Drifting Apart

Hey guys, sorry so much for my inactivity it’s so hard to explain but even when I have enough time sometimes I am just so tired and exhausted and desperate for a break that I can’t even get my mind to function. Although I don’t see this blog as work and do it for fun and don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love it! It’s changed me as a person, I feel like there’s this whole new world that now exists for me to experience and take part in but sometimes it just becomes incredibly overwhelming to try and write a blog post.

Anyway, before starting this blog I always had dreams that I would one day start a blog and occasionally I would open a word document and just write blog posts and never publish them anywhere, whilst this is not one of those posts it is based on the exact same topic. The topic I have dedicated this blog post to is friendships, whether they be best friends or just friends in general, you have inevitably had a moment in your life when you have started drifting apart from someone you once called your best friend.

I am writing this post to talk about my own experience and to try and give anyone reading this advice in case it hasn’t yet happened to them but if it does.

Life is an incredibly funny thing and it’s amazing how we have so many different relationships within it that can mean so much and then suddenly become nothing, it’s one of the most horrible feelings in the entire world and it can feel at times like you will never recover, like you are going to be stuck feeling slightly lonely and slightly heart-achy for the rest of your life, like there will always be a space in your life that no one else can fill, but I promise you that feeling will go away.

I have had around six best friends in my life, only one of those best friends is still my friend now. The other five all lost contact for different reasons but the biggest being that we all grew up and as a result grew apart. Another funny thing about life is that we are changing all the time; I am most likely changing whilst I write this post, I will probably change a little bit more tomorrow and next week and in a month. We are constantly gaining new interests and losing old ones as a result of this; suddenly you don’t have anything in common with your friends anymore, eventually it will become clear to you whether your relationship can continue or not. Suddenly things that really matter to you will be of no interest to them and sometimes you don’t even self-consciously realise that what is really happening is that you and your best friend are no longer suited to each other and that even if you remain in contact you won’t remain as close as you once were.

Whilst I’ve lost around about five best friends in my relatively short lived life there were two best friends that affected me the most because they were friends slightly later on in life, it mattered more to me because it feels like I had shared more with them and we certainly did a lot of things and had a lot of memories and then suddenly it was like they weren’t answering my texts and weren’t inviting me to things anymore and when I did see them I was kind of forcing my own conversation onto them rather than just letting the two of them talk about what they wanted to talk about and eventually I saw them less and less and missed them more and more. It was about a year and a half before I saw them again and it was like meeting up with strangers, they were completely different and I realised that they weren’t even people I wanted to be friends with, yet for a year and a half everyday it felt like there was something missing from my life and that I wasn’t as happy as I could have been if I was still in touch with them, I felt upset that they didn’t reply to my messages and I felt slightly neglected or like a failure, maybe not neglected or a failure but more that I had done something wrong or done something to upset them but they wouldn’t tell me, anyway, I met up with them again and suddenly it was like they were the complete opposite of the people they once were and they had opinions that I didn’t share and just generally seemed to be surrounded by a negative atmosphere that I didn’t want to get involved in and it was this that finally made me realise that actually, nothing had happened between us and that there was never a specific thing that stopped us being friends it just happened naturally and after that meeting I was ready to move on, I now only think back to my friendship with them as an amazing fond memory and an amazing experience. I am still grateful to them for playing a part in my life and making the three years in which I knew them such an amazing few years, I don’t even know what I would have done with those years of my life if it hadn’t been from them, but I know now that our lives were never meant to cross for longer than they did, that there is a time and place for everything and that time and place came and passed. They helped shape who I am today and now they’ve moved on with their lives and I’ve moved on with mine.

Basically, what I’m trying to say is it will be horrible for a while, it will feel like suddenly nothing feels right anymore, that things happen- either exciting or bad – and there’s no one to tell it to, it will feel like suddenly there’s no one left in your life and yeah, it will be a killer but eventually you’ll realise that everything is going to be okay.

The main thing that finally made me realise that I would get passed this and that I would end up with more friends is when I met my current best friend on a camping trip three years ago, it took a while for us to actually become best friends but very soon I realised that she was now replacing that space in my life reserved for my old best friends, she not only filled up that gap but so much more of it as well, she has changed my life so much more than I think she even knows, she has shaped who I am today and I honestly don’t know what I would do without her. She’s helped teach me what a real friend is, what really loving and caring about someone is, what it means to actually call someone your best friend, we talk about so much more than anything I have ever talked to other friends about, she has made me realise the difference between what really matters in the world and what we just pretend matters, the things that people really need to have in common rather than the smaller things that turn out never to matter.

