December Favourites 2016

Hey guys, sorry for not posting yesterday – I was really, really sick. Like throwing up all day sick. I really wanted to write a post yesterday and there was even a point when I convinced myself that I was feeling well enough to – until I was sick again, but now my entire Blogmas schedule has been destroyed and I have only tomorrow and today to sort it out. So I’m still going to write the posts I had planned but they’ll probably lead into January now.

I decided to do my December favourites post today because it’s very almost the end of the month (and the year!!) but I have something more important planned to write tomorrow and so I needed to get this out of the way. Some of these things will also be appearing in my Christmas present haul which I meant to publish on the 27th  but then didn’t get time. I will be publishing it in the early days of January – isn’t it weird to be thinking that it will be January soon? A new year, new beginnings and the opportunity to properly get my life together. Exciting stuff.

Anyway, let’s get into it. There aren’t that many things on my favourites this month but that’s only because I’ve been caught up with family things and Christmas to properly experience and try new things out, even my own Christmas presents I’ve been too busy to use really.


MUA Lipstick Shade 2I bought this lipstick along with many others on my birthday and only got round to trying it for the first time this month, I have to say I feel in love with it immediately. It’s a wonderful purple shiny colour and makes me feel so confident and comfortable in myself and it’s MUA so what’s not to like?

2True Nail Polish, Shade 9: Limited Edition – I unfortunately cannot leave a link for this nail polish as I got it free in a magazine quite a few years ago and it doesn’t exist anymore. However, I really loved this nail polish this month because it’s a really lovely golden-y bronze-y glitter colour and it was absolutely perfect for Christmas, but an absolute pain to take off because it has actual bits of glitter in it.


Just Hold On By Louis TomlinsonI listened to this song earlier on in the month whilst writing a blog post and had it on repeat. I always thought that Louis was really underrated in One Direction and so it’s nice to see him still singing even after One Direction. If you’re not a fan of One Direction please don’t let that make you pass judgement on the members as individuals. There’s more to them than their time in One Direction. If you’ve got a spare three minutes I would really suggest listening to this song.


Jess And Gabriel – I haven’t had much time for YouTube this month as I’ve been so busy with Christmas planning and all that stuff but I logged on today and spent some of the afternoon catching up and I have to say that Jess and Gabriel were the people I watched most of and they really kept me entertained. They seem like such wonderful people and are such a cute and admiral couple, it made me jealous haha! But honestly, if you’re looking for some new youtubers to watch check out Jess and Gabriel’s vlog channel.


Super Awkward By Beth Garrod – This is the only book I’ve had time to read this month but it was absolutely amazing! So, so funny and super awkward! It made me feel slightly better about my awkward life haha! Definitely an entertaining Christmas read!


Nashville Season 3  – You may already know that Nashville is one of my favourite TV shows in the world – in fact, it is my favourite TV show in the world – I literally cannot get enough of this TV show. Yesterday when I was ill I decided to binge-watch the third season of the show. I have two more episodes of the series left to watch and I have gotten really into it. It’s one of those shows that isn’t really good for just watching one off episodes of but is really great for binge-watching. If you haven’t seen the show I would really suggest giving it a shot – it is insanely underrated.


Biscoff BiscuitsI bought a packet of these from Poundland a few weeks back and have been loving them. I first discovered them when I tried the Biscoff spread at a friend’s house (also amazing) and then I tried them in their true biscuit form. They are to die for and they’re vegan! What’s not to love?

Mini Vegan Freedom Mallows I know I mentioned the vanilla vegan mallows in a different favourites post but for Christmas I got the mini ones and I’d never had them before, today I had them on the top of my hot chocolate and they were amazing! You get both vanilla and strawberry flavours in the packet and you get a really generous portion. I put some on both mine and my sister’s hot chocolates and there’s still loads left. Definitely an adequate – if not better – substitute for non-vegetarian marshmallows.


