Have I Ever feat. FlawedSilence

Hey guys, I’ve got a special blog post for you today as I have a special guest that’s been so kind as to do a collab with me! I really enjoyed putting this collab together with FlawedSilence and it was really nice to be able to do something like this with another person, as opposed to doing it on my own by finding questions online etc. I’m going to give you a short description on how the post is laid out. I’ve laid it out in a kind of interview style with the question and then the answer and who the answer was written by. I’ve also divided it into two sections, the first section being my questions to FlawedSilence and their answers. The second section being FlawedSilence’s questions to me and my answers. I really hope you enjoy this post! Make sure to go and check out FlawedSilence’s blog and give them a follow while you’re over there!

– Have I ever; stayed up for 24 hours without any sleep (explain):

Flawed Silence: I have never done this although I have come pretty close. Sometimes, in the holidays, I used to read books late into the night but I often fell asleep when my eyes just couldn’t take it anymore. Oh and this one time I had, I think, a sixteen hour conversation with my mate; it was when we were getting to know each other and we just clicked and we texted each other for a long time XD Now I am extremely careful to get sleep.

– Have I ever; done something behind my parents back:

Flawed Silence: Um I hope not haha. I don’t think that I have.

Have I ever; lied to my best friend:

Flawed Silence: I have never done this. Maybe a few white lies because we all have at some point. I try to be as honest as possible.

– Have I ever; Dyed my hair:

Flawed Silence: I have never done this.

 – Have I ever; Cried reading a book:

Flawed Silence:  I have never done this. Books can leave me feeling immensely empty and sad but I have yet to cry at one.

– Have I ever; Been abroad:

Flawed Silence: I have. My first time going on a plane and therefore abroad was a year ago. I went on a day trip to Amsterdam. The plane flight was terrifying .

– Have I ever; Embarrassed myself in public (explain):

Inspired Teen: Yes, I have, probably a billion times. But we’d be here forever if I tried to tell you on all the occasions that I embarrassed myself in public. I got my first ever pair of heels quite recently and decided to walk home in them for the very first time, the walk was about fifteen minutes and the entire way home I was stumbling and wobbling and I could see the people staring at me in their cars as they drove past. I also have embarrassed myself in front of bus drivers a number of times recently. I embarrassed myself during a couple of performances I had at the end of October – one way by tripping up some stairs and stumbling in high heels, another time by going to do a really high kick and accidentally kicking the back of my foot with the foot I was supposed to be kicking with and stumbling over – doing a very sloppy and terrible kick… awkward…

 – Have I ever; Laughed at song lyrics or music videos:
Inspired Teen: I laugh quite a lot at the music my Mum listens to – and heavy metal music (not to insult or upset those that listen to it) – I always laugh at songs that have swearing in it because I tend to listen to music that is child-friendly such as boybands etc. so when I hear swearing in songs it most often makes me laugh. I’m not sure if I’ve ever laughed at a music video though… probably, but I don’t often watch music videos.
– Have I ever; Had the inspiration to create another blog on a different theme:
Inspired Teen: Well, actually, I’m going to share a secret, I do have another blog on a different theme… unfortunately I’m not going to tell you what the blog is or even what theme it’s on. My sincere apologies if you thought I was going to and got your hopes up. It’s just for privacy, safety, confidentiality reasons etc. but I haven’t written anything on it in ages anyway. I started it for a project I was doing but then eventually became able to create the blog I really wanted to create without my Mum objecting.
– Have I ever; Woken up from a dream and then felt as if it actually happened due to it’s realistic nature:
Inspired Teen: I have a lot of dreams and obviously whilst in the dream I believe that they are real but I’m not sure if I’ve actually had dreams where I’ve woken up and believed it actually happened. Maybe for a very small amount of seconds, I quite often have dreams about normal things the day before – for example, I quite often have dreams about going to work the night before going to work and nothing out of the ordinary happens I just go to work and then I wake up and think it’s the day after going to work but it doesn’t last long. I also, on occasion, have nightmares about pets or loved ones dying and then have this terrible urge to go and check on them and make sure they’re not dead; I know they’re not I just feel like I need to be certain.
Have I ever; Lost the person you were with (outings, shopping, school):
Inspired Teen; I have done this on a number of occasions with my Mum. I apparently did it when I was really young and at a group singing lesson, I got lost and just screamed at the top of my lungs in the middle of the hall until she came and found me – which was easy because I was screaming so loudly – I remember once getting lost in a WHSmith’s because my little sister was looking at something on the shelf and my Mum walked away to look at something else, I stayed behind to look after my sister and make sure she didn’t get lost but then we both got lost from my Mum – we looked around the whole shop and couldn’t find her, my sister was really little and I was young too and I was trying to keep her calm and stop her from running off whilst simultaneously trying to find my Mum – it was a horrible experience but we found her eventually. I get lost from my family all the time when we go to the shops but luckily I’m old enough now to have my own mobile phone so I just phone them if I get lost from them, it wasn’t so easy back then.
Have I ever; Stopped watching a movie or TV show halfway through it’s duration:
Inspired Teen:  I have obviously stopped watching a lot of things and put them on pause because it’s got really late but there are some things I stop watching and never go back to. For example, Deadpool, I absolutely hated it, I found it really sexist and really horrible, it wasn’t my kind of humour, I thought the fact that they joked about the superhero nature of Deadpool took away the enjoyment of watching a superhero film, as superheroes are ridiculous but the thing that makes it possible to watch superhero films is that everyone takes the superhero thing deadly serious in the film and I think that if they don’t it just doesn’t work. I didn’t like the way it was narrated, I didn’t like the random five minute sex sequence, I just thought it was terrible. I never want to finish watching it.
We also did a post over on FlawedSilence’s blog on the topic of Would You Rather – go and check it out! It was great fun to write and collab with FlawedSilence, you’ll be missing out if you don’t go and read it right now! You never know when it might be gone…
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Inspired Teen 🙂




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