So, as a conclusion, life’s painful, losing friends is going to hurt more than anything but everything will get better, it won’t be like this forever – friends move on and they meet new people, people grow apart and discover new interests, but at the end of the day there is always going to be someone out there that wants to call you their best friend and there is always going to be someone out there that you want to call your best friend. Everything will work out.

I hope you liked this post and felt like you could relate to it or that it helped you in some way, obviously this post is just about friends drifting apart not losing a friend due to different circumstances as I don’t have any experience in that. It’s also not about relationships such as boyfriend/girlfriend but you might be able to apply it to that if you wanted although I personally don’t have any experience with it. I know this post got a little cheesy but sometimes you have the urge to be cheesy right?

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Summer Bucket List Review 2016

Hey guys, so some of you may know that back in June I wrote a summer bucket list , if you weren’t aware then you can go and check it out here. Basically this post is going to be me reviewing my summer bucket list and how well I did at achieving it all.

Let’s get right into it!

  • Start running everyday – I’m going to be honest with you, I didn’t run at all this summer (maybe once) but for good reasons! I have thought about running every day but realised that it probably wasn’t something I should be doing without a sports bra and I just never got round to buying one. There was also the fact that it was insanely hot for lots of the summer and I felt like if I went running I would probably die. But in my defence I did find myself doing a lot of fitness things anyway, such as dance and working out. For fun ways to get fit go and check out my post!
  • Cook more things – I didn’t do too much cooking this summer as I was always so busy my diet kind of consisted of pasta and things from the freezer that I could quickly throw in the oven for 15 minutes. However, I have done quite a bit of cake baking. I made many birthday cakes all of which were delicious and all of which took a lot of work. I’m cooking another cake tomorrow so that will be more cooking. When I originally wrote this down I did mean more healthy vegetable based cooking but I will slowly build up to that – I really struggle with recipe books is the only issue, I quite often have to adapt recipes so that they suit me and I find that really difficult.
  •   Blog everyday – You probably all know that I completely failed at this and I guess I was quite ambitious with putting this on my list but I thought that it would really motivate me to keep writing posts even with a busy schedule, but I guess I never properly realised how busy my schedule was going to be. The thing is if I had gone on holiday then I would have kept up blogging for the entire summer it’s only because I was busy with work experience and drama rehearsals that I didn’t get the opportunity to keep writing. I have this dream that one day I can write a blog post for you guys whilst sitting in Paris. It will happen.
  • Take more photographs – I am so happy to say that I actually completed this and I think the main reason is because I got a new phone and it was really easy to take photos with it and the camera was so much better than the camera on my old phone. I also got Instagram for personal use and that was kind of motivating for me as I had been wanting Instagram for ages but couldn’t get it with my old phone. So yes, I have been taking loads more photos this summer and I’m really pleased with myself for it because I absolutely love taking photos and framing them correctly etc.
  • Have at least three sleepovers – Unfortunately I didn’t get the opportunity to have three sleepovers although I tried desperately to arrange some with my best friend all summer we only had one – it was amazing though! I feel happy with only having had one sleepover though, especially given how busy my schedule was, I feel like if I had added anything else to my schedule (especially things involving late nights) I would just end up unhealthily tired. And the one sleepover I had was really, really good!
  • Sort out my garden – Not gonna lie, my garden isn’t as pretty as it could be, it’s not overly terrible, it just doesn’t look how I one day hope it will look. I’m quite a big fan of pretty flowers and lovely wood stained furniture, our garden does have furniture but a bit more grass and less flowers than I want at the moment – it does have some lovely trees that blossom beautifully though! I didn’t overly work on the garden over the summer because the weather has been so freakish; one day it’s been too hot to even dare going outside and other days it’s been pouring down with rain – neither or which are good days for gardening. I did dedicate an entire Sunday to doing the garden with some friends and family members mid-August though and we got loads done and so much more than I ever imagined we would and it’s definitely getting there! Hopefully in the next couple of months to come when it’s not too hot but not too cold I can get it finished (hopefully).
  • Sort through all the junk and reorganise my room – I think I did this really soon after writing my summer bucket list so I can’t specifically remember how it went. I definitely have my room organised in a way that I’m happy with and I did clear out a lot of my junk – including a clutter corner full of paper shredding which has been sitting in the corner of my bedroom for literally about five years so I was really pleased with myself for that. I took some stuff to the charity shop and I was pleased with myself for that too, in this area I feel I did pretty well this summer!
  • Give up Netflix for a month – It’s very easy to say you’re going to do something, it’s also very easy to think something is a good idea when actually it’s not a good idea at all. This was one of those occasions. Although, I didn’t use Netflix half as much as I thought I was going to this summer – I think it’s because of how busy I was. I more often than not watch Netflix when I’m going to sleep as that’s really my only opportunity. I also don’t generally like watching TV during the day because I always feel like there is so much more that I could be doing; such as writing a blog post or doing some actual revision etc. and TV just acts as a distraction – I also get bored of TV pretty quickly so yeah, I didn’t give it up but I certainly wasn’t as addicted as I thought I would be this summer.
