My Present Opening Fear

Hey guys, today is the second day of Blogmas, is it strange that because of Blogmas I feel so much more festive?? Has anyone else had that happen? Or is it just me?

So, today isn’t really a ‘festive’ post as such but it is related to festivities and celebrations. I am going to be talking about something that I think lots of people experience.

I have a fear of opening presents, it’s not like a proper phobia, obviously I can actually open presents and I like opening presents – I find it insanely exciting. I also like getting presents and not knowing what they are; that’s exciting too. However, I don’t like opening presents because there’s so much pressure, sometimes I even wish I could open my presents alone, as much as I appreciate and love presents there’s a certain amount of pressure and requirement that goes with opening them. Everyone is watching you and trying to figure out what your reaction is and I find it really stressful – you feel like as a sense of duty you have to react to it. Even if I know what one of my presents is or people only get things I’ve asked for it’s hard to react the way you think others want you to. Of course they want you to be happy and excited but when I get happy or excited about a product or present it’s more internally. So I’ll get excited about actually using the present but just seeing it and holding it in my hand I don’t feel like I react enough, almost like people will think I don’t like the present they bought.

I really hope this doesn’t make me sound like a complete brat, surely other people experience this? The worst part is when it’s obvious someone’s bought you a really expensive present and you don’t know if you like it or you hate it and have to pretend you really like it. Of course if you open something and you absolutely love it as soon as you’ve seen it then the reaction is going to happen naturally.

I mean don’t get me wrong, I love presents and I love opening presents, I love the thrill and excitement of it and the pure pleasure of seeing presents wrapped up and under the Christmas tree – there’s something about that feeling that is completely unique and cannot be felt any other way. There’s also something about opening presents, tearing the paper to see what’s waiting underneath, reading the gift tag and truly appreciating the wrapping paper/tag/any added decorative items. I feel like it’s a completely unique feeling and is heightened at Christmas. Whilst of course you get excited about opening presents on birthdays there’s something slightly more magical about opening presents on Christmas day, waking up in the morning and having presents under the tree, putting the Christmas lights on and some music, opening presents and just sharing that experience with others but I’m not going to lie, a certain fear of presents accompanies that. It doesn’t make the experience any less magical but I hate the idea of not liking a present someone bought me. Because then you also have to deal with the decision of whether you tell them in the hopes that you get something better or you don’t tell them but then you’re stuck with something you don’t like and won’t use.

One of the worst things, and this doesn’t happen very often and when it does happen it’s usually just a nice gift someone I don’t know very well has given me but when I get given chocolate that I can’t eat because I’m vegan I always feel really bad. I think the reason why is because I could eat it, I did like chocolate when I wasn’t vegan so it’s a perfectly nice present but I’ve kind of made the decision not to use the present they bought me even though I once would have done, I find that quite stressful and upsetting and then it’s hard to know what to say to someone – of course if it’s someone you don’t know very well then you just say “thank you” because it’s the thought that counts and I really do appreciate the thought, it makes me really happy, but if it’s someone you know quite well and they’ve just momentarily forgotten then it’s difficult to know whether you remind them in that second that they’ve forgotten and bought you something you can’t eat or whether you wait and let it go.

I feel like this post has made me sound like a really ungrateful, unappreciative, brat but that isn’t what I meant by it. If you could relate please like this post and leave a comment down below talking about your fears of opening Christmas presents and some of the bad presents you’ve received before. Follow me if you aren’t already for a lot more Christmas related posts this month and many other things to come in the new year!

If you wish to contact me you can do so using my e-mail address: I still have opportunities for Blogmas guest posts or collabs. Please feel free to get in touch, even if you’re not a blogger or not taking part in Blogmas drop me an e-mail and we’ll see what we can work out.

Merry Christmas!

Inspired Teen 🙂

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    1. Thank you! This has made me so relieved, I just know it’s a slightly weird thing, to be afraid of opening presents so didn’t know how it would come across to others. Hope you liked the post! Thanks for commenting! 🙂

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