Dodo 5-in -1 Hair Curlers – I know the link says ‘currently unavailable’ but these are my new hair curlers that my Mum got me for Christmas and this is where I got them from. I was desperate for some new hair curlers and so when I fell upon these whilst browsing on Amazon I knew these were the ones I wanted, with 5 different hair curl styles to choose from the fun just never ends with these hair curlers. I’ve already used three out of the five attachments and each attachment gives my hair a different yet lovely curl. The curls last all day without needing any hair product put on them, you get a safety glove in the box with the curlers to help protect your hand whilst curling. The wand heats up really, really quickly and it’s just perfect. Exacty what I wanted.


Redbubble Sweatshirts – I got two sweatshirts from this website for Christmas and they are so perfect, much better than I ever thought they would be. They are snuggly, perfectly baggy and insanely fluffy, warm and comfortable. When I first tried them on I thought they were too big as I had got them in a unisex size large but after having them on for awhile I decided I really liked the loose baggy fit of the sweatshirts. This website provides loads of cool designs from fan merchandise to just funky and unusual patterns. I would really suggest giving it a try if you’re looking for something TV show related or unusual. The quality is amazing!

M&S Velvet Touch Bed socks – My Dad got me these socks for Christmas as a little add on item to my sweatshirts and I tried them on and they are the softest, warmest, most comfortable socks I have ever worn. They are the bestest thing ever and I really did not expect it since they came form M&S and I’m not a huge fan of M&S clothing, I have to say. If you can get hold of a pair of socks like these I would highly recommend it because you will not regret it. You’ll never be able to wear normal socks the same again.


Kings&Queens LCD Digital ClockThis was another Christmas present, I really wanted a bedside clock for when I was in bed as I find my phone very distracting and annoying to look at the time on when I’m settling into bed and preparing to go to sleep, I like to just quickly glance at the time rather than mess around with a load of buttons. This clock has so many excellent features, it comes in great colours (mine is pink) and is really great as an accessory on your desk or bedside table. It doesn’t only give you the time but the date and temperature as well as having an alarm and special light features to light it up during the night. If you’re looking for a cheap little digital clock this is definitely the one for you.

And there we have it, my December Favourites of 2016. I hope you enjoyed this post, please join in the discussion in the comments and let me know what your favourite things of December have been. If you did enjoy this post please give it a like and make sure to follow me if you aren’t already for many more exciting posts coming in the new year (if I do say so myself!).

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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2016 Achievements

Hey guys, hope you’re enjoying this Christmas celebrating experience and have been having lots of fun – let me know in the comments what you have all been up to!

My apologies for not posting anything yesterday, I planned to but got so caught up with Christmas festivities with family and friends that I literally didn’t get a second of time. It was a great day though. However, it does mean I’m a bit behind with Blogmas. The post I originally had planned for yesterday is not being published today, I’m not entirely sure when I’m going to publish it but I’ll get it done – I promise.

Today’s post, as we’re now nearing the end of 2016 *sobs* is going to be about my achievements and how I’m feeling in myself about the year. I don’t want this to sound big-headed but as a person I feel like there is always room for improvement, especially at a young age and especially when there’s all this stress on young people about their future, their education, their career etc. you feel like your entire life is dependent on the decisions you make now. The achievements you have now. The effort you put in now. And with all of this going on we also have to try and figure out who we are as people, develop in to people we would like to know, make ourselves people we like, people we can be proud of and all of this is very tiring. Very stressful. So I am here now to talk about all the things I have done that I feel are achievements to my future and to me as a person.

I guess the first thing to talk about, which I believe to be the biggest and most important achievement, is my anxiety and fear. I don’t have proper anxiety, like, I haven’t been diagnosed with it or anything but for lack of a better word, and the fact is, it is anxiety it just doesn’t affect me in the way it severely affects others. It has improved so much this year, I used to get really fearful about others when they weren’t in the house or really worried about myself. I would worry that they were injured or hurt and would sometimes text them to make sure they were okay. If I was home alone while my family were out I would get paranoid about every little noise, worrying the house was going to blow up or catch fire. I would worry about having a shower home alone in case that meant I couldn’t hear a burglar if they tried to get into the house – all really stupid, ridiculous things that were clearly just me being paranoid and lately it’s all been lessening to be almost non-existent and that’s made me so much happier and more relaxed. It feels like a massive weight has been lifted off my shoulders, I was actually paranoid about being paranoid, I used to worry that there was something wrong with me, that I was having these abnormal feelings that I perhaps should see someone about and now that paranoia has gone away too – I now have realized that everyone at a young age who’s experiencing a new level of independence gets paranoid and slightly worried about specific things because they have no experience with them, so I consider this a huge achievement in coming a full mature and independent adult, which is a necessary skill to have.