  • Practise for my music exam – I was doing so well with this for the first couple of weeks of the summer and I practised for an hour or more every day and was feeling really good about myself and then everything else started happening and my music practice stopped being quite a big priority and so my practise really suffered. I’m going to pick it up again on Monday and really work for it up until April when my actual exam is because at the end of the day it’s grade 8 and I really don’t want to muck it up, but I’m one of those people who don’t really think how serious it is to not revise/practice until it gets to about a month before and then I start to panic but I know I can’t do that with this exam so I’m going to actual work harder for it.
  • Do work experience – I did do this! And I’m so pleased that I did because it was a really great experience and I really enjoyed it! I did two lots of work experience, one at my local theatre and the other doing some filming at a festival and that was really fun and I feel like I learnt a lot from it! I’m proud of myself for doing two lots of work experience along with everything else that I’ve been doing this summer! I feel like it’s a real achievement, especially given that I’m trying to build up my CV at the moment.
  • Read more – I feel like I did do this, not hugely but I certainly read a lot more than I have been doing in the past months and definitely prioritising it over TV which is something I haven’t been doing for a while. I feel like my reading drags a bit if I’ve been reading books that aren’t all that good lately, even once I’ve finished a bad book I feel like because it was bad it doesn’t really motivate me to start reading another book and I’m always really surprised when it turns out that the book I’m reading actually is a good book, even though the majority of the books I read are, in fact, good.
  • Save some money – I feel like I didn’t do too well with this, I was planning on having about £20-30 at the end of summer but then things popped up that were insanely reduced and not possible to say no to, I had a friend round and spent money that I didn’t strictly need to on biscuits, I bought a lipstick that wasn’t necessary but that I fell in love with and then I bought my sister a little gift today and I also pre-ordered a book and now I have almost no money left; but I feel okay with that because I don’t feel like I have wasted the money that I spent, I don’t look back on it and regret buying a particular item, I’m pretty happy with the money I’ve spent and how I’ve spent it so I consider that an achievement, not the achievement I was expecting but still an achievement.
  • Start my Gold Arts Award – I did start my gold arts award and I feel like I have achieved so much with it and done loads more than I thought I would! I’ve done some of the work experience, I’ve started creating my arts piece, I’ve sent some e-mails, I’ve had meetings. To be honest, I thought I was going to achieve this when writing it down because I knew that I was going for a meeting about it with the group I’m doing it with but I never knew I would do this quantity of work – I still need to actually start putting some of my evidence in my portfolio but I’m still doing really well, I have all the evidence stored in different places but I just need to put it all in the right sections of my portfolio.
  • Practise singing – I didn’t do this a huge amount, I did sing a couple of songs (I even sang a duet with my sister a couple of times and I have to admit it sounded pretty good!) and recorded myself and I played the accompaniment but I didn’t do a huge amount of singing. I started rehearsals for a musical production I’m in and I guess that counts as me practising singing because it’s only in the rehearsal stages at the moment. I don’t feel confident yet though and I was really hoping that I would feel confident singing in front of people by the end of the summer but that hasn’t happened. Oh well. I think I’ve done this enough to tick it off though!
  • Use my Sundays more wisely – I definitely did this and every Sunday that I did this I gave myself a little pat on the back for actually achieving it as I really didn’t think that I was going to, if I’m honest with you! I was so set in the routine of doing nothing on Sundays, lying around procrastinating until it got to the end of the day and I realised that there was no point in actually trying to do something with my day but I found that during this summer I did wake up and get up, I did things that were a good use of my time such as get out in the garden, work on my fitness, tidy and clean the house and I am just so pleased that I did this because it made me feel so much better about Sundays! I really hate lazy days where I don’t do anything because they just make me feel really horrible and disgusting and like I’ve wasted a perfectly good day doing absolutely nothing of use and when I look back on my childhood in the future what am I going to remember about all the Sundays I’ve experienced in my life? Probably not a lot. I always try and get out as much as I can, even if it’s quickly popping to the shops because it makes me feel like I’ve actually done something of relevance in my day.
  • Be more spontaneous – I wanted to do this but the opportunity to be spontaneous never really arose, I know obviously every moment in life is a chance to be spontaneous but I feel like at the age I am now it’s very hard to be spontaneous and there does kind of need to be a moment where you can be spontaneous. When I’m older and I have my own house and my own money and a car etc. I will have the opportunity to be a bit more spontaneous because I could decide to random go somewhere and actually be able to pay to go there (I don’t mean like going on holiday but more like getting admittance into a tourist attraction etc.) or I could spontaneously decide to go and have a cup of coffee in a café and then spend an hour reading in the library for example but I can’t do things like that at this stage in my life, so as much as I would have liked to, it just wasn’t possible.
  • Think less about objects – I feel like I’ve really overcome my obsession and desire for objects over the summer, I think when I wrote my summer bucket list I was going through a particular stage of thinking about objects and having them dominate my thoughts and it was kind of consuming and destroying my thoughts in a way that I didn’t want it to and I was literally just always browsing the internet for things to buy and thinking of things I could sell in order to buy more objects and I was thinking about what I wanted for my birthday and maybe even for Christmas and over the summer all of those thoughts have gone away. Without trying to sound too ridiculous I feel like I have really matured this summer and started thinking about things that really matter, or at least I have stopped thinking too strongly about things that really don’t matter and I’m pleased with where I am in this area. I feel like I’ve properly come to terms with what is worth money to me and what I feel is important for me to have in my life etc. I feel like I’m in a really healthy place mentally at the moment. I never feel like I am in an unhealthy place mentally particular but when I’m thinking about objects etc. I never feel mentally as healthy as I do when those things aren’t dominating my thoughts.

