October Favourites – Part 2

Hey guys, so I know this was a slightly delayed post and I said I would post it like last week but I’ve been busy, okay? Please don’t judge me!

So, I’m not going to write a massive introduction because it’s not really needed – here’s my October Favourites – Part 1 that you can go and read if you so desire.

Let’s get right into it!


The Fever Code By James DashnerThis came out on September 27th and I was so excited to read it! It’s the prequel to The Maze Runner series and I have to say it was not a let down – Amazon Prime was a let down as it didn’t send me my book but then I went to good old Waterstones and bought it there; and it was signed! Anyway, unlike Dashner’s other Maze Runner prequel The Kill Order this was based around the characters from the main books and you got to see how Thomas grew up and how he was involved in Wicked, who his friends where before he entered the maze etc. and there were so many twists and unexpected storylines! So much was revealed and I have to admit by the end of the book I hated some characters that I never thought I could hate so much. It was just an incredible book – I would really suggest reading the whole Maze Runner series. Although this book is the prequel I would actually suggest reading it last. I know you’re thinking – ‘but it’s the prequel’, which yes, it is, but the twists and storylines are so much more dramatic and gripping if you’ve read the other books that come after it.I just don’t think it would be the same if you read it first having never read any of the others. But I would seriously suggest reading this series, it’s one of the best book series that I’ve ever read – the films are pretty freakin’ grand as well!

Everything, everything By Nicola YoonI absolutely loved this book, it was so good! Thinking back to it now I’ve just remember how amazing it actually was! I read it in one day because I just couldn’t put it down – it’s everything you would hope it to be and much more. The story follows a girl who can’t go outside, she is quite literally allergic to the world and has to remain in an air tight sealed house so nothing that could kill her can get through. She’s fatally allergic but it’s impossible to know of what, the only thing the doctors can do is make sure she never makes contact with the outside world. Her only friends are her Mum and her around-the-clock carer, but then new neighbours move in next door and she can’t help but be intrigued by the boy that’s just moved in, she finds herself falling for him in the worst possible way, the kind of way where she thinks she loves him but can’t ever meet him beyond the online world because he might kill her. Not only was this story really original and unusual, but it also had the perfect ingredient of love. Not to mention the absolutely unimaginable, earth-shattering twist that happens towards the end of the book that will leave you on the edge of your seat until the very end – definitely a book for your Christmas wishlist (and yes, I’m going to be one of those people that starts telling you what you should put on your Christmas list).

After By Anna ToddNow, I’m not the kind of person that would usually go around suggesting you read a book like this because at the end of the day it’s quite appalling and sexist and sets a bad example to young girls growing up in this very sexist world. But on the other hand, I hope young girls wouldn’t be reading this anyway. The story is about a student, Tessa, enrolling in her first year of university, leaving her boyfriend and mum behind. She’s a hard-working, quiet, innocent, girl-next-door who likes to stay in and study on the weekends and she’s unfortunate enough to end up with a roommate who’s heavily tattooed, pierced and is basically the complete opposite of Tessa. Then there’s her friends. One of which is an obnoxious, selfish, controlling, rude boy called Hardin, but there’s something about him that Tessa finds intriguing and she can’t help but know more. Leading to a whirlwind of crazy parties, fights, arguments, heartbreak but most importantly – love. Okay, so this book was slightly more explicit than I expected it to be – considering it’s being turned into a PG-13 film – and there were parts of it that I didn’t really want to be reading because I’m not one of those people that enjoys reading the explicit things, however, the rest of it – although I found it slightly sickening that being in a damaging, abusive relationship with someone who made you miserable was being promoted as a desirable, romantic thing I actually found the story quite gripping and enjoyable to read. I just don’t think relationships like the one in this book should be promoted to young girls as something to aspire to. But I’m old enough, mature enough and lucky enough to have been brought up by someone who is aware of all the sexist and abusive relationships that are promoted in media to know that it’s not healthy or something to aspire to, however, that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the book. Much like I wouldn’t read a crime novel about a serial killer and think it was normal or desirable behaviour. This book certainly won’t be everyone’s cup of tea and at first I didn’t think it would be mine, but I find it gripping – although I can’t figure out why – and although I know there are better,more thought-provoking books out there somehow I could never bring myself to put this book down.


‘Perfect Concentration’ Spotify PlaylistI know this isn’t an album, song or artist that I’m suggesting to you, but it is however a really helpful playlist for when you study. I know lots of people say you shouldn’t listen to music when you study and you should try and make your studying sessions as much like an exam hall as possible but exam halls are quiet except for the occasional turn of a page or sound of a pen, life outside of exam halls are noisy and life doesn’t stop for others so that you can study – for example, in my everyday life I hear; the wailing of cats; the sound of a coffee grinder; the sound of the shower; the sound of the vacuum cleaner; music being listened to by others; music being played by others; building work; the list is endless so I often listen to music to drown out the noise of other people’s lives happening around me. This playlist is perfect for when I study because (most of it) is relaxing, anything that gets too noisy or stressful I can just skip, it’s all classical music so the huge majority of it doesn’t have words or singing so you don’t get distracted by the words of the song, it’s not dance-y so you don’t get the urge to get up and dance, I listen to this playlist every time I study, there is honestly not another playlist like it that’s worth listening to. Also, people say classical music really helps when you study, and I have to say it’s definitely made me develop a new found love for classical music. I now can’t imagine studying without this playlist.