One of the other things would be my confidence – in all areas of life but specifically my acting. My acting has considerably improved over the course of the year and it’s not just me saying that, I’ve had others say that to me too, but that’s definitely been a high to my year as I need to be confident in my acting – no actor ever got anywhere by not being confident. I’m really pleased that I have this new found confidence in my acting because I never thought it would come, I’m one of those people who’s quite shy and awkward and therefore situations where I have to do silly things never really work out very well but that’s changed; I feel that my acting can now go to many new places with this new confidence and it seems like the only way is up now – especially with monologues to perform in auditions in the new year. As well as confidence in my acting I feel like I have gained confidence during social activities, when it comes to speaking to people. I have gained confidence in my job and most importantly I have gained confidence in myself.

The next achievement is my education and motivation. Before this year, I hadn’t really had much experience with studying, revising or exams at all for that matter. The only exams I’d ever done were music exams and they aren’t really classed into the same category as GCSEs and A-levels. As well as sitting and passing three GCSEs a year early I have also developed motivation for studying and revising for my next year exams much earlier than I did earlier on in the year. I feel like I am well on my way to being prepared for these next lot of exams. Education-wise other than in terms of exams I have successfully decided what my educational steps are after my GCSEs next year as well as going to a number of open days, filling out my applications and sending them and have in fact got an interview day for one of them and two more dates coming in the new year.

Again, I don’t want to sound big-headed but I feel like I am truly prepared for life at the moment, yes, I am very stressed about the new year and all it’s new paths and experiences to be had. I am very scared of all the new situations I am going to be walking into, such as sixth form life. I am very nervous about all of my exams. But at the same time I have never felt more prepared for such a year. I have never looked on into a new year with such excitement yet uncertainty. With such happiness yet fear. And I say, bring it on!

I hope you enjoyed this post, if you did please give it a like. Make sure to leave comments down below letting me know what your biggest achievements of 2016 were. If you don’t follow me already, it’s quick, simple and free – all you have to do is click the follow button to get my new posts straight into your reader as soon as I publish them!

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Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!

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Christmas Bucket List Review

Hey guys, I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and got loads of amazing Christmas presents (I have a Christmas present haul coming tomorrow!!), let me know in the comments what you did for Christmas and what your favourite present was.

My Christmas had it’s ups and it’s downs. There were definitely more ups than there were downs but I think everyone has good parts and bad parts of Christmas, don’t they?

For today’s post I am going to review My Christmas Bucket List and see how I did at checking everything off, funnily enough I didn’t even go back to the bucket list throughout the month to see how I was doing, I literally forgot about it until looking in my blogger notebook just now to see what blog post I had to write – yes, I know, I’m so organised I even have a blogger notebook! Woo! Anyway, if you haven’t read my Christmas bucket list you can go and read it here, if you have then you may proceed!

Make Gingerbread Men – I did do this! For the first time ever at Christmas time, now not only have I completed it from my Christmas bucket list but my life-long bucket list as well! I think the main reason I wanted to make them at Christmas is because it seems to be a thing, if you go on Tumblr or Instagram or things like that and look at Christmas-themed posts you always see fancy gingerbread men. This year was also the first year that gingerbread men has been made in the house since my Mum and I went vegan so it was a bit of a gamble whether it would actually taste good or not but it did and was a huge success – I’ve been munching on them since yesterday lunch time, as have my entire family. I have to admit though that it took forever to roll out the dough and cut them into the shapes, literally, forever, I thought it was never going to end. But it did and they were delicious! If you would like the recipe that I used you can click here.