And there we have it! My summer bucket list review! I really hope you liked it and were interested to know how my summer went and how successful I was with ticking off the items on my bucket list. If you have any comments regarding this post please feel free to leave them below! Also, if you have written a similar post talking about the success of your summer bucket list please leave a link in the comments as I would love to read it!

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August Favourites 2016

Hey guys, can you believe it’s September already? I feel like this year’s gone by so fast! I felt a lot like this last year, it felt like the first 5 months didn’t even happen last year – I feel like this year has felt a bit more real and I do feel like every month has existed but a bit like they were all cut in half? If you know what I mean?

Anyway… I had an absolutely amazing August and certainly the busiest month I’ve had all year! It was so much fun though! However, because I was so busy I did find that I wasn’t getting to experience things that could be used in a monthly favourites post as much but I of course do have things and will share all of those things with you now!


Race The Wind By Lauren St JohnI mentioned the first book in Lauren St John’s series in last month’s favourites post but I just had to mention the sequel as well!

This book is the sequel to The One Dollar Horse by Lauren St John and it’s about a girl with a passion for horses who rescues a horse from being slaughtered and then decides that with only three months training she’s going to compete in one of the biggest horse competitions in the world.

This book series has always intrigued me and I always discarded it but I am so glad that I read it! I feel like the second book was a lot shorter in comparison to the first one and the last one. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing because on the one hand I basically managed to read it in one sitting, on the other hand it wasn’t quite as satisfying because of it’s length. I feel like this book was much more suited to people who weren’t a fan of horses than the first one was and there was a lot of story going on that wasn’t strictly related to horse racing.

Fire Storm By Lauren St John This is the last book in the One Dollar Horse series and it’s possibly the best one! There are some more characters introduced that are really interesting (including a mysterious guy!) and the already existing characters develop a lot more and it’s much more dramatic and enjoyable. I really suggest reading this series if you haven’t already!

The Eye Of Minds By James Dashner Some of you might know that I am a huge Maze Runner fan and whilst I was in a bookshop the other day I saw this on the shelf and decided to pick it up and read the blurb, after deciding it sounded amazing I went and reserved it from the library.