Aloe Vera Gel – Not gonna lie, my Mum had been telling me to use this on my face for possibly years before I actually did, but when I did it was like absolute magic. It reduces redness by almost 100% overnight, it stops your spots or sore areas from being painful and itchy, it makes you feel a lot more confident and positive because your face is a lot clearer and literally all I had to do was put the gel on the most red or most spotty areas of my face, leave it over night, wash it off in the morning and my face looked a lot healthier than it had the night before. It was honestly amazing, it also stops your face being sore while you try to sleep – if that happens to any of you. I would highly recommend using this for your face if you even have one red spot on an otherwise perfect face.

Lush: Rosy Cheek face maskI decided to experiment with this new face mask and I found it was really good, it also doesn’t tighten quite as horribly as other face masks that I’ve used and it’s easy to wash off. It smells slightly of old woman, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I tend to use a face mask before getting in the shower just because it’s hard to get all the face mask off with a flannel – especially if some of it gets in your hair. At first I thought this face mask was bad because after taking it off it looked like my face was even more grimey-y and spotty than when I’d put it on – but then I realised that what it actually meant was that the face mask was doing it’s job and really well, because although it looked like it had made my face worse it obviously looked like that because all the stuff was now working its way out of my pores so I would end up with a clearer face and my face has certainly improved since I started using it.


Natural Collection ConcealerI cannot speak highly enough of this concealer, it’s just amazing. It’s got really high coverage, it last for a really long time, it’s really easy to blend, you can wear it without foundation and it’s hardly noticeable, it’s creamy and easy to apply, it makes your face look lighter and healthier. It’s honestly one of the most wonderful things. I would really suggest going and getting one if you can – or add it to your Christmas list 😉 – you will not regret it. I’ve lent this to people and they’ve loved it so much they’ve immediately gone and bought one for themselves. You wouldn’t expect it because it’s so cheap, you would think it would be alright if you were desperate but not something you would want to buy again and again, however, it turns out, it is.

MUA Lipstick Shade 1 Again, another item that I couldn’t speak of highly enough, you might know from other favourites posts how much I love MUA’s lipsticks but this one goes beyond the call of duty of a lipstick, I bought it for a show that I was in and it’s a really deep red – almost purple – I would say blood red, it’s just gorgeous. I wear it all the time now, when I’m not wearing a different MUA lipstick that is, it’s long-lasting, it’s comfortable, easy to apply and really hydrating, to be honest if  my lips are dry, instead of putting on lip balm I tend to put on an MUA lipstick because then not only do my lips look amazing but they’re not dry anymore. I have lipstick that is more expensive than MUA’s cheap price of £1 but none of them even compare to the MUA ones. With this brand I will never need to buy another lipstick brand again – although I’m pretty sure I must have almost every colour that MUA do now…


My Study Life (Android) – I wrote Android, but I don’t know if you can get it on Apple products. Anyway, suggesting an app is quite a new thing for me on a favourites post but I love this one so much I couldn’t help but mention it. From the title you’ve probably gathered that it’s an app to help you with your studying – you would be correct – that’s exactly what it is. It has so many amazing features that help you both stay motivated and help with your studies in general, as well as keeping you organised and using your time effectively. This app is like a school planner but it’s on your phone and it’s an app so you can delete and re-organise things easily. You get a calendar so you can plan your classes and activities, as well as any studying or assignments you have to do. You get to add tasks so you can add anything that needs to be done, whether it be a house chore, assignment, study session, admin etc. You get a special section of the app where you can input the times and days of all your exams and it will then help you with preparing for them. You can input your holidays so you know when you’re going to break up and you can input your classes – when you do this it gives you the option of writing down the room, building and teacher for the class. Being home-educated I make up my own class schedule but I find this really motivates me because once it’s written down in the app I find it really motivating to actually sit down and do the work because I feel like it’s kind of necessary now it’s written down. There are so many features of this app, I really suggest you download it and see what you think as it’s really useful. I can’t imagine studying effectively without it anymore, it’s so useful and keeps me really organised and helps me manage my time effectively.

There we go, I have officially finished my October Favourites 2016! I really hope you enjoyed reading about what I was enjoying last month – if you check out any of the things I mentioned above please let me know in the comments as I would love to know what you thought of them! If you have any ideas for things I should check out for a future favourites post please let me know in the comments, I’m always up for some new suggestions!

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That’s all for now!

Inspired Teen 🙂

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