Decide On A Christmas Dinner – So, I don’t technically know whether I can tick this off as officially completed or not… I guess you can decide and let me know what you concluded in the comments. We had our Christmas dinner tonight, we didn’t really have anything fancy yesterday because no one was all that hungry because everyone was too busy shoving chocolate in their mouths (or my siblings were any way) and we were playing games and time just got a bit lost and then it got a bit too late to cook anything so we decided on a not-so-fancy dinner in the living room with the TV and to be honest, I wouldn’t have had it any other way. It was exactly right to fit in with the day. But my Mum did technically decide on a meal yesterday, she just never got around to cooking it so I’m going to say it counts. Also, can I just say that the dinner she did make (with my vegetable chopping and cake making assistance) was absolutely amazing and so, so delicious! I’m completely full but there’s still food left and I really want to eat it! The struggle is real!

Successfully Buy And Order All Of My Christmas Presents In Time – I did this! I didn’t think it was going to be an issue but it’s always a slight worry when ordering things online that they won’t come in time but they all did and I’m so pleased, I actually managed to do all of my Christmas shopping many days in advance giving lots of opportunity to sit back and relax having completed the most stressful part of the Christmas period. My presents were also a complete success and I think everyone was pleased, although I felt kind of bad because I feel like everyone bought me much better presents than I bought for them, but you will hear all about the presents I got in the my Christmas present haul that I will be publishing tomorrow!! I’m really excited, it’s like a favourites post without being a favourites post! Obviously I’m going to have a favourites post as well!

Don’t Break Any Christmas Decorations – …….. So, I’m not going to lie, I did actually do this. But only once, which must be some kind of record for me when it comes to decorating the tree. I think it may be because there was an extra pair of hands this year and people seemed to be participating quite a lot so I didn’t get the opportunity to put as many decorations on as I sometimes do, which was probably a good thing for the decorations! The thing I broke was a red and white stripe-y bauble, and it was only the string off the top of it which was easily re-attachable.

Try And Not Be Scared About Opening My Christmas Presents – I did this! I successfully did this! I know it sounds crazy but I am actually really proud of myself, I hate to say I’m proud of myself but when I deal with levels of stress and anxiety like this and then I don’t I feel a sense of relief and happiness that I’ve managed not to feel that anxiety. It’s crazy because no one should be scared about opening presents, I go into more detail about my fear of present opening here. I feel a true sense of achievement and there really was nothing to fear anyway because I got loads of great Christmas presents and am really happy with all of them! I think this might have been the best year for Christmas presents I’ve had in quite a few years.

Make Breakfast On Christmas Morning – I did this, but only for me and my Mum, everyone else was happy to eat chocolate. I made beans, sausages and onion rings which was fine by me. I had intended to make pancakes, I’d even made sure my mum ordered all the spreads and syrups but no one was really in the mood and it was a bit pointless to make it if no one was going to eat it.

Win At Least One Game – To be honest I can’t actually remember if I won a game. We played two games of Pictionary, a game of cluedo and a couple of games of UNO. I might have one UNO but I can’t remember. My team was absolutely smashed in Pictionary – both times. Fun Fact: I can’t draw fast cartoon figures to save my life.

Successfully Hide My Secret Santa Identity – I didn’t really get the opportunity to hide my secret Santa identity because the way it was organised we all sat around in a circle and opened our presents and then told each other who we’d bought a present for so there were mere seconds between the person opening the present and me telling them I’d bought it for them – they didn’t say anything in those few seconds so does that count?

Remember All My Lines During My Christmas Show – I did do this! I didn’t ever have any doubt that I wouldn’t as I’m actually quite good at remembering my lines – better than I ever thought I would be – but if you’re an actor there’s always that slight fear that you won’t remember them and you’ll cause everything to fall apart and the show will be destroyed and it will be all your fault, but that didn’t happen. And it was an amazing show and I really enjoyed being part of it. I also learnt that I’m much better at make-up than I ever thought that I was!

Put Up The Christmas Tree – We obviously did this because what Christmas is complete without a Christmas tree? If you didn’t read my post all about my Christmas tree putting up ritual you can go and read it here

Go To Work Wearing Festive Clothing/Accessories – I did this last year and I did it again this year, there’s something about going to work dressed up all festive and spreading the Christmas cheer. This year I was working on Christmas Eve and so it was extra important that I was all festive, I just love going into shops and having everyone all dressed up. I know it sounds cheesy and ridiculous but I think it’s great and although I’m only a volunteer at the moment I don’t see why that should change anything. I still have a job as a staff member to be approachable and nice etc. and at Christmas everyone knows the Christmassy people are most likely to be approached.

