November Favourites 2016

Hey guys, it’s that time again when I publish my favourite things from the month! I know today is BLOGMAS and don’t worry there is a Blogmas post coming as well – I am so insanely excited, also a little stressed, but mostly excited – I have such an awesome line up for you guys! The biggest secret of all though is that I haven’t yet scheduled a single post… dun dun dun! I thought it would be nice to publish this as well as a Blogmas post today though, so my Blogmas post will be a little later on – 7PM most likely.

Anyway, enough about Blogmas – more on that later. Right now I want to talk about November. November is my second favourite month of the year (after December) because it’s my birthday! It’s also the motivating second to last month of the year when you realise all your resolutions are still not complete and now’s your only change to really get ready. I have quite a list of favourites for you this month but I’m not going to separate it into two parts, I’m just going to talk about things in less detail so it doesn’t drag on for too long.


It’s been quite a while since I’ve had films as a category, but this month I actually did watch some films – yay for me! So I actually have some to talk about!

The First TimeThis film stars the amazingly talented Dylan O’Brien (which may have been the motivator to watching it) but it’s a really funny, really cheesy romantic comedy. It’s about two people that full in love over the weekend. It’s very cringe-worthy in places but I feel like it was quite refreshing as it wasn’t a typical rom-com, you couldn’t predict what was going to happen minute-to-minute and it was a lot more comedy than romance which I thought was quite nice. I als thought it was quite realistic of young people in love – not that I have any experience in that area – but kind of nervous, hormonal etc. anyway, just watch it.

HushThis is a horror/thriller which I watched on my birthday as part of mine and my friend’s failed horror movie marathon. I’m not a huge fan of horror films, I don’t understand why they’re scary, I don’t understand why people scream at them or get nervous etc. I guess it’s just not really my thing. However, this film had me on the edge of my seat, fully engaged after just the first five minutes! It’s about a deaf woman who lives on her own, a man tries to break into her house and attack her – this leads to lots of heart-pounding blood-pumping scenes of anticipation. Five stars. Definitely a one to watch.

The Girl On The TrainI saw this with a friend around the time of my birthday and absolutely loved it. I really loved the way it was filmed, I loved the mystery behind it all, I loved the acting, it was amazing. There were two twists – the first being absolutely ground-breaking and completely unexpected, the second being slightly more predictable however it didn’t take away from the film. I would really suggest watching it when it’s out on DVD.

Now You See Me 2I adored the first film and I loved the second too. I was slightly less satisfied with the magic in the second one because I feel like it was slightly more unrealistic magic whereas most of the magic in the first film was believable magic. However, the characters and actors were just as entertaining and the story was just as clever. There were some scenes that left me bewildered but in a really amazed way. There was excellent scenes of magic, despite what I’ve said above. If you enjoyed the first one then I highly recommend watching the second, if you didn’t enjoy the first one I feel like this probably isn’t the film for you.


Teen Wolf season 5You’re probably fed up of me suggesting Teen Wolf by this time, I’ve mentioned it so many times in favourites posts but it is truly one of the greatest shows you will ever watch in your life, I cannot express how much I love it enough. But it’s not only a love but an appreciation as well, I appreciate everyone involved in this TV show so much for all the hard work they do to make such an amazing show. One of the reasons I like it so much it because it literally has no boundaries. It will kill off anyone, do anything to anyone, you literally never know what to expect with the stories. Whilst you would imagine it would just be another typical show that you’ve seen a thousand times over every series it proves to you more and more that it’s so much more than that. It continues to be an incredibly unique programme even though it’s along the same lines as other shows. It makes my heart ache to know it’s currently on its last season in the US.

HumansYou may not have heard of this programme but it’s a show that I have come to love over the last couple of weeks. The show is about new appliances called Synths, which are robotic servants and do your domestic tasks and clear up your schedule so you can find more time to do the things that truly matter. The Hawkins family decide it’s time that they get one, after a while they discover that their Synth isn’t quite normal, it does and says things that a Synth shouldn’t be able to do or say – what is the truth behind their mystery Synth? I really, really suggest you watch this programme. It takes a little while to get going and understand everything that’s going on but it’s a really great show.


After We Collided By Anna ToddIf you read my October Favourites – Part 2 post then you will know all about the first book in this series and despite what I said about it not being my kind of thing and actually being quite appalling and offensive, I can’t help but be hooked on the storyline and desperate to know what happens in the lives of Hardin and Tessa next.

The Vamps: Our Story, 100% Official – I have been waiting for an autobiography by The Vamps since 2012! I was so excited when they announced they were releasing this. After a long wait I finally got it for my birthday (from my best friend)! It was very unexpected in the way that it was actually much better than I thought it was going to be, I didn’t think it was going to be bad but I’ve read other band autobiographies and this felt a lot more detailed and personal. It felt like they all had a lot more to say than other bands had in other books. If you’re a fan of bands, the music industry or The Vamps themselves I would really suggest reading this book. Also, The Vamps are going on tour! You can find information about their 2017 world tour here.


All Night By The Vamps feat. MatomaThis is their new single and it’s absolutely amazing! Very dance-y, very party-ish, very energetic and exciting. I would really suggest going and streaming, downloading, listening etc. to this song as soon as possible! The Vamps will not let you down, neither with this song.


Collection Fast Stroke, defining lash Waterproof MascaraI bought this on a birthday shopping trip because I desperately needed a new mascara. I couldn’t get my usual favoured mascara so I went for this one instead, I’m not going to lie, it’s one of the greatest things I’ve ever put on my eyes. It’s ultra black, it really makes your eyelashes stand out, it’s also incredibly waterproof – so waterproof I struggle to get it off at night. I would highly suggest getting this if you’re in need of a new mascara.

MUA Lipstick Shade 9I have multiple shades of MUA lipsticks to suggest to you, I just can’t get enough of this brand! I’m not going to say much because I’ve spoken about these before. Basically, they’re long-lasting, smooth, hydrating, glossy, easy to apply and look amazing.

MUA Lipstick Shade 11Information above.

MUA Lipstick Shade Persian RoseInformation above.

Colgate FluoriGard Alcohol Free RinseIt’s unusual for me to mention something like this in a favourites post but I wanted to mention it because it has made such a difference to the health and cleanliness of my teeth and I’ve only used it maybe four times. It’s especially good if you have braces and can’t reach certain parts of your teeth with a toothbrush. Using this mouthwash every day has made my teeth whiter, shinier and just look healthier. It’s made me feel better as well to know I’m walking around with sparkling teeth. I’ve never had anything make such an effect on my teeth as this before, I would really suggest buying it and giving it a go – although of course be sensible and follow the instructions provided on the bottle.

This concludes the end of another favourites post! I really hope you enjoyed it – if you did please give it a massive like and make sure to follow me if you aren’t already to see more posts like this and much more! Also, feel free to leave comments down below talking about your favourite things from November. If you happen to try any of the things I’ve suggested make sure to come back and share your opinions in the comments!

If you wish to contact me for any reason then please feel free to do so using my e-mail address –

That’s all for now!

Inspired Teen 🙂

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