Rubbish At This Blog Thing

Hey guys, so I thought I would write a quick post updating you on everything that’s been going on, it will kind of be a summary because there are some things I want to go into more detail later on in the month. I can’t believe it’s almost December – we have one month and nine days left of 2016! How is that even possible?!

You may have noticed that I’m still not very good at this whole blogging thing, which is really annoying as it started off really well – I was so proud of myself for writing posts everyday, but that was back in May and it was around the time that all my exams finished and I had a bit of time off but now I’m studying for my next lot of exams and everything has just become quite hectic. I’m also in another drama production which is taking up my time, but again, I haven’t forgotten about this blog – I think about it on a daily basis there is just so little free time that I get and when I do get that free time I have to think about what it is that I want to do with my free time whether it be read, write, draw, tidy or watch TV. It’s very hard because I know that if I opened my blog up in a tab and actually started to write then it would be done and I would really enjoy it, but it’s getting the motivation to open up a tab and write something. Also, as I’m sure some of you probably know this month has been National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) and as someone who has always had a huge passion for writing I decided to write a novel (I completed it last year as well), granted I completed it on November the 18th by writing 50,000 words but the novel still has a long way to go and so much more to happen.

However, although this month has been National Novel Writing Month and therefore has affected my ability to come on here and write because when I’m in the mood to write I tend to write that instead of writing a blog post, next month is BLOGMAS! Yes, you read that right, this year – as it’s my first year as a blogger – I’m going to be doing Blogmas as I think it’s a really great idea! Yesterday I was planning out my blog posts for the month of December – I know some people tend to treat it like an advent calendar and only write 25 posts but I’m going to be writing 31 posts during the month of December because not only do you have Christmas to celebrate but you also have the new year and I think both are really important and special celebrations. There will also be a post on January the 1st and maybe 2nd both themed around the new year – 2017! So keep an eye out! If you want to do a collab for my Blogmas series please feel free to send me an e-mail – ; I know I’ve been rubbish at replying to those that did send me e-mails but I promise I will do that as soon as I’ve finished this post.

I know I’ve become really unreliable as a blogger and I’m always saying I’m going to become more organised or I’m going to post this at a certain time etc. but I always really do mean it but then something else comes up and I get distracted or too busy and it becomes hard to write. That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy blogging and I’m not passionate about it or grateful to everyone that follows, likes and comments on my blog because I really am and you have no idea how much it means to me when I do get the time to log onto my blog and I see that you’re all still following me – it’s really nice to know that people still care about this blog as much as I do even though I don’t get the time to write as often as I used to. But I promise after I’ve written this and responded to e-mails that I am going to create myself a blog plan and I’m going to schedule time to sit down and write a blog post whether I’m in the mood to write one or not because I know that when I sit down and actually start writing one I’ll be in the mood to write one, if that makes sense?

I’m going to leave this post here because I feel like I’ve gone on a lot during this post and it’s very wordy. Make sure to keep an eye out for both my October favourites and my November favourites – both of which will be posted in the next nine days (as well as some other posts) before I dedicate my blog to Christmas and celebration throughout December. I really hope you’ll take part in my Blogmas series by commenting and liking my posts – also, make sure to let me know if you’re taking part in Blogmas so I can check out your blog throught December!

If you wish to contact me my e-mail is – , don’t be shy to drop me an e-mail.

That’s all for now!

Inspired Teen (some things never change ;))


2 thoughts on “Rubbish At This Blog Thing

    1. Haha! They definitely do! It’s like, even when I’m not studying for them I’m still thinking about them – they are constantly occupying my mind which stops me from being able to properly focus on anything else. Aww thank you! I am trying desperately to get everything back on track but it’s quite hard. But Blogmas s coming! 🙂

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