Complete Blogmas Without Missing A Day – I obviously can’t judge yet whether I’m going to successfully complete Blogmas as I’m doing it up until the 31st but I didn’t blog yesterday. I had originally intended to but I didn’t really have any content or a good post to write and it was going to end up being a post just for the sake of a post and no one was going to read it because it was Christmas day (not that I write posts for the views) and I hadn’t scheduled a post because I’m so unorganised which means I was going to have to try and sneak off to write a post and I didn’t really want to do that because I was enjoying spending time with my family and I didn’t want to interrupt that to write a blog post that my heart and mind weren’t properly going to be engaged with.

There we have it, my successes and failures of Christmas time, I hope you found this enjoyable and interesting – if you did then please give it a like! Let me know about your Christmas experience and if you had a Christmas bucket list let me know how you did in completing it. If you aren’t already then please click the follow button, it would mean a lot to me and you would get all of my new posts straight into your reader! Win, win!

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Merry Christmas!

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Spread Christmas Cheer

Hey guys, the day we’ve all been blogging about for the past 24 posts is finally, almost upon us! Tomorrow is Christmas day!! Which means that today is Christmas eve and what a day I’ve had!

I saw my Dad early this morning to exchange presents with each other. Then I went to work, left work early to go and perform in my Christmas show. Got to the theatre, got ready, had some photos taken for promotional reasons and then actually performed in the show. Dashed home on the bus, had a quick lunch, brushed my teeth and then straight out the door again but only this time to watch the show rather than be in it. After the show I came home, had dinner, watched a bit of television, wrapped up some presents and now I’m writing this. And I still have more presents to wrap but the sellotape got stolen from me… 😦

I hope you’ve all had a good Christmas eve, let me know in the comments what you did with your day.

Today’s post, because it’s Christmas TOMORROW is going to be a bit of a laid-back post, I’m not going to give you Christmas tips or anything. Just kind of have a general discussion.

The main thing I wanted to talk about in this post is to spread Christmas cheer. It’s not too late for it, you may have read in some of my previous Blogmas post throughout the month that I don’t celebrate Christmas for the religious reasons, I celebrate it for the way it brings everyone together. It promotes kindness and peace. So make sure to share the kindness and peace with others, spread the Christmas cheer. Even if all you do is wake up tomorrow morning and text someone you haven’t spoken to in a while to wish them a merry Christmas. Or if you offer to make the breakfast so that someone else doesn’t have to do it. Whatever it is make sure you have as many people as possible feeling festive tomorrow.

Today, through being in my Christmas show I spread Christmas cheer because everyone that was coming to see it was seeing it because it’s a Christmas show and it’s Christmas tomorrow. And I have to say from watching it as an audience member later on in the day it really did help me to feel festive and cheerful. Another thing I did was wear a Christmas jumper and headband. I know this sounds silly but you’ll be amazed at what a little Christmas merchandise can do at this time of year, the bus driver that was driving my bus today had a Santa hat on and it was amazing how simply seeing her hat made me feel suddenly festive and excited. So don’t dismiss what a little Christmas outfit can do for the people around you.

It’s a bit late in the day to be spreading the Christmas cheer but just make sure to try your best tomorrow to ensure everyone around you has a fabulous day, don’t ruin it by being grumpy or a spoil sport by refusing to join in on any of the games. Take a risk, not a dangerous one obviously but give something a try that you might ordinarily avoid, it is Christmas.

I’m going to leave this post here, I know it’s much shorter than my posts usually are but I really wanted to post something on Christmas Eve and I have a lot to do before tomorrow, my sister and I are also having a TV marathon so I don’t want to delay that (otherwise I won’t be getting any sleep). I may or may not post a little something tomorrow but please don’t be expecting anything. I have posted every day so far this month and I feel like on Christmas day everyone deserves a day off. I might be compelled towards writing something or I might be too busy to find the time.