For those of you who don’t know, Eye Of Minds is about a gaming community but instead of it being like Xbox Live it’s a gaming community which can kind of transport you into a game but everything you experience in this game feels real, for example, if you get shot you feel the physical pain of being shot but in real life nothing is happening to you. The way this happens is that the people aren’t conscious in the real world whilst all of this is happening, they sleep or ‘hibernate’ in this coffin/pod styled thing with loads of wires attached to them. But the point of the game is to give a really realistic experience. Then suddenly there’s a guy that’s holding loads of players captive within the gaming community and not letting them teleport back to reality, the government then contact a particular gamer and his friends and ask them to try and find this rogue gamer within the gaming community, so they then all go on this quest to try and find this gamer but they face loads of challenges in their path.

I really enjoyed this book and a lot more than I thought I was going to if I’m honest, whilst I love The Maze Runner and like James Dashner’s writing I felt like this book was a bit more boyish than I usually read and I know that’s kind of sexist and I’m stereotyping boys and what they read but that’s kind of how I viewed it, it turns out I was completely wrong and that this book was just my kind of thing. I did notice some similarities between some of the ‘scenes’ in Eye Of Minds and ‘scenes’ from The Maze Runner but I didn’t hate the similarity I kind of liked being able to make the connections even though the books were different.


A Girl Like Her This film was suggested to me by someone I know and it was already in my Netflix watchlist but it motivated me to watch it sooner after the suggestion was made.

A Girl Like Her is about a girl who attempts suicide after the bullying she is receiving becomes too much. It’s set as if it’s a documentary even though it’s only fictitious and follows the people who are close to her and the people who are responsible for the action as she is in the hospital. It’s not known throughout the film whether she will live or die but the film does reach a conclusion either way.

I found this film so emotional and difficult to watch, it’s probably the hardest film emotionally that I’ve ever had to watch even though I’ve watched films that are based on true stories such as the Titanic and The Impossible both of which are based on terrible tragedies that have occurred. I think the reason why it was emotionally hard for me to watch is because I could relate to the girl a little bit and because I recognise that this is the outcome that can sometimes happen. I have been in a situation where I’ve been bullied and it’s not nice, although I didn’t get affected by it as much. My bullying also wasn’t anywhere near on the same scale as the bullying this girl received. I’m quite aware of bullying that happens and also of the effects it can have on people and I’m very set on trying to help anyone out when I can visibly see them being bullied or if someone’s saying horrible things about them for no reason – I’m not the kind of person who can sit there and just let something like that happen. And I think one of the things that made me be able to cope with the bullying I received slightly better is because I knew that they didn’t really mean anything by it, and it wasn’t a reflection of who I was it was a reflection of who they were and I knew that they were doing it because they felt bad about themselves and they were miserable in their own lives and it made me be able to feel empathetic towards the people bullying me and therefore I developed this kind of coping mechanism. But because I can identify that these people don’t necessarily mean to be bullies it means that I can identify that they don’t necessarily want to upset or hurt this person in the way that they actually are.

I really liked this film because it showed the effects of what bullying can do to people but it also portrayed the bully in a way that I have never seen before and I feel like they portrayed the bully really honestly and it really showed the thoughts I’d already had about them not really meaning to harm the person their bullying but at the same time not properly taking into account the consequences that their actions might have. I feel like I’ve spent way too much time talking about this film but basically I really think you should go and watch it!


The OriginalsThis TV series follows the lives of a family of vampires who are the original vampires, they were the first ever vampires to exist (hence the name) and it’s a spin-off of the TV series The Vampire Diaries.

To be honest, I haven’t watched much of this show, I think I’m about 3 episodes into the first season but we are introduced to the characters during The Vampire Diaries and I really like them and think they’re really interesting and I think the actors have great chemistry and work really well together. Also, although it presumably does have some romance in it (I’m not sure because I’m not all that far through it) it’s not strictly about romance and there isn’t loads of romance straight from the outset so I feel like it’s a lot more unique and original (no pun intended) than the typical popular vampire things that are currently dominating our TV channels and screens. I feel like they’r trying to take a slight step in the opposite direction to the stereotypical human/vampire romance storylines.

Even though I’ve only watched three episodes I’m already hooked and know it’s going to be an amazing series with loads of awesome, emotional and funny scenes to come full of chemistry and great acting.


