, and bizarrely, the more we found we had in common. Despite having what seemed like the opposite interests, our personalities are not too different. Inspiredteen became the one person I could talk to who I knew would not judge me. She was always empathetic, and above all, interested. I appreciated the fact that she felt she could confide in my as well. Well, she could. We told each other about our daily lives, and our conversations progressed from our hobbies to our life’s ambitions. There is a reason why Inspiredteen has such a name on this blog. She really is an inspiring person to know. She always encourages me to pursue my goals, and she is one the most positive people I know.

  • Is there anything you’d change about your best friend?

Err, her music taste? 🙂 Need I say more?

  • What is the once thing you admire the most about your best friend?

She is a person of conviction. I don’t mean that she’s been convicted of crime. When I say conviction, I mean she knows exactly what she wants and exactly what she believes. It also helps is that I agree with those convictions.

  • What is the one thing that only you and your best friend will understand?


  • How would you describe your best friend’s ideal partner?

Male, cheeky, boyish and sweet. Maybe someone that looks kind of boyband-y, or like an actor (saying no names…) I think she would like to marry someone with similar views/beliefs to her – but then again, don’t we all want to marry someone with similar views to ourselves? To be more specific, I think she would prefer to be with someone who did not smoke or drink, but I know that if she liked someone enough and if she knew that those habits would not get in the way of their relationship, she would still be with them. I think she might have said in the past that she does not have a specific type – i.e. if she likes someone, she likes someone. Probably them being vegan would help.

  • Does your best friend like loud music or music that is at a much more reasonable level?

The latter. But then again, it depends whether the question is asking about music GENRE or music VOLUME. Because I am sure we would all like to listen to our favourite music loudly. Even pop music, which my friend likes. But I have a hunch that the question is referring to genre, and I know that rock music is stereotypically louder than pop music. So given that my friend likes mainly boybands, I would say that she likes music that is at a ‘much more reasonable level.’

  • What does your best friend think about the most?

Me, of course… Well… I suppose she thinks about the future, which is the same thing that I think about the most. She is going to be a movie actress. She also thinks about the people she loves a lot.

  • Describe your best friend in one word.


  • Three things your friend doesn’t know about you:
  1. I’m part Lithuanian
  2. I often pretend to be an invisible baby hamster when I’m around my sister
  3. My name means ‘beautiful’

If you have any questions, please ask us in the comments! Thank you for putting up with me. It was really nice to meet you and have a chance to post here. If you liked this post, please say hello to me! I mean, literally introduce yourself. If you want to get to know me better, follow my blog Thisizapen. And do tell me how you came across it 🙂

All the best,



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