Whatever happens blog wise I hope you all have the best of the best Christmas, I don’t say it a lot because I don’t want to sound too big-headed but I really do appreciate every single one of you that take the time to read, like and comment on my blog as well as follow me – it’s times like this when I’m particularly grateful for everything I have and I am so grateful to have all of you. Do let me know how your Christmas was in the comments after Christmas. I hope you all get what you asked for and that your day is filled with love and happiness (so cheesy I know). Enjoy yourselves! Join in on the games and family fun! Paaaarrrrrrtttttyyyy!


Inspired Teen 🙂

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Quality Not Quantity

Hey guys, it’s Christmas Eve tomorrow! I repeat, it’s Christmas Eve tomorrow! Who’s excited? Who’s prepared? Who’s got all their presents wrapped up (not me)?

Okay, with only two more official Christmas preparation posts left, as after Christmas my posts during Blogmas will be more about the new year, as Christmas will be over, and with Christmas Day nearly upon us, I decided to write a post about presents.

“Quality not quantity” is a saying I learnt from a children’s TV programme a few years ago – sad isn’t it? Anyway, even though it was words of wisdom spoken in a children’s TV show it’s stuck with me ever since and has slowly developed much more meaning to me than the joking manner in which it was said in the show. I have decided to incorporate that saying into a blog post about Christmas and Christmas presents.

If you’ve been following these posts throughout Blogmas you may have noticed a few differences between my childhood Christmas and my present day Christmas. One of those differences, probably the most noticeable difference, is I get a lot less presents now than I did then. It is this change that has inspired me to write this post for you today.

When I was younger – maybe five or so years ago – my siblings and I used to get lots of presents, like absolutely loads, I’m not trying to brag and I don’t actually like consumerism all that much but because we were young it was fairly simple to buy us loads of really cheap presents, just pop to Poundland and pick out five of the most exciting toys. Nowadays it’s quite a struggle to find presents for my siblings that are under £5. We used to have stockings as well as main presents when we were younger, my sister and I have been talking about reincorporating the stockings when we’re both older with jobs, it’s a great idea but maybe stockings aren’t as wonderful as we remember them being? Maybe we’d reincorporate them only to ditch them again the next year. Who knows, it’s worth a try. Because of having stockings and main presents it always felt like there were loads of presents. I remember we used to come down in the morning and not only all the space under the tree but all the space on the coffee table and surrounding area around the tree was full of presents and when we were younger and all enjoyed playing with toys it felt like every present – even if it wasn’t specifically addressed to us – was a present for us. Because we’d use each others toys when we were playing games.

Nowadays we no longer have stockings and we have less main presents. Thinking about it this year I’ve realised it’s not actually a bad thing, I used to get a bit sad, like, not sad-sad, but a bit sad when I came downstairs and there weren’t as many Christmas presents as there used to be. That’s where the saying “quality not quantity” comes in, when people were just buying me and my siblings toys it didn’t matter about the quality, it didn’t matter if someone had spent £20 on it or 50p, a toy was still a toy and we’d find some way of using it in a game. Nowadays though, quality matters a lot more than quantity does, I’d much rather have a few things that I’d used time and time again than loads of things that I’d only use a couple of times. For example, from my Dad this year I bought myself two sweatshirts that I’ve been fantasizing about since around June. I didn’t get them for my birthday because I went shopping and I spent ages earlier on in the month deciding whether to get just the two sweatshirts which were expensive but not too expensive or whether I should just get cheaper things instead so I had more presents, the truth is, I could have found lots of things to buy with that amount of money, things I would use and like; I wouldn’t just go and waste my money for the sake of having more presents to open on Christmas day but there’s a part of me that still aims to have lots of presents over good presents. I will wear those sweatshirts all the time, I’ll probably be in conflict with myself everyday over which one to wear. I am very happy with my decision because I know that they were worth much more than anything else I could have bought.

I think this is an important thing to remember when you’re buying people presents as well, would you rather get them lots of cheap presents or a slightly more expensive present that will be worth more to them? I tend to try and go with both by getting things second-hand or cheap off eBay, but it’s not always possible, you mustn’t feel bad if you’ve bought someone only one present that was expensive over lots of little presents that added up to the same price. At the end of the day they would rather you got them an expensive gift but it was only one thing rather than spending lots of money on many different things. Or I would anyway.