Let It Go By James Bay Firstly, if any of you thought I was talking about Frozen shame on you! Haha!

I feel like I’m a bit late to the party with this song as I feel like everybody else has been listening to it for months but to be honest with you I thought that it was a great song for a really long time but I never knew what it was or who it was and there was never anyone I could ask because they weren’t there when I heard the song and I obviously couldn’t describe it. I also never got the opportunity to Shazam it. But, I really suggest you go and check it out if you don’t know what it is because it’s a really great song with just enough emotion and James’ voice is absolutely beautiful and really suits the song (hence why he’s singing it of course!).


Wii FitFor those of you who don’t know what a Nintendo Wii is it’s a games console but is slightly more interactive than Xboxes and Play Stations because the remote has a little sensor on it and you also get a little sensor which you stick on the top of your TV so it gives you a more interactive experience because as you move your remote the sensor on the top of your TV picks up on it and moves the hand on the TV (it’s a bit like a mouse and cursor).

Wii Fit is a fitness game with actual workouts, yoga poses, balance games etc. and you get an instructor and you can select your yoga pose or workout and they will talk you through it whilst you actually do it and you get points for how well you do the pose which is judged by the remote and another object called the Wii Fit board, which is just like a normal board which you stand on and it picks up your movements and how much pressure your putting on your feet etc. I’ve been playing it everyday recently to improve my fitness and it’s really working and I can see that my body is becoming more toned and I can feel that it’s becoming less tense and stronger. If you own a Nintendo Wii I would really suggest giving this game a go if you’re looking for ways to improve your fitness. For more ways to improve your fitness go and check out my 5 fun ways to get fit post.


Chocolate Oreo Cake – I think I mentioned this cake in one of my posts recently and promised a recipe – which I will post at some point – but that’s just been one of my favourite foods this month and I’ve had multiple slices of it and even made two cakes, you can probably find recipes for oreo cake online but I thought I would share my recipe at some point because it’s 100% vegan.

Pink Panther Waffers – The other day I was in a shop and saw these sitting on the shelf and I had completely forgotten they existed until that moment and I used to absolutely LOVE them (before I forgot they existed) and so I picked them up to see if they were vegan and they were! And I was so excited, unfortunately at that specific moment I didn’t have my purse on me but after that day I started obsessing over the fact that they were vegan and so the other day I just went and bought some and I’m so glad that I did because they were just as amazing as I remembered them and in some ways it was more satisfying eating them than it used to be because I now know that they are vegan. If you haven’t tried them before I would really suggest giving them a go because they are a really lovely consistency, the colour of them is really satisfying and they just taste amazing! Altough I have to admit they’re not the greatest thing to be eating with braces.


Original Source: Cherry and almond milk body washI’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned Original Source‘s body wash before but there are always more scents/flavours that they are bringing out and they bring some out specifically season related etc. but this is probably one of my favourite body washes that they do. I have a love/obsession with cherries and am pretty much willing to use/eat anything that features them. There used to be this really amazing ice cream that I used to get before I was vegan and it was vanilla and cherry and had like cut up cherries and cherry sauce on top of the vanilla ice cream and now anything that I have that smells of cherry reminds me of the wonderful taste of that ice cream and makes me like it even more. One of the things I particularly like about Original Source’s body wash is the fact that it A) is a really lovely consistency and is kind of milky and wonderful when you apply it to your skin and B) holds it’s smell for a lot longer than other body washes do when you wash it off your skin.

MUA Lipstick Shade 19: NectarIf you have read some of my other monthly favourites posts you will probably know by now that I am a fan of MUA‘s make-up. I think their stuff is just really, really cheap but also amazing quality and this lipstick is no exception. I’ve never owned an MUA lipstick before but I was shopping with my friend the other day and just completely fell in love with this lipstick and although I wasn’t certain what the coverage or consistency would be like I knew that a colour that was so lovely by a brand that was only changing £1 for it would be well worth the cost and I am so glad that I made the decision because the coverage was really good and the consistence was lovely, it felt really creamy and hydrating when you applied it and remained that creamy without looking like a lipgloss and without melting down your face in the heat.

That’s all I have for my August favourites, I really hope you enjoyed this post and it was helpful to you in some way – if you do try, read, watch or listen to any of the things I have suggested please let me know what you thought of them in the comments.

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