Hey guys, today officially marks the start of Blogmas. I’m not going to make it a massive post today I want the excitement to officially start tomorrow! I know I should be exciting you with you a little taster of what to expect from me throughout the month but unfortunately, you’re not going to be so luckily!

For those of you who don’t know what Blogmas is, it’s writing a post every single day throughout December (1st-25th or 1st-31st) some people use it as a kind of advent calendar leading up to Christmas but I feel like the celebration shouldn’t just end after the 25th, there’s so much more to celebrate – you’ve got boxing day, new year’s eve, new year’s day and this year it just so happens that I have a lot of things happening after Christmas. Well, actually, I’m busy every day starting Monday 12th – I’m going to have to do lots of scheduled posts if I want to make it through Blogmas successfully! Every day up until at least January 3rd you can expect exciting, festive, motivational, exciting and inspiring posts from me covering all things from Christmas gift ideas, how I celebrate Christmas, my hopes for the new year both in my life and for my blog. I will also be writing posts on the importance of thinking and giving back to those who are less fortunate than we are, it’s incredibly important to think of those people in amongst all the excitement and never-ending business of Christmas.

I am hoping that I will get loads of festive photos for you which I will publish on my Instagram! I can’t guarantee anything because it will be based on opportunity and quality of photo but I plan on being as active and Christmassy as I possibly can!

I have so many posts to write for you this month, however I am still open for collabs or guest posts if you’re up for it and would like to get involved in Blogmas – even if you aren’t participating in Blogmas over on your own blog or because you don’t have a blog feel free to e-mail – with an idea for a blog post and I will let you know as soon as possible as to when I can fit you in. I want this month to be an opportunity for everyone to get involved with my blog and involved with the celebration. So get in touch!

I am going to end this post with a short list of some of the posts you can expect from me this month – I apologise, I know this is a common post people have been doing for their first post of Blogmas but I want to create that anticipation for my next post – and the ones to follow that!

  1. The magic of Christmas
  2. Gift ideas for all
  3. My favourite Christmas songs
  4. Christmas expectations
  5. Christmas movies
  6. My Christmas wishlist 2016
  7. The importance of charity
  8. Christmas tree decorating
  9. Christmas present haul
  10. Ideas for meaningful gifts
  11. My Christmas dessert menu
  12. Christmas bucket list
  13. Stocking fillers
  14. We choose our family
  15. more Xmas hype every year

There we have it – that’s just a short teaser of what you can expect from my blog throughout December – I really hope you’ll stick around and share your excitement for Christmas with me by commenting and getting involved.

If you have an Christmas ideas or suggestions, whether it be posts, presents, movies, songs, books etc. please comment below! I plan on getting as festive as possible!

If you want to contact me please feel free to use my e-mail –

Merry Christmas!

Inspired Teen 🙂

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2 thoughts on “IT’S BLOGMAS!

  1. So is blogmas about xmas.. or just blogging everyday. I am a youtube fan and i see tgey do i decided to blogmas not knowimg bloggers do it to. Lol. But i am doing blogmas my version of it as i struggle just blogging.

    I came across your blog via alicia blog as alicia followed me. And there i learnt otger bloggers do blogmas…so funny.

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    1. Hey! Thank you for commenting – Blogmas is about writing a post everyday related to Christmas. But it can be whatever you want it to be, it doesn’t have to be specifically connected to Christmas – you could write posts entirely related to winter or you could write whatever you want, I would however make it known to your followers that you’re doing Blogmas but it’s not strictly only Christmas posts. I’m so glad you decided to check out my blog from Alicia’s – thank you for coming over and reading my posts! 🙂

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