I guess, what I’m trying to say is, that it’s very easy to forget what’s important, especially at Christmas; there are so many expectations and ideal or imaginary scenarios that films, books and songs make up for us (not forgetting Tumblr!) where you’ve got a lovely Christmas tree, it’s snowing outside, you’re sitting indoors with the fire and opening all of you many, many presents. If you always expect to have a life from a fairytale or movie I can guarantee you that you’ll always be disappointed. Please don’t feel disappointed, in a life when you’ve got so much to be grateful for being disappointed about the weather or the number of presents you get at Christmas really isn’t worth it. When you go downstairs (or into the living room if you don’t have an upstairs) and you see all those presents waiting underneath the tree, feel nothing but glee and excitement, don’t let that horrible feeling of disappointment creep in if you don’t get the same number of presents as other people. At the end of the day, it only matters that you got what you wanted, you got things you really love and will use and that you had a wonderful day with whomever you decided to celebrate with. Quality really is more important than quantity.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and you found it either/both inspiring and eye-opening, if you did please make sure to give it a like! If you don’t already, make sure to follow me for many more posts throughout the new year (not forgetting the end of December!)

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Merry Christmas!

Inspired Teen 🙂

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My Christmas Dessert Menu

Hey guys, it’s only three sleeps until Christmas day!! Who’s excited?!! Yesterday I put up my Christmas tree, I now officially feel really festive! I’m so excited! If you want to see photos of my Christmas tree, I will be posting photos of my decorations on my Instagram throughout the day.

This year I am lucky enough to be responsible for all of the desserts over the Christmas period, and I am so excited to make it all! In today’s post I am going to be telling you about all of my Christmas desserts. Not only on Christmas day but on all the surrounding days.

First things first is Christmas day itself. On Christmas day, and I know this isn’t really a dessert, but I’m making pancakes for breakfast after we’ve opened our Christmas presents, which is really exciting, I need to try and alter my vegan pancake recipe because they’re a bit bitter and I think it’s because they have too much baking soda in them. For sweet food throughout the day I’m going to be making some vegan gingerbread men, for the first time since going vegan, I’m not sure whether I’m going to make them on Christmas eve or Christmas day. I’m going to be pretty busy all of Christmas eve so it might have to be Christmas day. I’m really excited to eat them! There are lots of ginger flavoured biscuits that are vegan but it’s not the same as A) making your own and B) having them be really awesome shapes. For actual dessert after Christmas dinner I am going to be making a vegan apple crumble and there’s going to be ice cream and vegan custard (I’m not making the custard but buying it). Apple crumble is a kind of Christmas food tradition in my family, we always have an apple crumble, sometimes it’s for our official Christmas dinner with our friends but this year I’m making it for the actual day when it’s just my family and I.

On the 27th-28th my family and I are going to our friends house to spend the night and celebrate Christmas, for the Christmas dinner that we’re going to have when we’re there I am making a gingerbread double-layered vegan cake with vegan buttercream. I’m trying to decide whether to flavour the buttercream or just keep it vanilla flavoured. I’ve been making vegan cakes and cupcakes basically throughout the entire year and they’re always a massive success with everyone, lots of people have commented that they wouldn’t even know the cake was vegan, which is always a result you’re happy to hear – especially when you hear it from someone who’s really judgmental about being vegan. I don’t know if my friends are making other desserts for when we’re there, they said that they might, so I’m not sure.

On the 29th we will have come back from our friends house and we’re going to be having friends round and for that I am making another cake, I’m not sure if it will be double-layered, probably – because it’s nicer that way. I might make it oreo flavoured again, because that’s always one that everyone likes.

On the 30th, it’s my Mum’s boyfriend’s birthday and him and his family are coming round our house for lunch and so I’m going to make a cake for them as well, no birthday is complete without cake, after all. I’m thinking chocolate cake with cocoa butter cream icing. Cocoa butter cream is to die for. It’s so gorgeous.

Okay, there we have it, my Christmas dessert menu for 2016. I hope you liked it! I will try and post photos of all the desserts onto my instagram and leave links to the recipes or where you can buy the recipe books.

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Merry Christmas!

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Christmas Tree Ritual

Hey guys, the much anticipated day has finally arrived! The day that I put up my Christmas tree! Woo! Not only is it the much anticipated day for me personally in my life but I’ve also been talking about writing a Blogmas post on it, pretty much since December 1st. I’m not going to include any photos of my Christmas tree or the Christmas tree decorating experience here in this post because I’m scheduling it ahead of time, but if you go and check out my Instagram later on there might be some photos up there, I’ll try and take some but in previous cases photos of my Christmas tree haven’t come out very well.

Anyway, enough of that, let’s get into the post.

My Mum really likes putting up the Christmas tree, you could potentially even say it’s her favourite part of Christmas – let’s be fair, it is a pretty great part of Christmas – we have three boxes worth of Christmas decorations that go on our tree and although it’s kind of your average, almost ceiling height Christmas tree it’s very narrow, there isn’t actually all that much space to put all these decorations. Because of my Mum’s love for decorating the Christmas tree, she has specific rules when it comes to putting the decorations on, these are rules that anyone who wishes to help put up the tree must know before they start, otherwise they’re wasting their time because my Mum will just rearrange everything.

So, first things first is the big baubles that we put on the lower branches, the reason for this apparently being that they’re too heavy to put further up the tree and take up too much space for the other decorations, so we have, maybe, three rows of branches with big, heavy baubles on them, as well as the other big hanging decorations that we have, we have some metal gingerbread men which are quite big – I’ll try and post some pictures of our big decorations on insta later.

Another rule that’s important to know before you start putting things on the tree, this rule being that you can’t put anything the my Mum doesn’t specifically really like, and definitely not anything she hates towards the front of the tree where it’s visible, any decorations that she doesn’t like can go on the tree but they have to go at the back of the tree facing the wall and on the lowest branches so they can’t easily be seen.

Before I continue, I just want to say that I am in no way using this post to have a rant at my Mum or cast her in a bad light, although I’m making her seem like a really demanding, controlling Christmas-tree-putting-up weirdo I actually love her for it – as well as for many other reasons of course – this has been my life, this is my experience of putting up a Christmas tree every year and I will hate the day when I have to put up my Christmas tree and she’s not there to tell me the ‘correct’ way to do it, although I’m pretty sure her strict Christmas-tree-decorating rules are imbedded in me pretty strongly.

Okay, moving on, after the big baubles have gone on the tree, we move onto the medium sized things that can take up the middle section of the tree and as most of our Christmas decorations are of medium size it works quite well. But we still go by the rule that we can’t put anything that my Mum doesn’t like towards the front of the tree. We decorate the whole tree, front to back, bottom to top (I say that because we always start decorating the tree from the bottom and working our way up).

Another Christmas tree decorating rule is that we can’t have things of the same colour next to each other or too close together, for example, you couldn’t have a purple bauble and then the exact same purple bauble on the branch directly next to it, you also can’t have a red bauble and then a hanging Santa next to each other because they’re the same colour. As well as this, you can’t have too many decorations of the same style on the tree in favour of a more varied collection. For example, we have some pretty little diamond hanging decorations which are made of plastic and reflect the Christmas tree lights really well, however, you couldn’t have 15 of them on the tree and only 2 of something else on the tree, it has to be evened out as much as possible. But we also can’t put too much of a decoration my mum doesn’t like on the tree – it’s getting complicated isn’t it??

Another rule is: no tinsel. My Mum doesn’t like tinsel on trees, so we place it around the house instead.

After we’ve finished with the middle section of the tree we do the stop section, we have many little decorations: little baubles; little diamonds; little gingerbread decorations; little angels. We also have some little snowmen that are really cute and they’ve all got cute coloured scarfs on and I once named them after the members of One Direction (did I not mention that I’m weird?).

And finally, after all of that, we put the final finishing touch – the big glitttery, golden star that sits on the top of our tree. My Mum usually does that one.

Then we all sit back, relax and admire the tree. All the hard work finished and nothing left to do but to look forward to Christmas!

There we have it! My Christmas-tree-putting-up ritual. Isn’t it great?! It took my siblings and I many years to learn the rules but we finally managed it! A final note, I can’t put up a Christmas tree without breaking at least three decorations. Oops.

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Merry Christmas!

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